Joggers Boat Cruise

You really can’t ever dress properly to keep it cute and combat the weather you’ve got to endure in The6ix these days.  A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday party — a Joggers Soca Winter Boat Cruise upon the Empress of Canada. The boat wasn’t as um, Empress-like as its name implied…Continue reading “Joggers Boat Cruise”

TFC and PPMeow!

As a proud Torontonian, I am a bit embarrassed to say that I haven’t been to a TFC game in nearly 10-years. So when the opportunity arose to go to a  game and sit in the designated cheering-section with a boy you’re newly dating, how can a girl say no. 😉 Now, you may notContinue reading “TFC and PPMeow!”

Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Ok team, I’ve been dealing with some feelings.  I hadn’t planned to be writing about them, but I can’t seem to write about anything else right now. So here it is:  9 years ago today I got married.  Yup! August 9, 2008… I fell in love and married a great, weird, handsome guy.  And todayContinue reading “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

Operation: Balcony Summer Ready

It’s August long weekend in Canada!!!  What prefect timing to post about a little project I’ve been working on called Operation: Balcony Summer Ready! I’ve lived in my condo in downtown Toronto coming on to 5 years now…and in all that time, I’ve never really used my balcony. Sad but true.  It’s main purpose allContinue reading “Operation: Balcony Summer Ready”

What’s the 411?

Heyyyyyyy… it’s me!  I know I’ve been hella quite with zero original content on my blog for a minute. 2017 began and I seemly fell off the face of the earth…according to this space. Thanks for still remaining a PPMeow! follower, reader, fan, and friend….and for those kind emails sent asking about why such aContinue reading “What’s the 411?”

Rocky Horror Picture Show Style

The Rocky Horror Picture Show is a comedy and musical, telling the story about sweethearts Janet and Brad, who stumble upon Dr. Frank-N-Furter’s bizarre abode. This was a flick that my parents never allowed me to see.  Maybe that’s why I love it so much!!! ❤ Sexual  explicitness!  Fresh & different songs!  Susan Sarandon! Tim Curry!Continue reading “Rocky Horror Picture Show Style”

Fall Shopping Haul: NY State

I took a mini break from the blog last week and went on a road trip to Rochester, NY for a fun Lindyhop dance weekend called Slow Dance Soiree Even with the CAD$ still being in the toilet … THIS was the look of my apartment AFTER the trip!!! 😮 YEP!!!  Mama did some seriousContinue reading “Fall Shopping Haul: NY State”

Summer in The6ix

Summer in Toronto is just the greatest! We have everything…. Live Music!  Plays and Performances!  Dancing! Sailing! Spas! Shopping! Outdoor movies! Cultural Festivals! Foods from around the world! Annnnnnd all of these things are usually FREE and are walking distance from each other!  No car required! ❤ There have been many wonderful fun-filled days thisContinue reading “Summer in The6ix”

Treat Yo Self!

Canadians know how to make sure they squeeze out as much summer as they possibly can – cuz Winter is Coming and will last 8+ months of the year! 😦 That’s why we gotta make the most of the August Long Weekend!!!! This was the first time I stayed in town.  The streets of TorontoContinue reading “Treat Yo Self!”

Exploring Beantown – Boston

Sorry for the absence friends – I’ve been on vacation and away from the blog. And then summer fun got in the way, and I’ve been out living my life instead of writing about it 😛 But I’m back!!! And ready to give you a recap of all I did in the lovely city ofContinue reading “Exploring Beantown – Boston”