ADOPT ME: Snoopy + PSBRescue

I try to keep this blog’s content simple and honest.  My writing is mostly based on a simple concept: What I Did and What I Wore. This has made Petite Plus, Meow! an online journal of a short, curvy city gal’s experience-based perspective of going out-and-about, trying new things and reporting back to you –Continue reading “ADOPT ME: Snoopy + PSBRescue”

Cutwork & Geometric

Bah!  Toronto weather can’t seem to make up its mind. Luckily this past long weekend was glorious sunny, warm weather with cool, comfortable evening temps too! I’m a simple girl, with simple needs.  So finding outfits that are wash-n-wear and don’t require too much planning to look polished are for me. 😉 This is why thisContinue reading “Cutwork & Geometric”

Operation Smile: Hope to Smile Fashion Show

Operation Smiles provides free surgical procedures for kids born with cleft lip, cleft palate and other facial deformities across the world. The aim for this weekend’s Fashion Shows in collaboration with 2016 Miss Universe Canada is to create awareness and raise money for these children and young adults who are unable to smile the wayContinue reading “Operation Smile: Hope to Smile Fashion Show”

Montreal, ci bon!

What did you do last weekend? I did a 6-hr road trip with some dance friends to Montreal for the weekend! First trip of the year! 🙂 Next to Toronto, Montreal is the 2nd largest Canadian city and said to have a ton of tourist attractions, museums, cultural centres and historic landmarks. Montreal is knownContinue reading “Montreal, ci bon!”