August & September: Chef’s Plate

Can you believe we’re at the beginning of September already!?  Geez….

And with the end of the month comes another culinary blogpost sharing my mis/adventures in the kitchen 🙂

My main mission for 2015 is a simple one:  Getting and Staying Happy.  In order to achieve this lofty goal I applied a START-STOP-CONTINUE approach.  And so I’ve decided to START cooking more.

Earlier this month, a gf of mine told me about a little service called CHEF’S PLATE  a fab service that has fresh ingredients & delicious recipes delivered weekly to your door!

chefs-plate-logoAs much as I love cooking, it can sometimes be overwhelming never really knowing how much of an ingredient to buy and have it go bad in your fridge before you get to use it all up.  And if you’re like me, often you fall into a rut of always cooking the same ol’ thing.

Chef’s Pate gets you unique dishes already planned out for you, with zero wasted food!

Here’s how it works…

  1. They create 6 weekly menu options and put all the pieces you need to create them for you..
  2. You pick out how many meals you want delivered: 2, 2-servings meals OR 3, 2-seving meals.
  3. They deliver the exact ingredients you need to your door.
  4. You cook the food and eat the food.

It’s Freakin’ Brilliant!

A recap of my very first order on the last week of August…

My First Order

I used a referral code from a gf …which gave her 2 meals for free….. and it got me 4 meals for FREE!!!!

(Do YOU want 4-free-meals too?  Use this Referral Code:  #PETITEPLUSMEOW  and  Click here)

On Monday afternoon, a delivery man came right up to my apt door and delivered a refrigerated box of food:

Inside my box was the exact ingredients to make 3, 2-serving meals.  Here’s what I ordered and cooked up my very first week:

IMG_8557MEAL 1: CHARRED AVOCADO AND CUMIN SPICED QUINOA SALAD with kidney beans and red bell peppers

The prep. READ the entire cooking card fully before you being. This way you can get all the pans/knives/bowls ready to roll before you get your hands dirty.

This meal was rated “EASY” …and I have to agree, it was.  Took less than 30-mins to get all the pieces prepped and ready.  It was perfect for lunchtime, with leftovers for another meal during the week.

Total calories per serving: 725

The Final Results – Platted!

MEAL 2: PISTACHIO CRUSTED STEAK with smashed fingerling potatoes and dino kale

Now this meal was a bit more difficult than the first.  It required both oven and stove, and my slap-chop for chopping up the nuts.

But in the end … look at how beautiful this steak turned out.

THIS was my favourite meal of the week!!!! So delicious! And the leftover portions were just as tasty!

Took just about 30-mins also … and was 730 calories per serving 🙂

The Final Results – pictured perfect, right?  Soo good!

MEAL 3: PAN SEARED SNAPPER over THAI BLACK RICE served with steamed broccolini

This last one was a bit more challenging also – but so long as you read and follow the steps as the card says, you’ll be fine!


This was my first time cooking Thai Black Rice.  Cooking it in the rich coconut milk added such amazing savoury flavours to the fish and broccolini.

This one was also about 30-mins from prep-to cook-into my mouth  and was 830-calories per serving. 🙂

The Final Results. Check me out …getting much better at the platting huh, like a REAL Chef 🙂

Curious to see how much do you ACTUALLY save with Chef’s Plate vs. Buying your own groceries?

Me too!  Click here to read more.

You can visit my Instagram page and look for the hashtag #PPMeowCooks for more adventures in my kitchen.

I just got THIS week’s refrigerated box delivery with brand new meal ideas within!

Can’t wait to get cooking – stay tuned to my Instagram channel to see how they turn out

So, you think YOU wanna try it?  Get your 1st FOUR meals for free by using this link friends!  You’re Welcome!!!

I’ve also created a sub-menu on my homepage under REVIEWS on the homepage for you – my readers –  to find them easily…and hopefully try a few yourself. 🙂

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