A November to Remember

Sorry for the long absence friends and readers ūüôā

But November has been a busy, busy month filled with fun.

Let me catch you up with What I Did and What I Wore for various happenings this past month…


What do you call a night where the amazing GTA Swing Band pair up with the vocal talents of Mim Adams and Lindy Hop Revolution Dance Studio?12303910_1649749708647220_6768375787668714368_o

It’s called: The Vintage Spectacular! ¬†

And what a spectacular night it was… with a gorgeous venue – The Great Hall on WQW!

12118889_1639819659640225_8025618725577594479_n12190020_10153272791574072_7894458087112411039_nIt was the night I finally got to wear this adorable Russian nesting-dolls dress and fuzzy peach bolero I picked up at¬†Tatyana’s¬†crazy up to 90% off sale!!!

And danced my feet off!!!

Viva la Lindy Hop Swing Dancing!!! ¬†Not sure what that is? ¬†Click here to find out more ūüôā

A rare moment – a bunch of lindy hoppers sitting down ūüôā
ME and my Dance Teachers, Lindy Hop Revolution


I’m embarrassed to say that this was the first year I’ve ever attended Remembrance Day Ceremonies as an adult.

Since I had the day off, I made my way to Old City Hall in Toronto and pinned my poppy to the wreath at the memorial there.

Got to see the¬†fly-by of vintage World War II planes in ‘missing man formation’, and hear Mayor John Tory’s speech.

It was quite a moving experience to be apart of.  For more pictures, check out my Instagram channel and follow me.



With the end of the month here, I usually post a new recipe that I’ve tried out myself, for the blog.

Have you noticed that I haven’t been keeping up with this since around August/September?

Well, that is because I’ve been cooking up a storm with Chef’s Plate!¬†¬†Here’s what I’ve made this past month:

12244252_10153275106149072_8279994410881095078_o 12278918_10153285884249072_3414289285989695733_n









This fantastic service has helped introduce me to so many new veggies and dishes…and has given me new confidence in the kitchen.

If you’re curious and want to try it out, You can get 4 meals for FREE by using referral code: ¬†#PETITEPLUSMEOW¬†¬†OR click this link.






The Toronto Lindy Hop Community were invited to an exclusive shopping event at Goorin Bross on WQW – these fabulous hat makers were raffling off 3 gorgeous hats.

goorin bros hat shop
Hats. Wine. Live Music. #Boom

I was crushing on this one like crazy!!!

With Xmas nearby… I couldn’t justify dropping big money on any of the beautiful hats I tried on that night.

But I did come home with an Xmas gift certificate present and feathers for a hat I picked up at the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show last year.

Goorin Bros feathers amp up this vintage hat find, don’t you think?

Which meant, I was entered into the draw. ¬†And guess who won….

I WON! I WON!!!!!

Turns out in all my excitement to get this winning hat on my head for photos …. I was wearing this beauty of a 1940s propeller hat BACKWARDS.

How embarrassing :/

1940s propeller hat
Here I am … wearing it properly. ¬†(Excuse the no makeup face and demoted only-wear-at-home tank top) ūüôā



And last, but certainly not least….. was the fabulous dinner dance in Hamilton called: Swing Out To Victory!!!

Last year… was my first year attending this fab event. ¬†And I ended up winning 2nd place for the BEST VINTAGE OUTFIT Contest!!!

Click here to see more on that.

Accessories were selected first – complete with ‘arrival shoes’ (Aldo), purse (Tatyana Boutique) and ‘dance shoes’ (Keds) plus nautical socks (Ardene). I was ready! ūüôā

So naturally, this year outfit planning started early…

I had picked up this nautical wiggle dress from Tatyana LAST year and have been dying to unveil it all year-long.

Dancing among the planes, to a live BIG BAND, with men in uniforms….


Deets on my outfit and outer wear…

Right picture: Purse and Dress from Tatyana Boutique, Shoes from Aldo, Gloves from 69Vintage

Left picture: ¬†White coat from Forever21+, Mink stole from Public Butter ¬†…. I really like this look, must remember to do this more often in the winter months ūüėČ

Like I said… It was a busy November ūüôā

Hope you enjoyed reading this online journal of What I Did and What I Wore

If you’re looking for an excuse to get dressed up for a fun evening out, ¬†join me and the Toronto Vintage Society at our White Kitschmas Party on Saturday!!!

