Broad Lingerie [1/3]

With the weather warming up at hyper-speeds in Toronto and the CAD $ yet to improve, my need for finding over-the-shoulder-boulder-holders WITHOUT cross-boarder shopping was becoming an urgent priority. :/melons-jpeg

At the beginning of May, on the heels of me posting a Boobs & Bra-related rant post – click here for that –  She Does The City, an online ‘imperfect life guide for women” announced that there was a new lingerie boutique that had opened in Toronto specifically for those blessed in the chest!!!

❤ ❤ ❤

Could it be?  Have the stars and straps really aligned?  Could all my bra-blems be solved with the arrival of this much-needed local shop?

Only one way to find out! 😉

Broad Lingerie is a store dedicated to women who wear cup sizes DD and above.  Our aim is to make bras and swimwear accessible to fuller busted women by offering a smarty curated selection of basic and fashion styles sold at affordable pricing in a welcoming atmosphere.


What really struck me about this shop was the fact that those larger bra sizes that I was on the hunt weren’t all hidden in a backroom requiring a special request before they could be seen. 😮

Nope.  They were just hanging out there with all the rest of ’em… in all their glory awaiting to be perused, touched and even tried on without anyone’s assistance.

A shocking, yet refreshing approach rarely seen in my bra-shopping experience.


Fellow blogger and friend, Stef, did a great write-up of her experience with Broad Lingerie upon their store opening.

Checkout SassyPlus’ review of the shop here 🙂

Sam, the shop owner, provided me with a proper bra fitting, since every brand fits a little different.

Together we selected TWO new Boobie-Traps (ha!) to solve my biggest bra-related irritants:

1. the “back band ride-up” and 2. the “quad-boob + underwire poke” combo!

Stay tuned for a special Summer Outfit Bra-blem Solved series THIS  week where I’ll be featuring the Broad Lingerie fixes for some of those “difficult summer necklines”! 😉



Broad Lingerie on Facebook, and on Instagram

Mention the blog Petite Plus, Meow and get a 15% off your purchase!!!

Visit them at 1763 Danforth Avenue – just east of Coxwell in Toronto

Store Hours: Wed-Thurs 11-6, Fri-Sat 11-6, Sun 12-6.

Owner: Sam Conover @ Tel (647) 725-6838


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