Joggers Boat Cruise

You really can’t ever dress properly to keep it cute and combat the weather you’ve got to endure in The6ix these days.  A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday party — a Joggers Soca Winter Boat Cruise upon the Empress of Canada. The boat wasn’t as um, Empress-like as its name implied…Continue reading “Joggers Boat Cruise”

Shameless Bathroom Selfies

Have you been following my instragram posts?  You should! You should! 😀 If you have been, then you know work-day-Irene is Queen of Shameless Bathroom Selfies! With colder temps creeping into November, I thought I’d do a recap of some of my favourite!   Oooooo! I remember this pic…it was the “travel outfit” on theContinue reading “Shameless Bathroom Selfies”

October Ramp-up to Halloween

I freakin’ love ANY excuse to dress up! ❤ That’s why Halloween is one of my favorite times of year – cuz you get to do just that. Since I’m a corporate-type by day, I wanted to do a little something with my outfits that was a gentle nod to Halloween…  A lil’ nod onceContinue reading “October Ramp-up to Halloween”

Product Review: Sugar Candy Bra

BOOBS! Yup, lets talk boobs! You’ve heard me rant before about boobs and our bra-blems: Underwires stabbing you in the chest. Straps constantly falling down. Riding up back-band. Oh and a personal favourite: The Quadboob…ugh! #TheWorst Well, have you heard of Sugar Candy Bras? The Sugar Candy Everyday is a luxurious seamless bra that is speciallyContinue reading “Product Review: Sugar Candy Bra”