June: Yo’Berries

Alright friends — if you’re following me on Instagram then you know most of my adventures in the kitchen usually begin without a plan, but rather a desperate need to use up the last of the contents in my fridge before they spoil or before I’m leaving on a trip somewhere.

Well, it was this need that yielded this month’s easy peasy recipe that i’m fondly calling Yo’Berries!  Get it –> yogurt covered berries… Yo’Berries.  I’m hilarious 😉IMG_7395

My main mission for 2015 is a simple one:  Getting and Staying Happy.  In order to achieve this lofty goal I applied a START-STOP-CONTINUE approach.  And so I’ve decided to START cooking more – using recipes I’ve never tried before and sharing my culinary mis/adventures on the blog once a month.

With summer finally here…here’s an easy, creamy, icy, sweet treat that isn’t bad for you 🙂

June’s recipe:  Yo’Berries


– 1 (6oz) Container of fresh blueberries

– 1 (6oz) container non-fat vanilla yogurt. NOTE: Greek yogurt could totally work too.

STEP 1: Start by washing your blueberries and mini ice-cube trays. (Alternatively you could lining a small baking sheet with wax paper.)

STEP 2: Place 1 to 2 blueberries into each cube, and cover with a dollop of yogurt. Continue this until all blueberries are coated. (Alternative: using a toothpick, dip each blueberry into the yogurt and swirl until the blueberry is nicely coated with yogurt. Place on baking sheet.)

STEP 3: Place ice-cube trays into freezer, and let freeze for at least 1-hour.

STEP 4: After about an hour, your Yo’Berries can be put in a ziplock baggie and stored in the freezer. Take out what you need for tasty creamy icy treat and enjoy your guilt-free snack! 🙂
What do you think of this recipe?  Do you think you’d give it a try yourself?  How would you improve or change it for the better?  Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below.


Want other PPMeow recipes?  You can visit my Instagram page and look for the hashtag #PPMeowCooks for more adventures in my kitchen.

I’ve created a sub-menu on my homepage under REVIEWS on the homepage for you – my readers –  to find them easily…and hopefully try a few yourself. 🙂

Screen Shot 2015-01-11 at 4.03.15 PM


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Maxi Dress to the Office?

Are maxi dresses office appropriate?

What about sandals?  Are there rules on summer footwear for a flowy maxi at the office?

Well, earlier this week I did it.  I took an easy-peasy, light n’ airy, double-side-slit maxi dress to the office for a business casual look.

I’m a rebel.  Living’ on the edge.  It’s true. 😛

This dress is almost too long…but the loose belt helps me mange the length a bit.

I recently had to return an online item I ordered from Forever21…and exchanged it in-store for this bold abstract printed maxi dress.

The fab braided, strappy back design is really what sold me.   Being petite (short), maxi anything is always a challenge for moi.  I haven’t been wearing heels very much this year.  And there’s just something oh-so-cool and sophisticated about wearing a flowy long dress with a pair of flat sandals.

I recently bought myself some aqua thong’d Birkenstocks that have quickly become my go-to-shoe for the summer — showing off my orange polished pedicured feet 🙂

Another nice effect to this dress is the 21cm long side-slits!  Totally ready for summer beach strolls and weekend brunch.

Braided-Back Abstract Maxi Dress from Forever21+ – want it? click here.

Buuuuuuut, is it office appropriate?  Things that make you go hmmmm…..

I dunno if you’re like me, but when I buy something new, I like wearing it out immediately!  So it was gonna happen!

Blazers cover up a number of clothing sins and boosts the level of professionalism and sophistication to nearly any outfit. This blush pink open Dorothy Perkins blazer has come in handy to do just that for me in both Fall and Spring.  It’s a bit warm for Summer wear (due to lining), but it did the trick.

I tried balancing out the length of the dress’ slits with covered up arms –  the 3/4 sleeves cuz its summer.  Alternatively, I could also put a button down shirt over a maxi dress and belt it for a different office-appropriate effect.


