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I started this blog as a 30-something Canadian born Bengali (parents are from Kolkata, India…for those of you who need to know that type of thing).   I’ve been chubby-curvy-plus-sized-fuller-figure-fuller-bust my entire life. Standing at a height of 5’2 and with a darker complexion, it has always been a challenge finding outfits or “looks” that really suit me.

Living in the fashionable city of Toronto since birth, I’ve finally allowed myself to embrace my love of pretty fashions in clothing, shoes and everything in between.  By day, I’m a Certified Training & Development Professional (CTDP) achieving my designation through the Institute for Performance and Learning (rebranded Canadian Society for Training and Development (CSTD).  I’m a Training & Development Consultant, specializing in adult instruction working in the Financial Sector in downtown, Toronto.

This Fashion & Lifestyle blog is really just a place to capture all those things I’m passionate about, new things I discover, thoughts and general musing that take place in my life, with the occasional quotes/comic that inspires and amuse me.Snapshot PPMeow

The focus of my writing is simple:  What I Wore & What I Did (while wearing it).   I try to write and share my experiences via my outfit and my storytelling.  I feel this is what makes my blog different from the other “plus-sized fashion blogs” out there.   Speaking from a petite, curvy, large-chested perspective Petite Plus, Meow! provides reviews and insights on all things a full-figured body positive city girl need know – whist helping other curvy ladies embrace their inner fashionistas and honour their curves!

If you’d like to chat with me 1:1 about being a sponsor, getting your product featured or having your venue and/or event reviewed by me, marketing, press or collaborations please email me at petiteplusmeow@gmail.com

Any collaborations and/or sponsored posts reflect my own personal opinions.   Items that are used will be credited with “c/o” (Courtesy Of), “gifted by”, “provided by” or “sponsored by”.

Thanks for stopping by Petite Plus, Meow!

Xo – Irene

NOTE:   Don’t link or repost anything from my blog without notifying me first. No other clipping or scraping of this website is allowed by any service – whether I’ve added the blocking code or not.  By visiting this website and reading its content you agree to these terms.

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18 thoughts on “About”

  1. Good for you! I always tell my daughter Rowan…you go girl! I’m so happy to see you take charge..through it out there..takes courage to challenge and try something new…without….your not growing as a stronger person for you or those around. Lets connect when you have a chance….would love to catch up and share my own personal journey…..

    1. Hiya Van! Thanks so much for the support & encouragement!!! Thrilled you’re liking what you’ve seen so far! :). Thanks for taking the time to comment. Have you LIKEd the Facebook page yet? You should! 😉

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