Fall Double Feature: Loving Leather

Ok folks ….. This week we say farewell to summer and officially move into FALL!

Today, I’m excited to start a new Fall series. This “double feature” is a collaboration with fellow petite plus blogger, Cassie from Style Cassentials.

Cassie describes her style as modern classics with a little dark or edgy glamour.   I prefer classic, feminine, and sophisticated pieces.  Together, we will be exploring and putting our own twists on several fall trends…all week long!

Today, we are talking LEATHER!


There is just something so sexy and simple about black leather.  For me I like mixing leather on leather it with lighter, sheer fabrics to give the look a more feminine and sophisticated vibe.

Proofs-03Stepping into the blue with my silver toed blue pumps, from Reitmans.  I’m really feeling the cobalt cool hues for Fall too.  I think incorporating pops of this hit of colour via accessories, purses and shoes are a good move over the next few months 🙂

LKP Fall2014How I Got The Look:

Sheer floral top from Macey’s; leather calf leggings from Forever21+; Leather & suede jacket from Sears; black studded clutch from Ardene; silver toed blue pumps from Reitmans

Proofs-04What are your thoughts? How would you incorporate leather into your Fall looks?  Use the comments section below…

Cassie is rocking a fit-and-flare leather skirt for an evening or date night Fall look.  Head over to Style-Cassentials for all the details on how Cassie has styled the trend.  Or check her out on Facebook here.


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PPMEOW logo1Photo credit: Lawrence Kerr of LawrenceKerrPhotography.comIMG_4608


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