On its own, NO! This dress is not office appropriate.

Maxis are tricky ones! This one had a nice modest neckline, not too tight.  But look at those high slits for a leg peep-show and the boho pattern.  Maybe it was TOO beachy, too light, and read more like a nightgown …. but I wore it with confidence and took it to the office anyways! 😛

I even got to catch some Vitamin D at lunchtime “networking” with a coworker WITHOUT the blazer.  Oh yeah!!!

How I Got The Look: Blush blazer, Dorothy Perkins; Maxi dress, Forever21+, Aqua sandals, Birkenstock, Aqua purse, Aldo Accessories

Summer in the city!  Gotta keep that wardrobe versatile to go easily from 9a-5p and beyond 😉

Ladies, sound off — are maxi dresses or maxi skirts ever appropriate for the office, or have I committed a terrible fashion faux pas?

Oh, and if they’re ok…. which are the proper shoes to wear with them?   Assuming that my aqua Birks were deemed inappropriate for the office too … told ya, I’m a rebel. 😛

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!

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Suzy Shier +

Suzy Shier is a Canadian retailer of women’s fashion with over 140 stores across the country.

When I was a teen, I remember shopping there as an in-betweenie size 15, I would be able to find a rare gem at a price I could afford on my minimum wage salary at the time.  But, in my adult years I haven’t stepped a foot into one of their stores until the recent news:  Suzy Shier was launching a plus size line! 😀

HAZZA! It’s about freakin’ time, right!?

There happens to be a Suzy Shier close to my office in downtown Toronto  … so, I stopped by at lunch to peruse their offerings.  I’ve got to say, the prints and patterns I was seeing were lovely, bright and fresh.  Perfect for summer!!  Thrilled, I began looking for my sizes – plus sizes.

Only to discover that there were none to be found. 😦

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.24.22 AM
Some of the Regular Size options currently available online (www.suzysheir.com)
A shopgirl informed me that only a select few locations carry the larger sizes, and that the downtown core wasn’t one of them.  She did, however, let me know that some of the more ‘popular’ styles I see on the floor for regular sizes will be made in the plus sizes!

Feeling less inconvenienced by this news … I returned to my desk to launch their website to see what lovely fashions could be mine and where I needed to get them from.

As you can see from these two images => offerings for regular sizes vs. plus sizes aren’t nearly as “fun” for summer.

Screen Shot 2015-06-03 at 11.09.09 AM
PLUS SIZE selection – mostly black and white….le sigh
Nonetheless, I thought I should visit a location and see the plus size options up close and personally, as often you never really get a good feel for an item until you’ve actually tried it on yourself.

Using the handy-dandy store locator I discovered this:  of the 140 stores3 are located in Toronto (First Canadian Place, Gerrard Square and Duffrin Mall) – and of those only 1 carries the plus size line.  Grrrrr…   Lucky for me, The Duffrin Mall is in my hood so getting to there isn’t a big deal.

Suzy Shier @ The Duffrin Mall

At first glance to the very back corner of the store seems dedicated to the plus size options – that looks colourful and plentiful.  And as you can see … the prices are just right!

Suzy Shier+ section of the Duffrin Mall location
But upon closer inspection, the pieces available on the floor didn’t really grab my attention – most were not my taste and most did not quite fit my body right.  And I found that I needed to try on all three sizes (1x, 2x and 3x) as the sizing really changed from one item to the next.

My top two coveted items I had hoped to find in store from their website were the following:

063046800921_Yellow_0jpg_1 063046871380_Black_0jpg_1

Sadly, the Gingham shirt dress was nowhere to be found in store 😦

What I Didn’t Buy

Ok, before we get into all the pieces I tried on — let’s talk about the change-room situation at this location.  Yikes!

They are pretty narrow, with one sad hook.  Which ultimately forces you to make a decision: do you hang up your beloved purse and the clothes you are wearing  OR the clothes you’d like to try on currently on hangers?

