Rocky Horror Picture Show Style

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a comedy and musical, telling the story about sweethearts Janet and Brad, who stumble upon Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s bizarre abode.

This was a flick that my parents never allowed me to see.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much!!! ❤

Sexual  explicitness!  Fresh & different songs!  Susan Sarandon! Tim Curry!  The outrageous hair + makeup +outfits!

Audience participation!!

For all these reasons, R.H.P.S. has always been a favourite of mine.


I’ve yet to go to a screening of this flick in full costume — so, when I heard this  1975 cult classic was recently remade by FOX and aired on TV last week.  A screening party was in order.

Naturally I was ready to cringe, hiss and boo at the screen … but one thing was clear: it HAD to be watched, and in full dress-up too!

What I Wore

It was agreed that dress-up needed, but to exclude nips and be longer than one’s vajayjay 😛

I found this $10 tee from Black Market Vintage the day before … and worked my outfit magic by shopping my closet to make this look work:


$10 tee found at Black Market Vintage, WQW

Sorry for the indoor shots – but it was raining and I didn’t wanna get on my balcony.

Pretty tame for R.H.P.S…. I know…but still dope I think.  Plus, I’m wearing fish net stockings. You can’t really tell from these photos, but I promise they’re there! 🙂fullsizerender-10

How I Got The Look:

Tuxedo jacket, HBC Jessica Simpson (click here for other looks); Graphic R.H.P.S. tank, Black Market Vintage; Wine skirt, Reitmans; Mini top hat fascinator, BIGDeal consignment sale (click here for that); Fish nets stockings (old); Mary Jane shoes, Payless

And then of course excessive hair and make up was required 😉

I’m rubbish at big hair and eye shadow application … so this was as good as it was going to get for both!

My pitiful attempt at “big hair” trying to harness my inner Magenta

What I Did

The Gladstone Hotel hosted a screen party for the FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show  set the tone with a little Drag-Queen pre-show and post show…

There weren’t too many of us dressed up for the screening – just me + my girl Eli + the performers and our server 🙂

Here’s a little 30s clip of one of the Drag performers: Dottie Dangerfield

Don’t Dream It. Be It.

Overall, the new FOX version wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.  There were some fabulous moments and it was pretty entertaining.

But, the original still has my heart! ❤

Who among you watched it?  How do you think it compared with the original? What do you think of my R.H.P.S. Style?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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Fall Shopping Haul: NY State

I took a mini break from the blog last week and went on a road trip to Rochester, NY for a fun Lindyhop dance weekend called Slow Dance Soiree


Even with the CAD$ still being in the toilet … THIS was the look of my apartment AFTER the trip!!! 😮

YEP!!!  Mama did some serious shopping this trip!  So welcome to my Fall Shopping Haul Post – let me tell you what I found in my travels to NY State!


We took our own sweet time driving up to Rochester, NY … taking all the side roads to really see the city Friday afternoon on our drive up.  My travel mate was on the hunt for a specific high-end liquor which lead us to a restaurant in the Village Gate Mall.

Naturally, if we’re in a mall… I’m gonna need to poke around to see if anything needed to be mine 🙂

Here’s what followed me home:

There was a little wee shop in a deep, far corner of this mall that had the cutest little things!!!

I’m so sad that I didn’t pickup a biz card to give them a shout out in this post.  Sigh…

UPDATE:  Shop name is Sweet Poison Cupcake

Unicorn Earrings!!! (There was some discussion around these being Pegasus … but they’ve clearly got a horn + wings … so that makes them 100% Unicorn) 😉
Giraffes and Penguins with balloons!! The cutest socks ever … $3 each!

Across from this shop was a hair salon that was having a WIG SALE!!!  Naturally, I had to try on every single one! 😀

I think I provided a source of entertainment to all the shopgirls and patrons as I pranced back and forth to get a glimpse of me in their mirrors.

Here’s the one I settled on…

My $10 wig from the Vivica A. Fox line… to give me an entirely different look!

I’m wayyyyy too chicken to actually cut my hair this short.  But now I get the best of both worlds with this $10 wig – harnessing my inner Viola Davis and giving me that powerful  How To Get Away With Murder look. 😉


I’ve been to the Fashion Outlets of Niagara Falls, NY many times.  And its sorta a hit-or-miss place for deals and fab finds.  But since we’re driving by it anyways we HAD to stop in and see what was up. 😀

And here’s the results of that:


EVERYTHING at Nine West was 50% off!

These rang in at $45 … totally worth it even with the USD$/CAD$ exchange.  Super comfortable.  Super fashionable.  Super practical being flats with rubber soles.

I see myself living in these shoes for all of Fall – bring on the rain and sleet! ❤

Glossy Merlot Wine shoes with adorable ribbon laces … YES please! ❤


I dunno what it is, but the Payless stores in the States just seem to offer better selection and sizing.

So when I found it was BOGO days – Buy One, Get One – it made the purchasing decision easy!

Aren’t these the perfect booties?! I didn’t wanna go with black or brown…like everyone else.

So when I found these hunter green ones – it was love at first sight! $39!

I’m all about finding adorable flats these days – sadly pumps are no longer something I can comfortably wear all day – plus, flats allow you to be dance-ready always 😉

These black tassel flats were marked down to $15 …. but with BOGO, ended up being $7!!!


