Maxi Dress to the Office?

Are maxi dresses office appropriate? What about sandals?  Are there rules on summer footwear for a flowy maxi at the office? Well, earlier this week I did it.  I took an easy-peasy, light n’ airy, double-side-slit maxi dress to the office for a business casual look. I’m a rebel.  Living’ on the edge.  It’s true.Continue reading “Maxi Dress to the Office?”

Blushing in Polka Dots

What a beautiful weather day in Toronto! So beautiful that I was able to get away with simply wearing my new blush blazer (from Dorothy Perkins) as outerwear alone over this long sleeved sheer dress to the office. I’m still learning how to use my Mac for photo editing … just figured out how toContinue reading “Blushing in Polka Dots”

Fall Double Feature: Blooms on Black

Happy Hump Day!!!  I hope you’ve been enjoying and  following my Fall Fashion series in collaboration with Cassie from Style Cassentials. We’re discussing fall trends this week – if you missed any of my previous posts, you can check them out here, here and here. Today we are talking about Blooms on Black! I haven’t alwaysContinue reading “Fall Double Feature: Blooms on Black”

Hello, Yellow!

It was a gloomy partly cloudy day in Toronto … and surprisingly chilly for a July day. With an afternoon full of meetings in the downtown core (yuck), my mood needed some lifting.  So I decided that my outfit needed to be bright, loud and fresh. Here’s what I came up with: I’ve been searchingContinue reading “Hello, Yellow!”

#OOTD: Pink, Pearls & Perkins!

Between my recent vintage shopping and new pieces I’ve picked up here and there over the past few months, there are a ton of NEW (+ new-to me) accessories that I haven’t integrated into an outfit from my closet as yet.   So, I was determined to adorn myself with newness in my office outfit(s) this week. I’ve beenContinue reading “#OOTD: Pink, Pearls & Perkins!”

#OOTD: Go Canada Go! + Sunday Brunch

I’m not a sports fan. Buuuut when a work colleague instant messaged me Friday afternoon to give me grief about the fact that I was working…when I should be a patriotic Canadian, by stopping everything I was doing and watch the Olympic Men’s Hockey US vs. Canada Game… how could I argue? As y’all know….Canada dominated movingContinue reading “#OOTD: Go Canada Go! + Sunday Brunch”