Rocky Horror Picture Show Style

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a comedy and musical, telling the story about sweethearts Janet and Brad, who stumble upon Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s bizarre abode.

This was a flick that my parents never allowed me to see.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much!!! ❤

Sexual  explicitness!  Fresh & different songs!  Susan Sarandon! Tim Curry!  The outrageous hair + makeup +outfits!

Audience participation!!

For all these reasons, R.H.P.S. has always been a favourite of mine.


I’ve yet to go to a screening of this flick in full costume — so, when I heard this  1975 cult classic was recently remade by FOX and aired on TV last week.  A screening party was in order.

Naturally I was ready to cringe, hiss and boo at the screen … but one thing was clear: it HAD to be watched, and in full dress-up too!

What I Wore

It was agreed that dress-up needed, but to exclude nips and be longer than one’s vajayjay 😛

I found this $10 tee from Black Market Vintage the day before … and worked my outfit magic by shopping my closet to make this look work:


$10 tee found at Black Market Vintage, WQW

Sorry for the indoor shots – but it was raining and I didn’t wanna get on my balcony.

Pretty tame for R.H.P.S…. I know…but still dope I think.  Plus, I’m wearing fish net stockings. You can’t really tell from these photos, but I promise they’re there! 🙂fullsizerender-10

How I Got The Look:

Tuxedo jacket, HBC Jessica Simpson (click here for other looks); Graphic R.H.P.S. tank, Black Market Vintage; Wine skirt, Reitmans; Mini top hat fascinator, BIGDeal consignment sale (click here for that); Fish nets stockings (old); Mary Jane shoes, Payless

And then of course excessive hair and make up was required 😉

I’m rubbish at big hair and eye shadow application … so this was as good as it was going to get for both!

My pitiful attempt at “big hair” trying to harness my inner Magenta

What I Did

The Gladstone Hotel hosted a screen party for the FOX’s Rocky Horror Picture Show  set the tone with a little Drag-Queen pre-show and post show…

There weren’t too many of us dressed up for the screening – just me + my girl Eli + the performers and our server 🙂

Here’s a little 30s clip of one of the Drag performers: Dottie Dangerfield

Don’t Dream It. Be It.

Overall, the new FOX version wasn’t as terrible as I thought it was going to be.  There were some fabulous moments and it was pretty entertaining.

But, the original still has my heart! ❤

Who among you watched it?  How do you think it compared with the original? What do you think of my R.H.P.S. Style?

Tell me your thoughts in the comments section below 🙂

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Halloween 2014!

By now y’all know how much I love any excuse to dress up.  Costume and themed events just make my heart happy! 🙂

And this year there were THREE fun-filled nights over two weekends of Halloween Magnificence to get ready for!!!

EVENT 1:  Toronto Lindy Hop’s Halloween Dance 


This was a tricky costume to come up — All I knew was that this fabulous blue fringed wig NEEDED to be a part of it.  Plus,  whatever I came up with, I needed to wear something that was ‘dance appropriate’ … i.e.  something I could sweat and move comfortably in AND one that kept  ‘the girls’ demure and tamed for close dancing with strangers 😉


Tah-Dah!!!  Dressed head-to-toe in blue (peplum top & pencil skirt from Forever21, patterned leggings from Old Navy) with a fabulous musical fascinator (Thanks for your craft work Erin!)  Sooo….. What am I?   Any guesses?



Pretty fun night dancing away to the Tia Brazda Swing Band … who dressed up in Halloween splendour too!  Love it!


Love that the Toronto Lindy Hop community is sooooo into dress up too!  How great is this pic!!!  For full album of pics click here.IMG_5309

I’m happy to report that my wig and headgear stayed on all night….even during spins and dips and everything.  It only slipped off once 😉  644358_1483083565308049_5988739236038069110_n

EVENT 2:  Impromptu drinking and dancing in The Village on Church St. – Toronto

On Halloween Night, the rain killed all original plans to parade around Church St. in Day-of-the-Dead makeup.  Sooooo ended up drinking with a last-minute posse of peoples I haven’t seen in ages, in my skeleton inspired sweater dress from Damzels.   A chubby skeleton – HA!  Kinda funny, no? 🙂

skeleton dress
Me in my Day-of-the-Dead Mask (from Claire’s Accessories), Skeleton-esk finger mittens (from Old Navy) and Skeleton inspired sweater dress (from Damzels Doll Factory).

