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I try to keep this blog’s content simple and honest.  My writing is mostly based on a simple concept:

What I Did and What I Wore.

This has made Petite Plus, Meow! an online journal of a short, curvy city gal’s experience-based perspective of going out-and-about, trying new things and reporting back to you – my readers – to hopefully provide you inspiration and encouragement to try those things YOURSELVES! 🙂

And in doing that, I end up writing about a lot of different things … fashion, dancing, food, shopping, dating, dogs. ❤

Snapshot PPMeow

If you’re following me on Facebook, then you know WHAT I DID!!! 😉  I recently applied to become a foster-fur mom to a dog rescue called Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue.

It’s been a few summers since I’ve lost The Berto (R.I.P.) … and I’ve been toying with the idea of getting another pup.

I’m not sure if my heart is ready just yet.  But in the meantime, why not help out where I can with improving the welfare of rescued and surrendered pups! ❤

Pomeranian and Small Breed Rescue (PSBR) is a volunteer rescue group in Ontario, Canada. We provide care for dogs that that have been surrendered by their owners, rescued from puppy mills, or are in danger of losing their lives in local animal control facilities. We are a registered Canadian charity, operated by a group of dedicated individuals committed to rescuing, rehabilitating and rehoming Pomeranian and other small breed dogs. All dogs are fostered in loving home environments.

My first placement has been this adorable Pomeranian Maltese mix lil’ pup named Snoopy.

Snoopy 2
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He arrived mid-week, dropped off by his surrenders…shaggy, tear-stained faced, crazy long nails…and didn’t want anything to do with me. 😦

Snoopy hung out at my front door waiting for his ‘people’, not knowing they’ve left him for good.

Meet Snoopy

But then…after 3.5hours….this lil’ filthy, barky furball starting exploring his new digs…and then made his way to my lap on my sofa…!!!



There were a few pee-accidents that first week, but with the help of tethering this quickly stopped.  His appetite soon returned, eating his full bowl at breakfast and dinner right when they were served.

By the end of that week, Snoopy started to hangout more with me more on the living room carpet and even let me play with him…tug-o-war and fetch seem to be his favourite. 🙂

Snoopy 1

Having only been a dog owner once in my life – to the Berto – the most silent, affectionate pup in the land, who had full reign of my living space – I was in new territory with Snoopy and his crate.

I never felt comfortable locking him in there anytime I needed to leave the house. :/  But I did it, to make sure his boundary training was kept intact while in his new pad – my house.

Being crate-trained, he would often would just hangout in there for naps or for chewing on his toy keys.  Since I work from home, Snoopy would very rarely be without my company.

Look at that little face… Snoopy’s, not Darth. 😉

At night, he’d sleep in his crate.  One night, I left his crate unlocked to see what would happen…would my apartment be unrecognizable by morning…only to find him asleep with me on MY BED!!!! ❤

By the next week, this pup and I were fast friends…and even napped together.  He climbed me!

He climbed me!  The Snoopy likes me…finally! Yippee!

Over the weekend I left him alone a few times for longer and longer periods of time to see what his behaviour is like.  He’s a barker.  My neighbours are understanding, but their kindness died down quickly – as condo living and barking-fits just don’t mix.

It happens sometimes that people don’t tell us “the whole truth” about the dog..and we get lovable little handfuls.  But with some training tips from the rescue’s behaviourist, I was able to begin curbing some of Snoopy’s bad habits in the house and on walks.  He needs consistency with these techniques so that they can become permanent behaviours.

Adopt Snoopy

For the last few weeks, Snoopy has been living in Niagara Falls so that he can work with the behaviourist 1:1 to make him more adoptable 🙂

Once Snoopy is adopted PSBR’s commitment doesn’t stop there.  Dog trainer Renee Mauro is ready and willing to help with the training after the adoption takes place for no charge.

Snoopy 3
The Snoop… freshly bathed and groomed by the good people of Barkingham Palace – Toronto


If YOU’D like to adopt Snoopy … click here to read his Petfinder Ad and apply today! 🙂

If you’d like to adopt, donate or become a foster yourself with Pomeranian Small Breed Rescue, visit and apply!!!
Here he is..12 lbs of fun!!! Snoopy is big personality in a little package, guaranteed to bring laughter and joy to his lucky forever home!

Hope you like this new feature of the blog: ADOPT ME … where I will be summarizing my experience with each new pup that ends up in my foster-care until their forever home is found.

Again, if you’re interested in Snoopy, the rescue, donating or getting involved in helping in some way – use the baked in links above or feel free to leave a comment below. 🙂13041041_10153620514434072_7234577684950184689_o

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Based in southern Ontario, PSBR is a volunteer-run registered charity providing care for dogs that have been surrendered or rescued. Established in 2001

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    1. Oooo Me TOO!!! He really is the sweetest boy. Just needs some patience and dedication to breaking him outta bad habits. Thanks for taking the time to comment Ms O!

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