Click here to see the fun from LAST year.

COME! ¬†It’s the best way to kick off your Holiday Happenings – You will not be disappointed¬†… I promise!

Get your tickets online and save $5 … right hereūüėČ


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Halloween 2014!

By now y’all know how much I love any excuse to dress up. ¬†Costume and themed events just make my heart happy! ūüôā

And this year there were THREE fun-filled nights over two weekends of Halloween Magnificence to get ready for!!!

EVENT 1: ¬†Toronto Lindy Hop’s Halloween Dance¬†


This was a tricky costume to come up — All I knew was that this fabulous blue fringed wig NEEDED to be a part of it. ¬†Plus, ¬†whatever I came up with, I needed to wear something that was ‘dance appropriate’ … i.e. ¬†something I could sweat and move comfortably in AND one that kept ¬†‘the girls’ demure and tamed for close dancing with strangers ūüėČ


Tah-Dah!!! ¬†Dressed head-to-toe in blue (peplum top & pencil skirt from Forever21, patterned leggings from Old Navy) with a fabulous musical fascinator (Thanks for your craft work Erin!) ¬†Sooo…..¬†What am I? ¬† Any guesses?



Pretty fun night dancing away to the¬†Tia¬†Brazda Swing Band … who dressed up in Halloween splendour too! ¬†Love it!


Love that the Toronto Lindy Hop community is sooooo into dress up too!  How great is this pic!!!  For full album of pics click here.IMG_5309

I’m happy to report that my wig and headgear stayed on all night….even during spins and dips and everything. ¬†It only slipped off once ūüėČ ¬†644358_1483083565308049_5988739236038069110_n

EVENT 2:  Impromptu drinking and dancing in The Village on Church St. РToronto

On Halloween Night, the rain killed all original plans to parade around Church St. in Day-of-the-Dead makeup. ¬†Sooooo ended up drinking with a last-minute posse of peoples I haven’t seen in ages, in my skeleton inspired sweater dress from Damzels. ¬†¬†A chubby skeleton – HA! ¬†Kinda funny, no? ūüôā

skeleton dress
Me in my Day-of-the-Dead Mask (from Claire’s Accessories), Skeleton-esk finger mittens (from Old Navy) and Skeleton inspired sweater dress (from Damzels Doll Factory).

I’m not gonna lie …. the drinking might have gotten a wee bit outta control this night. ¬†Followed by a cab ride into The Village for dancing and pancakes in the wee hours of the AM. ¬†Needless to say, I was bed ridden the entire next day, until it was time to get into costume #3!!!

Check out the crazy long line up in the rain for the Cadbury Chocolate Factory on Halloween night! It was nuts!


EVENT 3: ¬†Retro Video Dance Party’s Halloween Night @The Mod Club – ¬†Toronto

And the best for last …. “SHE-RA! SHE-RA!” {insert musical interlude here}



I’ve been wanting to dress as She-ra for Halloween for as long as I can remember. ¬†Sadly, store-bought costumes were all extremely little with zero options for a plus size bod like mine. ¬†Le sigh…

I shared my story of disappointment with the talented Carmen of CNL Designs , plus sent her a link to this DIY costume I found via The Stylish Geek,  to help her get all the pieces together and TA-DAH!!!  Magic happened!!!

plus size Shera
Entire costume from crown to cape to boot covers made by CNL Designs. Sword from Dollarama. Blonde wig from Black Market Vintage. And the AH-MAZING ‘industrial strength’ Strapess Bra from Cacique, Lane Bryant.
Princess of Power with Marilyn Monroe (aka the Birthday Girl that night)

There were some impressive costumes at this party — including Bret ‘The Hitman’ Heart, Bjork, and The Shinning’s Grady Twins (creepiest costumes there that night…yikes!)

shera vs. thor
My favourite pic of the night: Shera vs. Thor!!!!

There was a lot of dancing and I’m happy to report that the costume held up pretty well all night. ¬†Minus my crown tips sadly as you can see below …sigh

“For the honour of Greyskull….I AM SHE-RA!!!!!”

Sadly, I didn’t win for best costume (wasn’t even in the running….sigh). ūüė¶

But you know who did? Someone from my posse — ¬†A Tribute to Robin Williams! ¬†Isn’t she amazing!!!!


Soooooo there you have it friends!!!  THREE costumes for Halloween 2014!

