Maxi Dress to the Office?

Are maxi dresses office appropriate?

What about sandals?  Are there rules on summer footwear for a flowy maxi at the office?

Well, earlier this week I did it.  I took an easy-peasy, light n’ airy, double-side-slit maxi dress to the office for a business casual look.

I’m a rebel.  Living’ on the edge.  It’s true. 😛

This dress is almost too long…but the loose belt helps me mange the length a bit.

I recently had to return an online item I ordered from Forever21…and exchanged it in-store for this bold abstract printed maxi dress.

The fab braided, strappy back design is really what sold me.   Being petite (short), maxi anything is always a challenge for moi.  I haven’t been wearing heels very much this year.  And there’s just something oh-so-cool and sophisticated about wearing a flowy long dress with a pair of flat sandals.

I recently bought myself some aqua thong’d Birkenstocks that have quickly become my go-to-shoe for the summer — showing off my orange polished pedicured feet 🙂

Another nice effect to this dress is the 21cm long side-slits!  Totally ready for summer beach strolls and weekend brunch.

Braided-Back Abstract Maxi Dress from Forever21+ – want it? click here.

Buuuuuuut, is it office appropriate?  Things that make you go hmmmm…..

I dunno if you’re like me, but when I buy something new, I like wearing it out immediately!  So it was gonna happen!

Blazers cover up a number of clothing sins and boosts the level of professionalism and sophistication to nearly any outfit. This blush pink open Dorothy Perkins blazer has come in handy to do just that for me in both Fall and Spring.  It’s a bit warm for Summer wear (due to lining), but it did the trick.

I tried balancing out the length of the dress’ slits with covered up arms –  the 3/4 sleeves cuz its summer.  Alternatively, I could also put a button down shirt over a maxi dress and belt it for a different office-appropriate effect.


On its own, NO! This dress is not office appropriate.

Maxis are tricky ones! This one had a nice modest neckline, not too tight.  But look at those high slits for a leg peep-show and the boho pattern.  Maybe it was TOO beachy, too light, and read more like a nightgown …. but I wore it with confidence and took it to the office anyways! 😛

I even got to catch some Vitamin D at lunchtime “networking” with a coworker WITHOUT the blazer.  Oh yeah!!!

How I Got The Look: Blush blazer, Dorothy Perkins; Maxi dress, Forever21+, Aqua sandals, Birkenstock, Aqua purse, Aldo Accessories

Summer in the city!  Gotta keep that wardrobe versatile to go easily from 9a-5p and beyond 😉

Ladies, sound off — are maxi dresses or maxi skirts ever appropriate for the office, or have I committed a terrible fashion faux pas?

Oh, and if they’re ok…. which are the proper shoes to wear with them?   Assuming that my aqua Birks were deemed inappropriate for the office too … told ya, I’m a rebel. 😛

Tell me your thoughts in the comment section below!

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