Treat Yo Self!

Canadians know how to make sure they squeeze out as much summer as they possibly can – cuz Winter is Coming and will last 8+ months of the year! 😦 That’s why we gotta make the most of the August Long Weekend!!!! This was the first time I stayed in town.  The streets of TorontoContinue reading “Treat Yo Self!”

Rock The Crop Top

Did ya read the latest in O, The Oprah Magazine? 😕 Who else is tired of being told what they can and cannot wear? If you want to wear a crop top — WEAR A CROP TOP. If you like it, wear it. Life is too short. Live your life and stop waiting on your weight!Continue reading “Rock The Crop Top”

Florals & Stripes

SPRING IS FINALLY HERE…with weather that matches.  Finally!!!! Now I know florals for spring isn’t a new concept or new fashion trend this year or any other year. 🙂 So, I tried doing the floral trend by mixing it up: I’ve been trying my hand at mixing patterns more.  Taking this floral dress and pairingContinue reading “Florals & Stripes”

First-Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Influence on Clothing

Throughout history the first-lady has influenced fashion trends, however, none have had as much of an impact as Michelle Obama. Her clothing choices can result in stock prices for the clothing companies to rise as much as 2–3% for up to 3 weeks after she wears an outfit. Her fashion appeals to the people asContinue reading “First-Lady Fashion: Michelle Obama’s Influence on Clothing”

Little Black Dress #1

I dunno about you friends, but January is officially Little Black Dress month for me.  There has been WAYYY too much eating over the festive season … and this holiday weight is making me choose blacks over other fun colours in my wardrobe these days. Lucky for me, I’ve got a lil’ Collection of LBDsContinue reading “Little Black Dress #1”

2014: PPMeow in Review

Here we are….the last day of 2014!  And thus concludes my first year of blogging! Yay!!! 🙂 Thank you for reading, following and commenting.  If you’ve got feedback or ideas you’d like me to explore/review in the new year … let me know in the comment section and I’ll do my very best to tackleContinue reading “2014: PPMeow in Review”

Toronto Vintage Society’s KITSCHMAS CABIN!

Earlier this month the Toronto Vintage Society gathered together to celebrate all things MERRY, KITSCHY and BRIGHT by turning the Cadillac Lounge into a winter cabin! But what the heck do we mean by “Kitschy”?  Good question! “Kitsch”, according to Wikipedia, is;  (/ˈkɪtʃ/; loanword from German) is a low-brow style of mass-produced art or design using popular or cultural icons. Kitsch generally includesContinue reading “Toronto Vintage Society’s KITSCHMAS CABIN!”

Holiday Double Feature: Tuxedo Glam

Here we are – 2nd last outfit post in our special Holiday Double Feature collaboration with Cassie of Style Cassentials. The female tuxedo was seen on various designer runways,  it’s also a look that’s been adopted by many celebrities on the red carpet.  It is a great alternative to the cocktail dress for evening-wear. Today we’re focusing on Tuxedo Glam!  🙂   By totalContinue reading “Holiday Double Feature: Tuxedo Glam”

Holiday Double Feature: Office Party

We began the week with a special  Holiday Double Feature collaboration with  Cassie of Style Cassentials yesterday.  If you missed our first post, no worries – click here  🙂 Today we’re we focusing on getting Office Party ready for both before & after 5pm! Before 5pm… To get through the workday, I chose a black collared shirt with a gold faux beltContinue reading “Holiday Double Feature: Office Party”

Farewell to Fall: Round Up!

Ok friends….seems like Fall came and went in a blink of an eye and we’ve already been thrown into Winter weather.  I thought before we start focusing on winter wear, we’d take a look at some of the trending colours and vibes in Fall fashion on the blog. Here’s a roundup  of a few IContinue reading “Farewell to Fall: Round Up!”