Oh!  And to top it all off: no mirrors inside the wee room. Which means you must step out of the room, and strategically position its door while making sure it doesn’t lock you out of the room that now houses all your stuff,  all in an effort to see your reflection on a mirror that hangs on THE BACK of your change-rooms door.  #brutal

Tsk. Tsk.  Poor planning Suzy Shier @ Duffrin Mall.

And what’s a girl to do in those moments when the outfit-tried-on is a complete disaster and you’d prefer not sharing the embarrassing moment with others by stepping outside of that room for a glance at that mirror?  I can only imaging the number of unpurchased items simply because ladies wanted to avoid stepping out of the change-rooms in questionably fitting try-ons.

I had the added obstacle of having to compete with a rack of returns that cluttered up the narrow hallway between change-rooms in order to catch a glimpse of my reflection as I emerged from my change-room.  Le sigh…

Here’s what caught my attention enough to want to try on:

Faux wrap aztek printed dress – I’m wearing a 3x …way too big on me and am clearly not impressed by the baggy boob situation. LOL!
This navy scuba dress with beige lace wasn’t bad.  But it wasn’t making me excited about it either… Meh! I dunno…

Scuba sheath dress with lace – I’m wearing a 3x – $30
l did find the dress I was spotted online.  It was on the sale rack (woot! woot!) but sadly it had a few pulled threads and only sizes 1x and 2x remained.

I would have liked to try on the 3x to see if it fit me a bit better – I’m not a fan of the boob-mashing-situation going on below.

Diamond print jacquard skater dress — I’m wearing 2x – $30
Overall, I was a bit disappointed – especially because the shopgirl assured me that the plus sizes would be the same prints and styles shown in their regular line.

Which was not the case at all.  And then to find out that the only Toronto location had cramped quarters for trying on items AND that they didn’t have all the sizes and styles as their website displayed for the plus line.  Le sigh… 😦

What I Bought!

On my way out, I did find a size 2x in the faux wrap aztec printed dress.  But the thought of having to go back into those cramped change-rooms AGAIN…. ew. No Thanks.

I guesstimated that I’d be safer to purchase this item a size smaller, and if worst case scenario… I’d simply return it if it didn’t fit right once I got it home. Right? Right!

BIG FYI  #1:  Suzy Shier has a strict Exchange Only policy (14-days).  Absolutely zero Returns for cash back. **insert eye-roll emoji here**

BIG FYI #2:  If you are hoping to do an exchange, know that you can ONLY exchange plus sized items to Suzy Shier stores with plus size options.

Yup.  So, before you decide to spend your cold hard cash on a piece from this retailer, make sure you REALLY want it and that you like the way it fits, cuz there is no turning back once you fork out the $$.  And with the sizing being so different from one piece to the next, ordering online without trying anything on IS NOT A WISE CHOICE here, don’t ya think?

Lucky for me, the 2x I purchased without trying on, fit like a dream!  Even the exposed long zip down the back even lays flat from the top of neck to tail of hip!  Very exciting news for my curvy self.

The neckline was still a bit big…or rather more revealing than I’d like. Thank goodness for safety pins for a quick fix 😉

Have any of you shopped Suzy Shier+ yet?  Have you had much luck with fit, selection and style available to you?  What are your thoughts on the pieces I tried on?  Did I make the right choice?

Let me know in the comments section below.

I wore this number out this past weekend for BuzzontheBridge, part of 100in1Day event in Toronto –>
What a perfect sunny Saturday to be dancing Lindy Hop on the Wallace Bridge, followed by soaking up the rays with mimosas and Caesars on a patio! 🙂

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Get Your Sexy On Fashion Show

Last year, I had the good fortune to have met Miss Tierra Sedgemore, the delightful woman behind the brand Size Sexyclick here to for that story 🙂

Early this May, Tierra hosted a fantastic evening of entertainment and curvy fashion entitled: Get Your Sexy On at The Uptown Lofts in Toronto.