Ya’ll know I love me some Forever21+, but shop there as sparingly as possible to avoid looking like every other plus size girl getting her street-style on.

But these thin hi-low tank tunics in the perfect Fall colours of army green and wine red were only $14, how could I leave them on the rack?

And then I found this!!!!

Do I even wear sweatshirts?  No!  But that’s beside the point!  Just look at the adorable puppies of all kinds on it!!!!

Puppy sweatshirt $20… Unnecessary spending at it’s finest – 😛

Michael Kors

One of the main reasons for me stopping in on this outlet mall on the way home was to buy a new FALL purse.

I’ve been using the same cross-body MK purse since 2012 – It has only now started to look worn… which means replacement is necessary 🙂

Found this bad boy in the clearance section … which meant an additional 25% off – woot! woot!

This dessert suede and leather messenger bag with optional cross-body strap stole my heart!

I didn’t intending on buying TWO MK purses – but just look at this one!!!

Perfect size!  Lots of visual interest + tassel!  Bonus!

Netural enough to go with nearly everything, without being black. AND optional cross-body strap.

Both of these pursues rang in just a bit over $100 each.  #winning


No cross-border shopping trip is complete without a stop into Target!

I didn’t find much that caught my eye in terms of clothes/accessories/shoes — but their home section was on fire!

ALL Lighting is on sale at Target until Halloween (or at least that’s what the sign said when I scored these) Making each of these sets $11!!!!

Found some electric blankets (unphotographed) which helped kick-start my xmas shopping. And found these adorable mini globe string lights.

I’ve used one set to make my bedroom more romantic and will be saving the other to amp up my balcony next summer!

There you have it friends!!  My Shopping Haul!!!  All prices I’ve listed were in USD$ …. Soooo when you do the conversion to CAD$ they might not have been such “deals” anymore.  But it doesn’t matter!!!  I loved all my finds and they needed to be mine.

The End 🙂

Until next time..xo

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Spectacular Specks

It’s been nearly 4 years since I’ve gotten my eyes checked.  Way overdue, I know! I know! I’m not always good at adulting … I know this.

Typically work benefits are apart of your overall compensation and you’d be surprised at how many people don’t maximize them (click here for more on that).  So make sure you don’t waste all that allocated money, hunni! 😉

Now, you could try on every pair of eyeglasses in the store to find out how each one looks, but narrowing down your choices in advance can save you a lot of time and aggravation.  So that’s what I did – I scoped out the  Hakim Optical website for my favourites – and then scheduled my eye exam + in-store visit.

It was the rainiest day ever in Toronto when I made my trip … so pardon my wet-rat hair and makeup less face, as I show you my short-list of spectacles I liked best:

According to The Vision Council, they’ve determined 3 points to consider when choosing eyeglass frames for your face shape.  Click here to read more on that.

I took a different route and just picked out what I thought were cutest from the frames in the shop and then bombarded a few sweet people in my life with photos of my spectacled face, demanding their feedback immediately 😛

With all of my banked benefit dollars… I was able to buy 3 PAIRS.  Here’s what I finally settled on …   

The Grande … “An artistic version of one of the most popular new frame styles. For a true trendsetter.”

These bad boys come in speckled red, black and yellow.

I liked them so much over all the others that I opt’d for both Red & Black!!! 😀

fullsizerender-9These sunnies weren’t online. Just in-store only limited editions. AND they just stole my heart once I tried them on ❤

That gold trim across the tops and slight cat-eye point and giant shade coverage just made them perfection for lil’ ol’ me!


There you have it friends!  In my old age… seems I’ve gotta start including glasses into my vanity and outfit posts.

So might as well make sure I pick fashionable ones. 😉

What do you think of my choices?  Were there others you preferred?  Let me know in the comment section below.


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5 Blogger Looks for Fall

Layers are what makes Fall my most favourite season!  But sometimes a girl needs some inspiration to help her shop and repurpose items from her own closet.

That’s when I go to the Fashion Bloggersphere for inspiration.  Here is a short Top 5 list of the looks I’m digging this Fall:

#5.  Style Cassentials

Pale pink over pumpkin – Cassie of StyleCassentials creating colour combos I never think of  ❤ …and those fringed open-toed booties….Gawd!!!  Just lovely!

Click here for deets on her look.14500424_983461598466194_6223875013824398042_o


#4 Glitter and Lazers

A girl after my own heart rocking the perfect colourful pattern in this long-sleeved collar-necked dress ❤

Click here for the deets on her look.



#3. Girl With Curves

This is Tanesha of GirlWithCurves.  Just loving how a little fur collar can make such a difference to your entire outfit. ❤  Work wear at its finest ❤

Click here for deets on this look.


#2. Curvily

This is Sarah of Curvily – a fellow petite who’s rocking a dark denim jumpsuit like a BOSS!

Click here for the deets on this look.img_5554

#1. CurvyGirlChic

This is Allison, of CurvyGirlChic is just doing all the right things with plaids.

Click here for the deets on this look.


There you have it … my TOP 5 Fall Looks from the Bloggersphere.

Who are your style inspiration/girl crush outfits for the Fall season so far?

Tell me about them in the comment section below and link to their look so I can take a peek! 🙂

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