Swing Dancing: LHR End of Year Party

10168131_214404738768612_4908321633900428566_n9-weeks ago…. I began Lindy Hop Swing Dancing Lessons with the lovely instructors, Luis & Natalia of Lindy Hop Revolution.  And I can proudly say that they’ve officially turned me into a solid Beginner Level Swing Dancer!!!



20140603-222806-80886812.jpgI blogged about my very first swing lesson – describing myself as a hot mess.  My arms did not want to cooperate what-so-ever.  And the constant ‘bouncing’ that is required didn’t  seem to keep the beat in my feet as it should.

It was tricky at first, but week after week I felt more and more confident of the steps, felt myself improving and I couldn’t wait for class to learn the next big move. 🙂

I couldn’t get enough!  In addition to my weekly scheduled lesson, I found myself showing up at the weekly LHR ‘social dances’ …dancing  with swing dancers from all over Toronto …. dancers with varying skill-levels!  These drop-in socials I think were key to my overall improvement and confidence in becoming a better Follower – and just have fun with it! 🙂


LHR threw a ‘End of Year’ Party last week — as this cute couple is taking summer off to tie the knot in Spain!!!  (Congratulations again you two, xoxo!)  Giving all the students, new and old, an opportunity to swing, swing, swing until the wee hours of the AM potluck style.

Being silly with the fab LHR Instructors: Luis & Natalia

Erin, fellow blogger of Delovely has been in the Beginner classes with me for the last two months….she’s terrific!  We met up on a patio before the party to get some liquid courage in us before the party began. 😉


Check out the lovely crafty contribution to the potluck she brought, complete with punny-humor:  Try a Lindy Pop!   Isn’t she clever? 🙂  Definitely check out her blog for more creative crafts friends.



Natalia & I making silly Lindy Hop faces

Wanna see what 9-weeks of Lindy Hop Lessons looks like?  Check out my debut swing dancing vid below!

Special Thank You to Erin for your steady hand in filming and to Donald for being my patient go-to dance partner 🙂


It’s official: Swing Dancing is my happy drug!!!

Can’t wait to continue with lessons into the Fall, and beyond with Lindy Hop Revolution!

As for What I Wore … turns out I wore the same dress from my very first lesson – minus the cardi & tights.  Click here for details on that outfit 🙂

So, waddya think of me and my Lindy Hop moves? If I can learn it…anyone can friends.  Would you ever try lessons yourself?  Share your thoughts in the Comments section.

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13 thoughts on “Swing Dancing: LHR End of Year Party”

    1. Awww…thanks Liz! You’re the one who really introduced me to this wonderful world of Lindy Hop. Can’t thank you enough. Thanks for the encouragement. I’m pretty proud of myself too :). Viva la Swing Dance!

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