CAUGHT ON CAMERA!!!  I just arrived at the venue (donning my uber short haircut out-out for the first time).  Here I’m  getting the inside scoop on how the event was gonna unfold.  Chatting with the dynamic duo – Tierra & her hubs
These events are always a great opportunity to catchup with the lovelies of the plus-sized communities in the city.  As well as seeing all the gorgeous fashion-forward creations of independent designers up close and personally.

Take a look at who I bumped into that night:

Me among the glamazons like the gorgeous Sarah Taylor, Miss Plus Canada 2014/2015 & Plus Size Model
It’s me … sandwiched in-between the blush laced & turbaned Karen Ward, owner of Your Big Sister’s Closet AND the maxi-bolero wearing Stefanie Augusteijn, owner SexyPlus Clothing.   Aren’t they just dazzling! ❤
Me with the sweetie behind the camera, Rebecca Northcott (a la iPhone selfie)
Miss Carmen of CNLDesigns — click here to revisit what this sewing genius created for ME last year 😉 (taken with my iPhone)
Me with THE hostest-with-the-mostest, Miss Tierra …. Seems I didn’t a gift bag upon arrival, hence my kissy/poutty-face on the left. LOL!
Good thing I made that poutty-face, or I’d have missed out on these lovely bracelets 😉  “Thank-For-Coming” gifts created by Maryanne of MyBeadedDesigns, click here for more on her.
OK!  Back to the event!!!

Along side a team of professionals, friends and supporters, Tierra’s show presented a designer (MiniMaxiMidi), a boutique (SexyPlus) and her new line of SizeSexy Clothing.


MidiMaxiMini will be officially launching in 2015. They are an apparel company with a direct focus on Midi, Maxi and Mini Skirts.  Check them out on Facebook here.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.11.18 AMScreen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.11.00 AMSexyPlus Clothing

All styles shown below are available at http://www.sexyplusclothing.com, in store at 5100 Maingate Drive, Unit 14 in Mississauga, Ontario, Canada.

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.14.58 AM Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 11.15.13 AM

Proud owner, Stef and her hubs, capturing moments of the runway magic (taken with my iPhone)

SizeSexy Clothing

To purchase SIZE SEXY Clothing, visit the new website www.sizesexy.ca.  Follow SIZE SEXY on Facebook here, on Twitter here and on Instagram here.

Support the movement by wearing the message and #getyoursexyon 😉

THE DREAM TEAM behind the GetYourSexyOn Fashion Show that evening!  From L to R: Stefanie, SexyPlus Clothing; Tierra, creator of SizeSexy, Ophilia, fashion show coordinator and SizeSexy brand ambassador; and Carmen, of CNLDesigns.

SSSHOWWEB-366 SSSHOWWEB-368 SSSHOWWEB-363 xMkoU3bgLsdUtVPcCItwA_s2SW2eMliY-EsVdaN5Un4IF you’re following me on Instagram … then you can and have already been able to view some video clips of the runway!!  Follow me there friends! 🙂

“If you want to go fast, go alone. if you want to go far, go together.” – by Robin Jones Gunn
Thank you so much Tierra, for the invitation to a fantastic upscale Sunday evening in the city.

Looking forward to seeing this brand continue making its mark in plus-size fashion. Loved all I saw that night. Bravo! ❤

 What I Wore: Stripped layered dress from Forever21+; Cobalt wedges from Payless; Bianca tassel necklace from Stella & Dot; Gold bracelet watch from Michael Kors


Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott Photography

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Bean and Baker Malt Shop

The wait it over friends.

TOMORROW –  Tuesday June 2nd – Toronto’s Bean and Baker Malt Shop OFFICIALLY open their doors for business!!

Owners Liezel and Brennan Anderson, a husband and wife team, invite you into their mom n’ pop style establishment for an experience that is nostalgic as it is charming.

