Doll Factory by Damzels

This past Christmas, I was fortunate enough to have gotten invited to a number of Holiday Happenings around the city.  One  of which I attended was A Merry Scotch-mas – the launch party for Doll Factory by Damzels,  a rock ‘n’ roll retail shop on Roncesvalles.

damsel5damsel3Me and a few Toronto Vintage Society Sistas braved the cold for discounts on fashionable vintage recreations and all the Scotch cocktails we could handle!

I fell in love with many pieces that night…but managed to limit my purchase to a single dress:  this lovely three-quarter length sleeved black n’ white spotted number – complete with pockets and peek-a-boo boobie bow!

damsel2 damsel4

Best News is that this fab shop is having an amazing sale next week!!!  Doll Factory by Damzels Epic Annual Mark Downs!

If you like this kinda vintage-rockabillie-look … you have got to make your way down during this Epic Sale!

How I got The Look:

Black n’ White domino-dot boobie bow dress by CherryVelvet, from Doll Factory by Damzels (Roncesvalles/Dundas W Sts.)

Cobalt blue suede platform shoes by Brash, from Payless

Georgen red pumps from Aldo


Photo credit: Tami Falus

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The Art of Manliness

On one of my recent posts (Cherry Bomb), I reviewed an event I attended and spoke of how disappointed I was in the way the men were dressed.  This spurred on a bit of conversation within the comments section of my post. Thank you for your comments friends…keep ’em coming!

I found this very interesting video and article that, I thought, clearly helped explain and illustrate how important looking your best is when interacting with others – after all you only get one chance to make a first impression – and those first impressions are lasting impressions.   Looking your best is directly related to your ability to influence and persuade others and is the basics in the ‘Art of Manliness’.

Think both the ladies and gents out there will enjoy and learn something they may not have thought of before.

Article: Influence, Persuasion, and Personal Presentation: Why and How to Look Your Best When Interacting with Others

(via Art of Manliness)

Boob staring good for men’s health

STARING at busty women can lengthen your life, scientists have proved.

A German study, published in the New England Journal of Medicine, concludes that staring at women’s breasts for a few minutes daily is better for your health than going to the gym.

“Just 10 minutes of looking at the charms of well-endowed females is equivalent to a 30-minute aerobics work-out,” said author Dr Karen Weatherby, an expert on ageing.

The research team, led by Dr Weatherby, spent five years monitoring the effects of this unique discovery.

The men who were told to stare at bosoms daily had lower blood pressure and slower resting pulse rates and also decreased their risk of coronary artery disease.

Dr Weatherby explained: “Sexual excitement gets the heart pumping and improves blood circulation.

“There’s no question – gazing at large breasts makes men healthier.”

She also recommends that men over 40 should spend at least 10 minutes daily admiring breasts sized D-cup or larger.

A Look Back to Travel in 2012 & 2013

So I’ve been pretty fortunate to have done a bit of travelling the last few years:


I took 21-days to explore North, East and South India







Followed by a few days in Amsterdam, Holland…..

DSC02324   DSC02420 DSC02339DSC02491DSC02377


That summer I was a California Girl for a week, flew to LA …

Santa Monica Pier
Santa Monica Pier
The all-knowing Zoltar from the movie BIG


Dane Cook doing standup at The Laugh Factory in LA
Dane Cook doing standup at The Laugh Factory in LA
In front of Beverly Hills High – 90210


Then we drove up the coast to San Francisco

DSC02712 DSC02722 DSC02726 DSC02838



And by the end of the year I took an all-inclusive beach vacation in St. Lucia.




Got to explore Canada – flew to SK and drove across AB to camp in Fernie, BC.

5859_10151521541739072_150323804_n 1003089_10151521492569072_988905002_n 1013526_10151520599989072_698785591_n 1016332_10151523575779072_1379337434_n

Then took an adventurous trip to South America to explore Peru:  Lima – Sacred Valley – Cuzco – to climb Machu Piccu.



Having just bought myself a condo, travel has been put on hold for a bit.  But I’m starting to get that “itch”.  Where shall I go?

Shades of Grey for Spring

I’m really digging shades of grey that seem to be everywhere this winter.  Like this cutie-pie illusion of lace dress that I’m yet to wear – picked it up during Boxing Week at Toronto’s Eaton Center.  It’s light weight with a bit of crinoline at the hem just at the knees, that gives the skirt a bit of volume.  Just a really pretty lady-like look.


In an effort to make it springtime ready, I paired it with pops of coral with accessories and sophisticated bling from Stella & Dot.

And as usual, I’m always thinking about how I can take my outfits to the office or for when I’m delivering a training session.  A simple black tuxedo blazer seemed to do the trick!

