Sheers that don’t suck!


Trying to find hosiery that fit properly are one of the most frustrating things a petite person can shop for. 

Often I end up having to pull them up to my armpits to ensure that they 

don’t sag at the bottom avoiding that Elephant-ankle look…..that’s just not the sexiest or most comfortable look! :/Now, add on the fact that your a larger bodied plus-sized petite person … ugh!!!  

So I was ecstatic to find that Sheertex not only had sizing with my height, they also designed cute patterned sheers with my body type/body size in mind.

My excitement grew even more when I found out that they also promised to be furry friend proof —they claim to be indestructible!

Sheertex – the world’s toughest pantyhose.

The fit was perfect and they were one of the most comfortable hosieries that I have ever worn. I wasn’t counting the hours down to when I could tear them off and get into my comfy clothes — my Sheertex *were* comfy clothes!



I wore my Sheertex for a full day at the office and walking the pups to test them out.

Visit me on Instagram to see how they fit on me with their thick waistband.

😉 😉 😉

The true test would come with the dogs.

I have two furry pals that can be very loving. That’s awesome, but they tend to be hard on my closest when they attempt their daily climb of Mount Mommy.

More than one pair of hosiery has met an untimely death at the claws of Max the Maniac  or Frodo the Frightful.

My pups are lovely, but they are destructive doggies when it comes to hosiery…sigh. 



Sheertex proved to be their foil!!!

I’m wearing the Polka-Dot Sheers and as you can see they held up to the riggers of both puppies perfectly.

Max the Maniac climbing Mount Mommy

If you are a someone who occasionally gets climbed by animals or has a tendency to catch hosier on desks, nails, chairs, shoes, shrubbery, whatevs …nearly immediately upon putting on a new pair of pantyhose…. then say hello to Sheertex and hosiery that doesn’t suck!

Use my discount code and get $10 off your first pair:  MEOW10

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Product Review: Sugar Candy Bra


Yup, lets talk boobs!

You’ve heard me rant before about boobs and our bra-blems:

Underwires stabbing you in the chest.

Straps constantly falling down.

Riding up back-band.

Oh and a personal favourite: The Quadboob…ugh! #TheWorst

Well, have you heard of Sugar Candy Bras?

The Sugar Candy Everyday is a luxurious seamless bra that is specially engineered for the fuller bust. With support panels that are designed to maximize lift and support without compromise.

Your shape is unique, which makes it sometimes difficult to find bras that are made in standard sizes, work for you.  Story of my life.

This Sugar Candy Bra comes in 6 easy sizes to suit over 35 cup and band size combinations.

I had the opportunity to try out this bra myself of a few months. And I have to say it really does meet all its brochure claims and has exceeded my expectations.

Those common bra-blems I rhymed off above, none of those were an issue when wearing the Sugar Candy Bra. ❤

Its one-piece cup construction was surprisingly supportive, with nice lift for Thelma & Louise … that’s what I call “The Girls”. 😉

I’ve never worn a bra that didn’t have an underwire before.

The soft, stretchy materials made of luxuriously soft yarn and its elasticized band made wearing this bad boy all day an easy thing to do.

Like all bras, with wash and wear over time it will lose its shape and fit more loosely.  But with the many rows of snaps on back, you can adjust that with wear super easily.


Sugar Candy is not intended to replace your typical wired bra, but to provide you with comfort and support at home.


I have worn this bra around the house, during the few hot summer days we had here in Toronto when wearing clothes was just too much. Going bra-less can be uncomfortable and sweaty.  This Sugar Candy Bra was super helpful in keeping me covered up just enough, while keeping “The Girls” up and separated.

Thank goodness Canadian weather allows for me to mostly follow this needlepoint philosophy instead. 😉

Product courtesy of Sugar Candy Bra

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Product Review: LipSense

I’m always down to try out new make up products if it means making my 5-min face look even more fabulous! 😉

Earlier this summer I tried a product called LipSense – a long-lasting liquid lip colour. This product boasts claims that are pretty tough to ignore: its waterproof, does not kiss-off, smear-off, or rub-off.  Each lip colour lasts for up to 18 hours with 1 application!  With over 30 colors to choose from and thousands of layering possibilities…I couldn’t wait to try this out~!!!

Ani Novshadian of “Lovely Lasting Looks” is a LipSense product distributor, and gave me the 3-part starter kit to use.  Here’s how it worked for me.

