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Stylish Curves is a New York City based fashion and lifestyle blog that bridges the gap between straight and plus sizes by showing plus size curvy women that they can dress just a fabulous as straight size women do. The blog aims to give the curvy plus size woman a different perspective on fashion by showing them how to shop within and outside the plus size realm to get celebrity looks and to create their own personal style. We live in a world that wants plus size women to be unhappy with their bodies and Stylish Curves believes that every woman should learn to appreciate and love their bodies no matter their size.

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Skorch was the first fully digital magazine featuring plus size fashion and continues to lead the industry as a resource of plus size fashion for women around the world. All bodies are real bodies.

Online since 2006, PMM is the #1 plus size fashion & beauty magazine, blog and social media outlet, inspiring the style-savvy, fashion-forward, full-figured woman to embrace her curves.Developed, designed and written by plus women, for plus women, PMM understands and speaks directly to the heart of our reader, because we are our reader.


The-Curvy-FashionistaThe Curvy Fashionista® is a virtual home for the Curvy.Confident.Chic. plus-size woman who loves to keep it curvy while exploring the latest in fashion, beauty and tech.Screen Shot 2014-08-16 at 11.42.57 AM


Wear Your Voice Magazine (WYV) is an intersectional feminist media publication committed to deconstructing mainstream media’s approach to news and culture. Unlike traditional media outlets, WYV digs for the non-gendered truth and seeks to amplify the collective voices of today’s generation.  Speak your Truth. #WearYourVoice

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I Am Torontonian’s goal is to demonstrate that we, the people of the earth, can all live in peace for the limited time we share on our planet.  Semco is a Toronto-based photographer who has been organizing this gallery of photos taken across the GTA, representing and documenting random individuals only to portray life in Toronto and create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants.

Here’s my interview clip and photo that’s now apart of this cultural artistic project.

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Skedline.com is a breaking news website that features the works of Humber ITAL’s Bachelor of journalism students. The goal of this project is to go beyond the headlining news story of the day and to dig deeper by touching on all possible angles and focusing on all that’s at stake with strict objective reporting.

Here’s my interview clip in their article by Savanna Chiblow.



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