Just Peachy

Matchy-matchy 2-piece set is from a company called Temu – and was only $8

With a $20 extreme pant-hem-job, I was finally able to wear this out in public.

I really love the neckline of this top!

And I had just the perfect pair of peachy earrings to wear with it.

What I Did: Standup Comedy for 5-min set at The Friend Zone Comedy @ The Cameron House – EVERY Wednesday Night starting at 8pm!

What I Wore: Fast-Fashion Outfit from Temu, Sunnies from H&M, Kelly Green Purse from Forever21, Peachy Earrings from Wish

Yes, And…Improvisation

Lately I’ve become addicted to Fast Fashion.

My entire outfit is from a company called Shein. And its a problem.

Cuz if she in my size, she in my cart, then she in my closet!!

Irene Gomes

Me doing improv for the second time in my whole life with the great folks at Sauced Improv this past weekend.

Found these delightful muppet nesting dolls at Treehouse Collectibles on Comic Book Day – May 6th… it’s a thing.

I’m an Amateur Comic now!

For the last two years, I’ve been dating a comedian and learning all about the comedy scene in Toronto. With his encouragement I’ve tried my hand at comedy writing and finally at stand-up.

Take a look at my very first time doing stand-up comedy at The Gayberhood Comedy…

First up is Matt Duffy, and then moi!

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