The 3-part Starter Kit

The colour ($30CAD) + the gloss ($25CAD) + the oops remover ($12CAD)

The colour needs to be applied to dry, clean lips in several layers, spread in a fluid sweeping motion without lifting the applicator.  3 even layers – with 5 seconds of drying time in between each layer.

Then the gloss needs to be applied generously.  And you are encouraged to apply this gloss often throughout the day for long-lasting results of the colour.

Image result for lipsense starter kit
The prices listing in this image are in USD

MY Results: Round 1 – Salmon

Ani was kind enough to show me how to apply the product. And together we picked a fun, loud, summertime colour for me to try:  SALMON!!! ❤

For 3-weeks, I followed all the steps, being very diligent and steady with the colour application of thin, even layers…allowing for drying time before the next layer.

As you can see…. MY lips looked nothing like the lips advertised above 😦

The biggest excitment to me for using this product was its long-lasting never needing to reapply colour claims.  Let’s see how that worked out for me:


What the Salmon LipSense colour looked like on my lips into the evening 😦


The below were my lips the morning AFTER using the Oops Remover (the 3rd piece of the  starter kit).

As you can see my lips were super dried-out and some of the colour was still adhering to my lips. 😦

MY Results: Round 2 – Aussie Rose

Sigh… needless to say I was super discouraged.  But I wasn’t ready to give up.

Ani asked me to try with a different colour as sometimes certain colours weren’t as “easy”.  So for the next 3-weeks I used a different, lighter lip colour to see if it might work better for me.

Here’s how that went…

At this point, applying generous amount of the LipSense gloss seemed to have giving the colour new life ❤

But then as the day went on, this colour quit on me too:

This product just made me hyper aware of my lips.  It wasn’t a comfortable wear.  It seemed to suck the moisture out of my lips. And sadly, this “lasting colour” barely made it with me through a day out-and-about :/

This is not the look I wanna suddenly notice on my face while out and about …yikes!

Here’s the results of the Oops Remover on my lips after a day of wearing the Aussie Rose lip colour.  As you can see, the colour was really tough to remove, leaving my lips with every line visible and lip crease super dry.

Overall, this was a fun product to try out – lots of colours to choose from – sadly, it just didn’t hold true in terms of long-lasting effects it claims.

And as much as I’d love, love, love to be known as “Makeup Mama Me-Ow” 😉 ….  LipSense just isn’t a product for me. :/

What do you think of these results LipSense?  Have you used it before?  What were your results? Tell me in the comment section below.

Think these products might be right for you?  Want them? Thinking of becoming  distributor yourself?

Ani offered so much product support to me, as a consultant, when I was struggling to get the results.  If you’re looking to better understand the business model of this company, contact Ani as she is terrific coach.

Contact Ani Novshadian, Independent Distributor visit her site here.

Image result for lipsense starter kit

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GotyGoty HotWear – Product Review

Product Review time friends.  I was sent the GotyGoty Anaconda Pant Hot Capri in size 2XL

Upon first glance, they look like typical athletic yoga pants. But the texture of the material feels more like a scuba suit.

GotyGoty products are made of neoprene – a synthetic rubber that many  laptop sleeves and orthopedic braces (wrist, knee, etc.) are made of.

Specifically, these pants are made of 60% neoprene, 15% nylon, 15% polyester, 10% lycra.FullSizeRender-15

The tagline of this brand: “Because You Deserve Happiness”  …. Hmmm, anyone else slightly offended here?

Is this box implying that I’m NOT happy now?  That happiness is only is achieved from becoming slimmer? :/


Any-who….I was definitely curious of this product’s claims of losing extra weight up to 5X Faster.

Here’s what came in the box:

  • The pants
  • A measuring tape
  • Postcards and stickers of Ms. Green, GotyGoty’s brand mascot, and
  • Two reusable bags


This magic fabric helps you sweat more during your workout activities.

It promises to enhance muscle performance and improve circulation and is meant to get you a slimmer physique.

To achieve great results using your GotyGoty product it is advised to wear them every day or at least  5 days a week for few hours even if you are not exercising. You can wear them inside your work cloths. GotyGoty product can really help you stay warm in winter time. To better enjoy your GotyGoty product, stay active, eat fresh & clean, drink less soda and lots of water.