Alternatively, maybe I could do a nude pump with a more colour pop blazer too.  Hummm…thoughts?

          grey1   grey2

How I got The Look:

Bianca tassel necklace from Stella & Dot

Coral tassel purse from Aldo

Coral glossy wedge sling-backs from Payless

The illusion-of-lace dress is from Forever 21+, Eaton Center

Black n’ white tuxedo blazer from INC, The Hundson Bay Co. in Yorkdale Mall

And the puppy … The Berto – he’s my heart and had to make an appearance in this blog eventually 🙂


Photo credit: Tami Falus

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Your Big Sister’s Closet – Anniversary Party

Oooooo! Guess who’s just been asked to be a Body Positive Window Model for this fantastic Curvy Fashionista boutique in The Junction next weekend? 


Karen and her hubs, Peter, are celebrating their store’s 1st Anniversary!

Make sure you stop-by for some  candy, refreshments, fab deals on shopping and of course to wave to me.  I’ll be the chick in the window 🙂

Hope to see you there! xo

Cherry Bomb

I bought this Cherry Bomb dress last year as my Happy-Birthday splurge.  It is a sexy ultra form-fitting pin-up/vintage/ultimate bombshell dress…and oh so comfortable. This dress has a wrap twist in the bust area, enhancing ‘the girls’ and cap sleeves that look great on all arms.  It even has helpful gathers in the front skirt to help hide any possible flaws in your waistline.    The dress is a classy below knee-length, and has a nice slit in the back for ease in cat-walking.  Being petite, I did have to get a few alterations to both the length (shorten) and have the arm holes taken in a bit more so that it neckline would stay-put.

cheryphoto 1 cherryphoto 2

Being a September baby, it was warm enough to simply be worn all on its own from dinner to dancing into the wee hours of the morning.    I really wanted to wear this fab dress for this past weekend’s #DUSTED event I was invited to, but I would need to transform this Cherry Bomb dress into a more winter-friendly one.  So here’s what I did:

cherry5  cherry2

cherry3 cherry4

Gave up the flower in my hair and the peep-toed pumps.  Put on black hose and short rocker-chick booties, along with a black leather and suede open jacket that helps keep that rocker-chick look alive – plus helps keep me warm under the winter coat when waiting for the notoriously late Queen streetcar to get around Toronto on a Saturday Night.

Let’s talk about the event, the venue and Saturday night.  Seeing as I only knew the DJ who would be busy working at this event, I invited a gf I recently reconnected with to be my +1 …someone to drink and dance with, flirt with boys with, someone to  act as my paparazzi for blog-worthy photos. 🙂  Unfortunately, mere hours before waking up from my required ‘nap-before-I-have-a-night-out’ nap, I get a text and phone call from said gf, weeping about her on-again-off-again relationship that ended a few hours ago.   Listening to her emphatically, I encouraged her to do whatever she needed to, and not worry about coming out with me…unless of course getting cute and dancing her cares away would help.  She opted not to come. And I waffled – do I go to this event…ALONE…knowing nobody…completely friendless?

Why the heck not!?  After all, I made a commitment to go, I’m dressed oh-so cute, and I’m chatty enough to manage a few hours of small-talk with strangers I’ll never see again, right?  I was going!

The event was at Atelier Resto-Lounge (366 Queen Street East at Parliament St) – a beautifully converted space with exposed brick walls, that acts as a new casual restaurant for the neighbourhood sandwiched between small independent restaurants and shops on the north side of the street.  I didn’t come early enough to taste their dinner offerings from their menu unfortunately, but the bar staff were lovely and I got to meet the owner, a young entrepreneur who seemed very pleased at the turn out for the launch party of this trendy new spot.dusted3


The venue is long rather than wide, with the DJ stage at the very back with a large screen that displayed various vids on mute and the occasional shout-out for the event name.  I got there a little after midnight and from what I saw, it was a mature clientele (30+) who for the most part were dressed to impress.  As I stood along the side-lines of the bar sipping my drink to people-watch I couldn’t help but observe how many more men there were to women in this place.  And of this ratio, the women were all dressed fantastically, whereas I couldn’t say that about all the men there.  In fact, it got me thinking about how much more of an effort chicks seem to put into everything that seemingly goes unappreciated yielding limited results, when compared with a guy who gets ready for a night out to meet or take out their lady.

I met a few nice women actually – they complimented me on my outfit and we got to chatting.  Even danced around with a few, complete with fancy dips and spins on the floor.  There was a professional photographer afoot, don’t know where/how I can get my hands on those pics  just yet, so unfortunately my iPhone pics will have to do for now folks.

