Blazing Pink

Isn’t everything better with a pop of pink? YES!  I think so 🙂 Wearing summer appropriate outfits that fit with corporate-life and life-life can be a challenge. But having solid staple pieces make things a bit easier. Take this outfit I threw together for one of the few days I’m forced into downtown Toronto  officeContinue reading “Blazing Pink”

Spring Double Feature: Doing White Right

Toronto finally had amazing weather this past weekend.  Which makes what I’m about to announce even more timely!!! 😉 Petite Plus, Meow! is proudly bringing you another special Double Feature with fellow petite plus blogger, Cassie from Style Cassentials. Together, we will be exploring and putting our own twists on several Spring trends…all this week! Today we’reContinue reading “Spring Double Feature: Doing White Right”

Boobs & Bra-blems

Did you know that 90% of women are wearing the wrong bra size!? 😮 Did you know that many women (myself included) also take several different bra sizes, depending on the shape, cut, fabric and brand of the bra. AND….did you know most women are not entirely symmetrical, meaning they may have uneven breasts! 😮 YourContinue reading “Boobs & Bra-blems”

The Gap + Winners + H&M = OOTD

NOTHING worn in this post is from a “plus-sized store”! I found such luck at the following shops: H&M, Winners and The Gap recently.  And here are my finds from these spots into one complete outfit post! Let’s talk about this hi-low tunic I found at Winners!  For us petite (short) babes, the hi-low lookContinue reading “The Gap + Winners + H&M = OOTD”

The Peplum Skirt

Hello friends….my apologies for being away so long from the blog. December has been a busy one – and I haven’t been very good about documenting my outfits of the day. I did however, manage to capture this one – a quick and easy combo I put together of black and navy.   I’ve beenContinue reading “The Peplum Skirt”

Summer Sales, Fall Tales

Oh you feel that crispness in the air … Fall is here friends! And you know what that means:  Summer Sales!!! Yep!  It’s your chance to nab some super cute summer stuff on the cheap. Stay on the lookout for low-cost pieces in jewel tones that can pull a summer wardrobe into fall. And theContinue reading “Summer Sales, Fall Tales”

Make ’em Swoon

Whether you need a special dress for a cocktail function, be a fabulous guest at a wedding or just want that va-va-voom dress for a special night,  Kiyonna will have a dress for you. This purple Valentina Dress is kinda perfect for making that special someone swoon on Valentines Day.  It comes black, white, mauve, navyContinue reading “Make ’em Swoon”

SONSEE Woman – Product Review

The easiest way to make your Summer pieces more Fall/Winter appropriate isn’t to ditch them altogether, but to come up with new ways to wear them. I picked up this sheer, pleated, sleeveless dress from BIGDeal Toronto’s pop-up sale a few months ago,  and was determined to transition it for Fall/Winter wear.  (Click here forContinue reading “SONSEE Woman – Product Review”