I wore these pants in a variety of different ways as suggested by the website, over the last month.  And here’s what happened…

Activity Level: Low

I wore these pants for a few hours during the workday, simply sitting in front of a computer with very little physical activity.

Even with minimal movement that my regular day job provides, the fabric of these pants certainly does makes it easy to sweat …

Activity Level: Medium

I wore these pants to walk to my lindy hop lesson.  Approximately a 45min walk at a regular stroll pace, followed by a 60-min dance lesson.

These pants were a very close and super comfortable fit.   No worrying about rolling or falling down of the waistband while moving around.  And the snug fit keeps all of you held in place.  No unnecessary jiggle.  Which I definitely appreciate while walking and working out in general 🙂

The hidden inside pocket to stash cash and keys were perfect.  And the cellphone side pocket was super convenient for the walk.

At the end of the 1h 45-min of activity …. these pants were a challenge to take off.  Because they were super sweaty and sticking to my body.

These pant’s fabric increase your core body temperature which makes it easy to sweat … and I can see why you’d want to maximize your fitness routine by sweating more….

Activity Level: High

I decided to wear my GotyGoty pants for Day 2 of Lindyworks dance workshops.  6-hours of non-stop lindy hop and jazz….(click here to read about it from last year)

Wearing these pants all day was a BIG mistake – I thought I was gonna die. 😮

They were cooking me from the inside out.  Regardless of the gallons of water I continued to drink all throughout the day … it seemed like it wasn’t staying in my system.

These pants were dripping with sweat … so much so that I felt trickles from its cuffs roll down into my ankles and socks.  And once removed I was totally drained.

Dehydration is no joke!

Product Warning:

  • You are encouraged to maintain good hydration while wearing your GotyGoty products for a long periods of time.
  • These products are not to be worn during pregnancy and are not recommended to wear to sleep in – FYI!

Sweat = Burning Calories?

So, all this really leads to the question:  IS sweat directly related to the amount of calories burned and weight loss?

Jenny Scott, MM-HR, NASM-CPT, CES, PES, FNS, Education Advisor for the National Academy of Sports Medicine, says:

“No! Sweat is not a gauge of how hard you are working,” Scott says. Our bodies produce sweat as a way to cool down, so if anything, it’s an indicator of how hot your body is. And hotter core temperatures don’t equal more calories burned

Care Instructions and How to Get Yours

Cleaning my GotyGoty pants were easy, as they are machine washable.  It’s recommended that they be washed on a gentle cycle, with cold water and with a very soft detergent.   Do not machine dry.  I’ve been hang drying it to make sure the fabric continues to stay in its best shape.

If you’re looking to get a pair of your own,  use code goty50 at check out for 50% off.

Available in 7 sizes( XS, S, M, L, XL, XXL, XXXL). To find your size, check the size chart by visiting:

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Aveeno Fresh Essentials Skin Care – Product Review

For the past month and a bit I’ve been three NEW products in my facial care routine …

This Active Naturals line of AVEENO products feature an exclusive formula of Southernwood Extract with anti-oxidants and vitamins A,C, and E.10898041_299267566948995_2643798886394947879_n AVEENO FRESH ESSENTIALS Nourishing Moisturizer SPF 30

Whenever I select a facial moisturizer I always make sure that it has an SPF baked into it … saving me one less thing to worry about.  Happy to say this product protects from the sun’s harmful UVA & UVB rays.  And the upright pump bottle doesn’t take up too much space in my already crowded ‘get-ready-station’ around my bathroom sink. 🙂

IMG_6451I have extremely dry skin in the winter, and while the lightweight daily moisturizer locks in existing moisture while adding extra hydration, I found that it wasn’t enough for my skin.  By mid-day I would notice certain spots on my face appeared dry and chapped, particularly my cheeks and forehead, requiring additional application throughout the day.  So this product might be a summertime ‘go-to”, rather than in winter.  I’ve got my big Asian Adventure in a few weeks…definitely gonna be bringing this slim bottle along to protect my skin in the tropics. (I’ll let y’all know how that goes.)



Typically, I only use a facial scrub product once a week.  I was nervous to use a scrub product daily like this one.  The exfoliates are super fine and gently sloughs off dead skin cells, leaving a light coconut scent upon your skin. This product is oil-free and hypoallergenic and super affordable at under $13 CAD.  IMG_6447IMG_6442

I did find that using the scrub every day for the first two-weeks brought redness and caused me to break out a bit on my cheeks.  Perhaps, that’s due to the scrub cleaning out all the pore-clogging impurities …leaving my pores more vulnerable to having crap fill them in again causing breakouts.  But once my skin got used to this new routine, it did seem to make my skin smoother and fresher looking.