As the evening went on and the dance floor crowd diminished, I noticed a gaggle of guys who were dressed in jeans and hoodies – seriously – who, one by one, made their way to the group of ottomans where I was sitting waiting for my DJ friend.  Listening to these 24-year-old boys tell me they’re 26, impress me with questionable humor and unnecessary close-talking, I have never been more acutely aware of how much I’ve grown and changed as a person who was able to politely tolerate my current situation.  Don’t get me wrong, it is always flattering to be approached, but looking at the effort I put into my outfit vs. the results it yielded (young boys in hoodies) it’s a sad truth indeed friends.  Luckily I was rescued by the DJ shortly after… {Insert “Last night a DJ saved my lifetune here :)}.  Overall, the night was a success – I was glad I pushed past my fear of going to something like this alone, but in the end anything involving a dance floor is always better with a friend or two.

cherry6 cherry7

How I got The Look:

Cherry Bomb Dress by Stop Staring, from SexyPlus Clothing (Rosedale/Yonge Sts)

Rocker-chick buckle+zipper booties from Aldo/Black peep-toe platform pumps from Diesel, Winners

Black leather & suede open jacket by Jessica, Sears (Eaton Center)

Accessories: Earrings from BitterSweet; Odette Cuff from Stella¨ White hair-flower from Forever21

Pretty in Pink …

I love pink! I would wear it head-to-toe everyday if I could.  But working for a Financial Institution as a Consultant of Training & Development Solutions, delivering instruction to classrooms of people regularly, I’ve got to tone down the passionate pink panther within me for the office. 😉


This shot is my absolute fav of me pretty in pink with the city in the background!  On NYE I paired this high-waisted flare skirt with a black crop-top.  Yup…I got brave and bared my mid-drif…and it was awesome! Sadly all of those shots were taking by wobbly drunks, selfies included, and such blurry pics are not cute for a blog, so stay tuned.

This black n’ white skirt has quickly become one of my all-time faves…and the pop of pink just makes it pretty perfect!  Plus, with it being a pretty simple look, I can add my Stella & Dot bling to kick it up a notch!  So now I’m looking for ways to bring this dynamic duo to the office.

Here’s what I’ve come up with …once the weather gets a bit more spring- like and I can wear my lovely peep-toed heels again.

Blazers are basically the best invention ever to give any piece of clothing a polished and immediate upgrade. I’ve paired up the above look with a classic black n’ white tuxedo blazer and pushed the colour limits of office-acceptable with a Kelly green blazer too.

You likee? 🙂

pink3 pink2 pinkgreen

 How I got The Look:

Medina Bib Necklace from Stella&Dot

Odette Cuff from Stella&Dot

Pink tank from Reitmans

High-waisted black n’ white flare skirt from Forever21+, The Eaton Center

Black n’ white tuxedo blazer from INC, The Hundson Bay Co. in Yorkdale Mall

Kelly green blazer from INC, The Hundson Bay Co. Outlet in Halton Hills

Peep-toe black platform pumps from Diesel, Winners

Photo credit: Tami Falus


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Saturday Night dress goes to the Office

I promised that I’d be blogging more about the items I have in my closet by refreshing and repurposing them into new Looks.  So here I go.  Typically I work from home, which means my workday attire is basically tank tops & panties (with this polar vortex Toronto has been dealing with, hoodies & pyjama pants).  So whenever there’s a reason or opportunity to leave the house – I’m excited to plan an outfit.  This is the key contributing factor of me always wanting to get dressed up as fashionably as possible, making leaving the the house an event!

I’ve made the trek into the office twice this week – dunno how you normies do it everyday – just the ride on the streetcar one-way during the morning rush made me regret the decision immediately.  Anywhooo….here’s one of the Looks I brought into the office earlier this week.

Sadly, the following snaps are not as fabulous as you’ve previously seen on this space, as I do not have the magical photographic talents as Ms. Tami Falus does (she’s been kind enough to have taken most of the Looks I’ve blogged about so far – if I could keep her in my pocket as my own personal paparazzi, I totally  would! xo). 

All I’ve got is an iPhone camera in the women’s bathroom of my office…classy, I know! 🙂  So here’s what I’ve put together:

office2 office3

The dress – this was an end of season party dress from Reitmans that was a ridiculous $10.  It’s a bodycon type with sexy black mesh along the shoulder line and chest that turns into a simple stretchy solid navy-blue-sleeveless-above-the-knee hip-hugging dress.  In order to make it ‘office appropriate’ and winter manageable I covered up with a flowy thick sweater open cardi, belting it at the smallest part of my waist.  I really love how it turned out.  I was warm and felt sassy all day…plus if you have after-work drinks planned, with a handsome boy perhaps, that mesh is just flirty enough but lets you be a modest-winter-ready lady too :p

office1 office4

How I got the Look:

The Dress in mesh and navy blue from Reitmans

Grey Tri-toned open sweater cardi from Belldini, Winners

Black n’ white sliver buckle belt from Reitmans

Grey tall boots from Payless

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