Team Bean and Baker decided to move the Grand Opening to early June, when the massive demand during their soft opening week SOLD OUT of their entire supply of ice cream without making it through an entire business day. 🙂

Clearly, a good sign of things to come … Torontonians know what they want.  And they want what Bean and Baker Malt Shop’s got!

Me with the delightful owners Liezel and Brennan Anderson, of Bean and Baker Malt Shop and the lovely leggy Liz, of The Vintage Inn Blog.

I was lucky enough to be invited to an exclusive blogger sneak-peek event last week, along with friend and fellow blogger Liz, from The Vintage Inn.

So here’s the inside scoop on what you can expect from this lovely little gem-of-a-spot in a great neighbourhood of Toronto.

How thrilled was I to finally have a reason to wear my pink felt poodle skirt?! Yippee!!!

The 16­-seat establishment is charming and decorated in a retro 1950’s style.  Customers can sit inside or grab­-and­-go.

Also, there are rumours that a few picnic benches may pop-up over the summer too. 😉


It features an open­-concept kitchen and Soda Jerks behind the counter complete with a bow­tie and a smile, as they provide good, honest food and drinks with top-notch quality ingredients.

The smiling Soda Jerks and open-style kitchen

Being a blogger definitely has its perks 😉

We were offered a sampling of all the amazing treats which included savouries like Wisey’s mini mince beef & cheese pies, veggie savoury pie and the veggie quiche.


Then came sweets! ❤

There was the warm cherry pie pocket, dark chocolate eclair, and the old school PB&J pie.


And last, but certainly not least, the Hello Dolly Square – O.M.G. so good!


The menu also features premium coffee, ice cream, floats and milkshakes.

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.37.37 PM

Ice Cream Sundaes made anyway you like and with any kind of Ed’s Ice Cream.

It was this evening that I discovered the Burnt Marshmallow flavour.  And let me tell ya folks, it is life changing! I have no idea how I’ve gotten through 30+ years of living without knowledge of this ice cream flavour …

Viva la Burnt Marshmallow! Mmmmmmmmm!

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.37.05 PM

Is it just me, or is anybody wondering what the heck ‘malt’ actually is?

Well…according to wiseGeek:

The term malt comes from the malted milk that made the shops famous. Brothers James and William Horlick invented malted milk in the 1880s. The concoction is a mixture of malted barley, wheat flour, and whole milk that is dried to a powder form. It was originally invented for use with infants and invalids to be an easy source of nutrition, something akin to powdered baby formulaor milk. The taste found popularity in soda shops, and even greater popularity when mixed with ice cream.

Here they are – Malt Shakes made with whatever ice cream your little heart desires!  These were in mini form for the blogger event – yours will come in the traditional size 😉

Screen Shot 2015-06-01 at 3.37.21 PM

One of the coolest things about Bean and Baker is their handmade sodas made by authentic Soda Jerks, with flavours ranging from Root ‘n Cola, Gramp’s Ginger, Real Orange, and Hibiscus.

Ever wonder what those long swirly spoons were for?    Watch the video below and wonder no more friends 🙂

Thank you to everyone at Bean and Baker for making this event so delicious and so much fun!

If you’d like to read the Bean and Baker Malt Shop official news release and The Vintage Inn’s review, click here.

Mmmmmmm…..House-crafted Soda….delicious!

 “10 Most Anticipated Restaurant Openings of 2015” This retro malt shop is slated to open this spring at 326 Harbord St., the address formerly occupied by the Bickford Flexitarian (and before that Linuxcaffe). The shop to be stocked with old school soda fountains, ice cream, baked goods and confections. – Blogto.com

What a cool, fun addition to the TO vintage landscape!!!   You got to get to there!!! 😀

Bean and Baker Malt Shop is located at: 326 Harbord St, in Toronto

Hours of operation are T​uesday – Saturday: 11 am ­ 9 pm, Sunday: 11 am ­ 7 pm, Monday ­ Closed.

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Photo credit: Liz of The Vintage Inn


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