Comparison is the Thief of Joy

Ok team, I’ve been dealing with some feelings.  I hadn’t planned to be writing about them, but I can’t seem to write about anything else right now. So here it is:  9 years ago today I got married.  Yup! August 9, 2008… I fell in love and married a great, weird, handsome guy.  And todayContinue reading “Comparison is the Thief of Joy”

What’s the 411?

Heyyyyyyy… it’s me!  I know I’ve been hella quite with zero original content on my blog for a minute. 2017 began and I seemly fell off the face of the earth…according to this space. Thanks for still remaining a PPMeow! follower, reader, fan, and friend….and for those kind emails sent asking about why such aContinue reading “What’s the 411?”

Treat Yo Self!

Canadians know how to make sure they squeeze out as much summer as they possibly can – cuz Winter is Coming and will last 8+ months of the year! 😦 That’s why we gotta make the most of the August Long Weekend!!!! This was the first time I stayed in town.  The streets of TorontoContinue reading “Treat Yo Self!”

Boobs & Bra-blems

Did you know that 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!? 😮 Did you know that many women (myself included) also take several different bra sizes, depending on the shape, cut, fabric and brand of the bra. AND….did you know most women are not entirely symmetrical, meaning they may have uneven breasts! 😮 YourContinue reading “Boobs & Bra-blems”

Rock The Crop Top

Did ya read the latest in O, The Oprah Magazine? 😕 Who else is tired of being told what they can and cannot wear? If you want to wear a crop top — WEAR A CROP TOP. If you like it, wear it. Life is too short. Live your life and stop waiting on your weight!Continue reading “Rock The Crop Top”

Asia: What To Know Before You Go

PPMeow! turned one year old a few weeks ago … and in an effort to make the most of this New Year,  I took a START-STOP-CONTINUE approach to help me focus on what I wanted to accomplish and focus on. I promised myself to START Shopping Less, to Travel More!   Well…I’m doing just that friends!!  I’ve taken theContinue reading “Asia: What To Know Before You Go”

A New Year, A New Start

HAPPY NEW YEAR FRIENDS!!! This month (January 6th to be exact) Petite Plus, Meow! turns ONE YEAR old!  I’m truly humbled by the positive response the blog has gotten so far.  Thank you. My very first outfit post, entitled:   Peplum, Pencil Skirt and Pink Pumps really shows how green I was to the world of fashion blogging –Continue reading “A New Year, A New Start”

Size Sexy

How many times have you tried on a piece of clothing a size up from your ‘usual’ … and didn’t want to buy it simply because you didn’t like that the tag wasn’t what you wanted it to say? On the flip side, have you ever cheered for joy in a change room upon findingContinue reading “Size Sexy”

Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014

September 9th is known as the International Day of Beauty  — it was created by the International Committee of Aesthetics and Cosmetology (CIDESCO) and was adopted by the World Congress in 1995. What better day to celebrate body confidence, education, health and community empowerment! I was fortunate enough to be invited to the 2nd annual Body Confidence CanadaContinue reading “Body Confidence Canada Awards 2014”