I’m not gonna lie …. the drinking might have gotten a wee bit outta control this night.  Followed by a cab ride into The Village for dancing and pancakes in the wee hours of the AM.  Needless to say, I was bed ridden the entire next day, until it was time to get into costume #3!!!

Check out the crazy long line up in the rain for the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Halloween night! It was nuts!


EVENT 3:  Retro Video Dance Party’s Halloween Night @The Mod Club –  Toronto

And the best for last …. “SHE-RA! SHE-RA!” {insert musical interlude here}



I’ve been wanting to dress as She-ra for Halloween for as long as I can remember.  Sadly, store-bought costumes were all extremely little with zero options for a plus size bod like mine.  Le sigh…

I shared my story of disappointment with the talented Carmen of CNL Designs , plus sent her a link to this DIY costume I found via The Stylish Geek,  to help her get all the pieces together and TA-DAH!!!  Magic happened!!!

plus size Shera
Entire costume from crown to cape to boot covers made by CNL Designs. Sword from Dollarama. Blonde wig from Black Market Vintage. And the AH-MAZING ‘industrial strength’ Strapess Bra from Cacique, Lane Bryant.
Princess of Power with Marilyn Monroe (aka the Birthday Girl that night)

There were some impressive costumes at this party — including Bret ‘The Hitman’ Heart, Bjork, and The Shinning’s Grady Twins (creepiest costumes there that night…yikes!)

shera vs. thor
My favourite pic of the night: Shera vs. Thor!!!!

There was a lot of dancing and I’m happy to report that the costume held up pretty well all night.  Minus my crown tips sadly as you can see below …sigh

“For the honour of Greyskull….I AM SHE-RA!!!!!”

Sadly, I didn’t win for best costume (wasn’t even in the running….sigh). 😦

But you know who did? Someone from my posse —  A Tribute to Robin Williams!  Isn’t she amazing!!!!


Soooooo there you have it friends!!!  THREE costumes for Halloween 2014!

Which one did you like best?  What did you all dress as for Halloween?  Tell me all about it in the Comments section 🙂image2-2

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Electro Swing Toronto’s Vintage Hollywood

We were at it again folks!

Electro Swing Toronto’s event this month was attended by moi and several TVSers (Toronto Vintage Society) to work the door and help judge the best dressed competition that is held each time an Electro Swing event happens.   Tonight’s theme:  VINTAGE HOLLYWOOD!


DJ Medicineman (founder of Electro Swing in Toronto) often recruits TVS to help him with vintage related things – and so far these collaborations have been fantastic!!!  To see the other ones I’ve attended, click here , here and here.


Me wearing what I was told is a “80s does 20s classic black Hollywood peplum dress (BlackMarket Vintage on WQW for $10).  And Joy!!!   Photo Credit: Shermette
And Joy in an amazing Audrey Hepburn inspired look with jewels, gloves, cig holder and everything!  **swoon**
Joy and Shermy … in their amazing vintage dresses giving their best vintage-non-smiling-bored faces.

Here we are on stage…trying to gauge audience applause for winners of Best Dressed: Dapper Dude and Dashing Dame:

1888611_858557477488476_4467226616615666527_n 10409599_858557480821809_4173860041446683458_n 10639558_858557507488473_928539059930269432_n

Tah-Dah ….TVS with the winners of the Best Dressed Competition:10678675_858557714155119_4323999616347087932_n

Check out my magical hair transformation courtesy of Jacquie – done in two mins flat in the green room at Revival!!!  Thanks Miss Jacquie 🙂


My dress was a simple black – a classic hollywood look – with gold Lemay.  I was told is a “80s does 20s classic black Hollywood peplum dress (BlackMarket Vintage on WQW for $10).

10686012_10154703568310397_1397556525_o 10718258_10154703568350397_125929054_o I threw on a black feather boa (Dollarama) and excessive blingy jewellery (most of which i got as wedding presents – Indian people love giving jewellery to brides)…and off I went.10718503_10154703568255397_846272105_o

Collage -O-Fun had at Electro Swing Toronto’s Vintage Hollywood night!


Me being ‘Door-Whore’ at Revival …
Electro Swing with Toronto Vintage Society
TVSers: Jacquie (Founder of TVS), moi, Shermy and Joy

For complete photo album of the event, taken by David Tom Photography, click here.  AND to read about the event from Shermy’s perspective visit her blog Shermette. 🙂

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