This was my favourite of the three products I used over the last month!

The night cream’s rich and creamy texture left my skin dewy and soft in the morning.   My face looked refreshed and felt uber soft, smooth and renewed.   It even showed improvements with the dark under eye circles I struggle with, and patches of dry skin on my forehead and cheeks!   And at under $20 CAD for a jar — I love this night cream!!!


Overall, the Fresh Essentials AVEENO line of products are effective, smell wonderful and are affordable.  I encourage you to try them out yourself and see if they work for you.

What’s your skin care in the winter?  Anything special or additional you do to your regular facial care routine to combat against the winter elements? Share them with me in the comment section below.

Products courtesy of Aveeno.

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Younique 3D Fiber Lashes – Product Review

I’ve never been a big wearer of makeup.

Don’t get me wrong, I love the stuff!  I’m just not very skilled at the application part.  And so, I limit myself to press powder, a bit of blush, lippy, eyeliner and mascara.  I’m a simple gal 😉

I’ve always wanted to try those fake, fun, lashes….but the truth is the idea of GLUEING something directly to my lash-line kinda freaks me out!

Recently, I was sent a product called Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes … and I have to say, it has totally won me over!!!

US-1017-00It’s a natural product that enhances the length of your lashes and gets applied like a mascara.

To really SEE the magic of this product — I’ve taken a ton of before vs. after shots to really see the difference.

WARNING: Extreme close up pictures of my eyeballs throughout this post friends – stand back!!!!

My natural eye lashes are a pretty decent length, however they’re not very thick and full as I’d like them to be.  The photos below are without makeup so you can see what I was working with:




The 3D Fiber Lashes involves applying a Transplanting Gel and Natural Fibers to help create the appearance of incredible thickness and volume to your existing lashes.


The instructions for application are simple…..and are as follows:

  1. To prepare your eyelashes for optimal results, first apply one thin coat of your own regular favorite mascara and let it dry. Then, apply Moodstruck Transplanting Gel to your lashes.
  2. Immediately following, and while the gel is still wet, apply the Moodstruck Natural Fibers.
  3. Reapply the Transplanting Gel a second time to secure the natural fibers onto your lashes.

That’s it!  And Volia ~ Super Duper thick full lashes:

Look at how the fibers fill and lengthen the look of my lashes                                                                                                                                         Left eye: Younique Fibers     vs.   Right eye: regular mascara

I applied and wore these 3D Fiber Lashes for all-day wear this past weekend — I dunno about y’all, but my eyes always tear up in the cold winter air.  I’m happy to report that these lashes remained perfect all day as these fibers are water-resistant. (FYI … I only applied the 3D Fibers to my upper lashes, not my lower lashes.)

Plus, they didn’t feel heavy along my lash line when I blinked, like false-glued-on-lashes would I imagine.   Applying the product was super easy too, and you can see the immediate results: 300% increase in thickness and volume of my lashes, while still looking real and natural.

The one tip, or tool, that I wish I had during the application process was a lash comb to help separate the lashes and eliminate the clumps that may form when applying the fibers to the transplanting gel.


The ingredients of the natural fibres are 100% natural green tea.  And the transplanting gel is a base of water, beeswax and iron oxide (i.e. the black colouring).  The recommend shelf-life is 3-months if you use it everyday, and up to 4-5 months for occasional wearers as long as the tubes are capped tightly.

To remove, I simply followed my regular face washing regiem – using my Aveeno Fresh Essentials Daily Exfoliating Scrub that I’ve been using this month (stay tuned for the that product review at the end of the month friends).  These fibers are water-resistant … but easily wash off with warm water and facial cleanser at the end of the day.

The Younique’s Moonstruck 3D Fiber Lashes costs $35 CAD – and you can order it by clicking the link or by emailing Independent Sales Rep, Josselyn Parra directly.  Be sure to tell her Irene and PPMeow! sent ya…and she’ll take good care of you 🙂


I’ve included a demo video below, in case you wanna see the application process before trying it yourself.

Cheers to YOU and your new thick & full lashes ladies!  Enjoy!


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