Which one did you like best? ¬†What did you all dress as for Halloween? ¬†Tell me all about it in the Comments section ūüôāimage2-2

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PPMEOW logo1Happy Halloween


Lindyworks 2014!

Lindyworks¬†is¬†¬†Toronto Lindy Hop‚Äôs annual weekend of workshop wonderfulness! It‚Äôs all about Lindy Hop and Vernacular Jazz dancing. ¬†Having only begun my own Swing Dancing love affair (began this past spring, click here for that)…. this was my first workshop ever! ¬†I was uber nervous about being surrounded by actual dancers for an entire weekend (three days)¬†of solid dance instruction to challenge and inspire dancers during the day and to practice your newly acquired skills at evening parties that feature the best LIVE swing bands.

Lindyworks 2014
Here’s the only snap I took during the entire 3-day workshop. ¬†Clearly, I was too busy dancing my feet off… ūüôā


 Photo credit: KHPhotography
The organizers of Lindyworks 2014, along with our fantastic guest instructors:  Evita Arce & Michael Jagger AND Sylwia Bielec & Alain Fragman  Photo credit: KHPhotography
From NYC, Evita Arce & Michael Jagger
Evita Arce & Michael Jagger
From Montreal, Sylwia Bielec & Alain Fragman

Moi… in sweaty-workshop-mode … learning new moves and improving on technique

Photo credit: KHPhotography

Not quite sure what I’m doing looking at the ceiling … perhaps that’s my own ‘personal styling’ of a dance move…

Photo credit: KHPhotography
“Please, Lindy gods, make this room a little cooler‚Ķ” ūüėČ Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography

Love this one…. “I saw you…with her… Wag our finger in unison”... ¬†STOMP OFF! ūüôā

Photo credit: KHPhotography

Thank goodness for KHPhotograpy for capturing these moments – all I had to show at the end of workshop day 1, was the following Facebook post:

Screen Shot 2014-09-28 at 6.09.11 PM
Sweaty Workshop Selfie vs. Douvercout House Ready Selfie
Lucky for me and for PPMeow! readers that Kahlil Heslop (of KHPhotography), friend and fellow Lindy Hopper, captured the evening and events perfectly!!!
Here are a few perfect snaps that just make my heart oh-so happy with memories of a fantastic 3-days of Workshops, Competitions, Performances and Social Dancing.
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Check out my gf Erin and her partner Luis (our instructor at Lindy Hop Revolution). ¬†She began in Beginner Lessons with me…and now here she is competing in her FIRST competition!!! ¬†I’m soooo proud of her!!
Photo credit: KHPhotography
They TIED for 3rd place I’m told! ¬†Woot! Woot! ¬†I may have been an extremely vocal cheering section – She is my hero! ūüôā
Check out the hip action on my instructor Luis…He’s Spanish – his hips don’t lie ūüėČ ¬†Photo credit: KHPhotography



Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
 Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography


Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography
Photo credit: KHPhotography

I just love the look on everyones faces! ¬†Still can’t believe I got to social dance with¬†Michael (Mic) Jagger – ha! ¬†He’s oh-so-very-fantastically! ¬†**swoon**

Lindy Hop – the most fun you can have with your clothes on. ¬† ūüėČ

For Kahlil’s full photo album of Lindyworks 2014 shots click here.

Click here for JT Photography’s photo album for Toronto Lindy Hop

Now that you’ve seen “What I Did”….let’s talk about “What I Wore” to the Saturday Night Lindyworks Dance at The Douvercourt House – hosted by Toronto Lindy Hop.

Profs II-22

This lovely dress was on sale at the time I was looking for my the perfect dress for Tiki Lani Lanai with TVS.

Profs II-21If you look really closely at the pattern of this dress, you’ll notice they are little chat bubbles/text bubbles. ¬†Profs II-24

Plus giant buttons and a lil’ collar…..Too cute, right?¬†Profs II-23

¬†How I Got The Look: Dress from Cherry Velvet Plus; Belt & Shoes from Winners¬†-these were not wore whilst dancing ūüėČ – and the 50s vintage sweater was thrifted from Goodwill.


Outfit photo credit: Lawrence Kerr of LawrenceKerrPhotography.com

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Swing Prom!

