Rewind: It’s the 90s

It seems that the 1990s are everywhere right now. What’s old is new again and all that. The last concert of the summer, I took it to another level when I attended the Toronto date of Aqua, Prozzak and Whigfield’s Rewind Tour at Echo Beach.   It was a Saturday night so I now haveContinue reading “Rewind: It’s the 90s”

Joggers Boat Cruise

You really can’t ever dress properly to keep it cute and combat the weather you’ve got to endure in The6ix these days.  A few weeks ago I was invited to a birthday party — a Joggers Soca Winter Boat Cruise upon the Empress of Canada. The boat wasn’t as um, Empress-like as its name implied…Continue reading “Joggers Boat Cruise”

Hogwarts in Toronto?

Recently, there’s been news of a Harry Potter themed bar and restaurant in TORONTO called The Lockhart. So a bunch of us tried to pay this spot a visit earlier this month. Which meant…I needed an outfit to pay homage to the series. And here’s what I came up with: Sadly, this was the best IContinue reading “Hogwarts in Toronto?”

August & September: Chef’s Plate

Can you believe we’re at the beginning of September already!?  Geez…. And with the end of the month comes another culinary blogpost sharing my mis/adventures in the kitchen 🙂 My main mission for 2015 is a simple one:  Getting and Staying Happy.  In order to achieve this lofty goal I applied a START-STOP-CONTINUE approach.  And so I’ve decidedContinue reading “August & September: Chef’s Plate”

Oh, Ottawa!

Oooooo! This summer has been filled with mini travel adventures. There was an excellent seat sale on … So I decided to spend a little over a week in Ottawa, Canada’s capital city over…  Canada Day Long Weekend!! Here’s a recap of what I did AND what I wore …when I remembered to take pictures 🙂Continue reading “Oh, Ottawa!”

Bean and Baker Malt Shop

The wait it over friends. TOMORROW –  Tuesday June 2nd – Toronto’s Bean and Baker Malt Shop OFFICIALLY open their doors for business!! Owners Liezel and Brennan Anderson, a husband and wife team, invite you into their mom n’ pop style establishment for an experience that is nostalgic as it is charming. Team Bean and BakerContinue reading “Bean and Baker Malt Shop”

Salsa @ Lula Lounge

Oh man – this past weekend was a fun one!   I had the pleasure of celebrating a stagette Salsa style!!! The Lula Lounge (Dundas W/Duffrin Sts) in Toronto has a number of party packages, which makes celebrating a special event easy-peasy. A gaggle of us -some more tipsy than others- with flowers in hair and penis-stawsContinue reading “Salsa @ Lula Lounge”

The Roaring ’20s at Palais Royale

The most familiar symbol of the “Roaring Twenties” is probably the flapper: a young woman with bobbed hair and short skirts, excessive makeup and jewellery, who drank, smoked and said  “unladylike” things … and more sexually “free” than previous generations. The fashions of the ’20s are one of my faves…but sadly extremely difficult to findContinue reading “The Roaring ’20s at Palais Royale”

2014 Vacation: Grenada

With project deliverables and timelines being pushed back, October was the first time I’ve been able to schedule a vacation all year! The biggest pain with travelling solo is the ‘single supplement fee” many vacation destinations and travel packages charge travellers simply because they’re travelling solo.  I had no real plans to go away this year, butContinue reading “2014 Vacation: Grenada”

Pre-Opening Sneak Peek at Tatyana’s new Boutique in Toronto!!!

As much as I love vintage/retro styles ….. sifting through smelly racks of ‘truly vintage’ clothing in hopes that a gem-of-a-find will fit my petite-plus sized bod in a flattering way is difficult and often an uneventful task.  This is why I’m a huge fan of the world of vintage reproduction. 🙂 Toronto has beenContinue reading “Pre-Opening Sneak Peek at Tatyana’s new Boutique in Toronto!!!”