If you’ve been following PPMeow! for sometime now, you’ll know that I’ve fallen head-over-heels for Lindy Hop and Swing Dancing! ¬†So much so that all summer I’ve tried to attend as many free, outdoor swing event around the city (click here & here), and nearly every Saturday (since the completion of my lessons with Lindy Hop Revolution), ¬†I’ve been at The Dovercourt House where Toronto Lindy Hop hosts weekly live bands and dances (with lessons).

Well friends, the last Saturday of every month, Toronto Lindy Hop has a fantastic theme night – and August’s was: SWING PROM!

Which means, this chick had an excuse to get extra all dolled up in vintage-esk duds AND dance the night away in a tiara – duh!

IMG_4340 IMG_4394


I picked up this teal dress from a Plus Size Consignment Sale I participated in last year — its an ASOS dress — and this is the first time I’ve ever worn it. ¬†The long strand pearls were picked up from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show a earlier this year and shoes (from Naturalizer) and tiara were from my wedding. ¬†Thrilled to finally have an excuse to wear this prettiness out again!



To my surprise….making these corsages and ¬†boutonnieres were uber simple.

All you need are some love faux flowers¬†and leaves,¬†a bit of felt adhere the flowers down to, elastic to secure it to your wrists and a hot glue gun to stick everything down into place. ¬†Easy. Peasy. Lemon. Squeezy. ūüôā

These were the ones I created!!! I’m not at all crafty…and was thrilled and how great these turned out! Yay me!
Tah-Dah! Corsages totally make these prom dresses….don’t you think?
Swing dancing in poofy frocks just makes your heart happy…. at least it does mine. ūüôā
swing dancing prom
Gentlemen readers … if you’re looking to meet beautiful chicks in the city…clearly SWING DANCING is where you’ll find them! Meow indeed! ūüėČ
The Pre-Prom Crafty Team … 50s, 60s and 80s themes represented

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Flower Power

‚ÄúFlorals? For spring? Groundbreaking.‚ÄĚ

Miranda Priestley‚Äôs famed catty retort from The Devil Wears Prada may live on in infamy, but truth be told I’m not the biggest fan of floral prints. ¬†And I’m seemingly late to the party with this trend this year….with summer in full bloom and all (see what I did there ūüėČ …)

These pink hibiscus earrings I picked up at last year’s Toronto Vintage Society‘s Tiki Party — were the inspiration for my outfit of the day.


I have a hard time finding a good lipstick/gloss that actually appears PINK once applied to my lips. ¬†This RIMMEL LONDON Stay Glossy Lip Gloss – Jewel In The Crown is actually perfect…and has become by go-to summer colour.




This outfit of the day had to do double-duty as a office appropriate work-outfit AND  comfortable enough to Lindy Hop in immediately after work with SWING TORONTO in front of the Gazebo of St. James Park (King/Jarvis Sts)!


For dancing in the park….the heels had to go. ¬†Sooooo these navy flat peep-toes (Payless) worked out perfectly….


As you can see, dancing in St. James Park isn’t the easiest thing to do…..the grounds are pretty beat up and kinda tricky for dancing on. ¬†Not like that stopped us or anything. ¬†Check me out friends!!! ¬†ūüôā

Special thanks to Liz for taking this perfect shot ūüôā

Turns out Old Town Toronto took a bunch of pictures too. ¬†Check out a few during the swing lesson by Swing Toronto before the band went on…..click here for their full photo album of this event.

Swing Toronto’s lesson before the Band went on….Photo courtesy of Old Town Toronto

Love that this city has soooooo many outdoor music & dancing opportunities….

Photo courtesy of Old Town Toronto
Photo courtesy of Old Town Toronto

Here’s a few snaps from at Harbourfront¬†Centre’s¬†Dancing on the Pier event earlier this month. ¬†I love this city!!!

Dancing on the Pier a few weeks ago….with fellow Toronto Vintage Society sistas: Liz (The Vintage Inn) and Erin (Delovely Delightful)
Yet another Swing Dancing in the Streets pic…from 2014 The Beaches Jazz Festival (this past weekend) with Toronto Lindy Hop ¬†Can you find me? ¬†Click here for outfit details on this Seafoam Swirl dress

How I Got The Look:

Floral pencil skirt from H&M; Navy top from Reitmans;¬†Navy flat peep-toes from Payless; Pink heels from¬†MTNY;¬†Purse from Your Big Sister’s Closet


Have you made it out to any outdoor music and dancing events in Toronto this summer?  Which ones?  Tell me all about the in the comments section friends!

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