Shameless Bathroom Selfies

Have you been following my instragram posts?  You should! You should! ūüėÄ

If you have been, then you know work-day-Irene is Queen of Shameless Bathroom Selfies!

With colder temps creeping into November, I thought I’d do a recap of some of my favourite!

How I Got The Look:  Royal blue peplum top with bow details on both sleeves is an oldie from F21+; This fabulous white floral skirt is also an oldie from H&M; and Payless versions of Toms on my feet.

Oooooo! I remember this pic…it was the “travel outfit” on the eve of my trip to New Mexico.  Stay tuned for that trip recap blogpost soon! ūüėČ  How I Got The Look:  Shoes from Payless; Top & Skirt from Reitmans; Soft trench from F21+ 

How I Got The Look:  Panda tee from F21+; Yellow midi skirt custom-made-for-me on my trip to Vietnam; Leopard printed Keds on my feet

How I Got The Look: Striped midi skirt & Popcorn tee both from F21+; Shoes from Payless

This entire look was made up of pieces found from Forever 21+ …. but at various times during the year.  This top is really a bodysuit. 

This flamingo dress is my absolute favourite summertime sundress ever!!! ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧   How I Got The Look:  Dress from Tatyana Boutique; Cotton 3/4 length tee from Old Navy; Shoes from Payless

How I Got The Look: Long cardi & Butterfly slouch top from Reitmans; Platform flipflops are Coach

How I Got The Look:  Booties from Payless; Pleated midi skirt from Hudson Bay Co.; Long-sleeved top from F21+


How I Got The Look: This lovely grey sweater has delightful copper embroidered polkadots on it ‚̧ – from Old Navy; Pencil skirt from Reitmans; Sparkle kicks from Sketchers

How I Got The Look: Old old old Reitmans skirt; Top from Old Navy; Booties from Payless; Slouch socks from Ardene
As you can tell from this recap post… I seem to have a favourite few stores that I frequent often to create many of my day-to-day looks.

Hope this post gives you some style inspiration for your upcoming weekday outfit choices.  Follow me on Instragram for more Shameless Bathroom Selfies daily (ish).

Got a favourite look? Let me know in the comments section ūüôā

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#OOTD: Pink, Pearls & Perkins!

Between my recent vintage shopping and new pieces I’ve picked up here and there over the past few months, there are a ton of NEW (+ new-to¬†me) accessories that I haven’t integrated¬†into an outfit from my closet as yet.¬†¬† So,¬†I was determined to adorn myself with newness in my office outfit(s) this week.

I’ve been waiting patiently for Spring to officially get here already to wear these pieces I picked up from Your Big Sister’s Closet


On Monday I finally¬† unveiled them to the office, along with my new Dorothy Perkins pencil skirt with my¬†mint-toed nude pumps¬†and lacy shoulder pink 3/4 top. ¬†I have this top in mint seen here, but I recently re-discovered¬†that I had¬†it also in pink (hidden in the deepest corners of a drawer).¬† Hooray for buying things you in multiples once they’ve stolen your heart completely! ¬†ūüôā


I also wore these behind-the-ear cuffs I picked up from the Steampunk Fair¬†a few weeks ago.¬† Thought it might be too edgy¬†of the office, but I wrote them anyways anticipating less than positive reactions from colleagues.¬† Between the necklace and the skirt, this¬†unique piece of jewellery got oh-so-many compliments!¬† Thrilled that the ones I picked up – the clock-arms – ¬†there weren’t too many for sale that looked quite like them. ūüôā


Putting¬†all the above pieces together….and TA-DA! A more exciting¬†Office ready¬†Monday. ¬†Waddya¬†think? Belt? No Belt? ¬†You Likee?


How I got The Look:

Mint-toed nude pumps from HBC, Eaton Ctr

Checkered pencil skirt from Dorothy Perkins, HBC (Yonge/Bloor)

Pink lace shoulder top from Forever21+, Eaton Ctr.

#OOTD: Anchors Away!


I’ve gone¬†overboard for Anchors!

You maybe remember me going on and on about this cutie red anchor sweater in a recent post.  20140304-172330.jpg

Well I found this fab lil’ navy pencil skirt with red anchor print¬†from Old Navy too – it was on sale for $17 (Reg. #25…still a¬†steal!).¬† I’ve already worn it so much, I just haven’t posted about it. So here I go!20140327-122158.jpg

Mostly I’ve worn this skirt in a more dressed down weekend look – like below with this lacy-back sweatshirt¬† I picked up on sale from Pennington’s around Boxing Day Sales time.


Pennington’s MBLM¬†line seems to size things very generously – I was very excited to find out that I was a size 0 in this sweatshirt that I had to Intsagram¬†about it immediately from the change-room!


To take this cutie-pie skirt to the office, I decided to mix patterns pairing the anchors with a collared blue pinstriped shirt (DressBarn ages ago).

I belted it and wore my red pumps (from Aldo) and my cherry accessory set to complete the office-day look.

I really love how it turned out!  What do you think?

20140327-122011.jpg 20140327-121958.jpg

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Fashion Forward Polka-Dot Blazer

After what feels like many moons since I’ve woken up at 6am , I get myself dressed for a day at the office.¬† As promised, I found the following two pieces in my closet…wayyyy in the back which I paired together today for a fantastic little office outfit perfect for a breakfast networking meeting with fellow CSTD (Canadian Society of Training & Development)¬†members, followed by a busy day of project deliverables and deadline submissions, before I head off on my EXTRA long weekend!¬†[Toronto is about to have it’s the¬†first¬†long-weekend (Family Day) since the Xmas holidays.¬† I’ve taken the Friday and Tuesday off too…for a little Irene-time – woot! woot!]

20140213-093555.jpg 20140213-093533.jpg

This¬†2-piece illusion dress – sheer¬†green long-sleeved top attached to¬†a simple black pencil bottom – ¬†might be the very first Forever21¬†piece I ever bought, ever!¬† Prior to this purchase, I’ve always shyed away from going into that shop – the name alone scared me.¬† Always felt I’d be roaming through the racks when some official shop security-type person would approach me saying “Excuse me Ma’am, You’re clearly NOT 21…let me escort¬†your old a** outta here to a more age-appropriate store.¬† Thank you Ma’am….” (Yup…I’m sure I’d¬†get double-‘ma’am’d’).¬†¬†¬†As you can see from some of my previous posts, this irrational fear has not stopped me from shopping at Forever21¬†– in fact,¬†I’ve actually had tons of¬†luck with fabulous finds there.¬† My only issue is that because items are SO affordable, that every plus size girl in town is gonna have my outfit.¬† And I’m not down with that.

So I try my hardest to shop all the time and EVERYWHERE to ensure that I can create Looks that are unique and interesting without being too easily attainable.¬† Don’t get me wrong – I love knowing my outfit choices has¬†inspired someone else’s fashion-juju, after all immitation is the highest form of flattery.¬† Buuuuut…it is nice knowing that’s the pieces I own are somewhat exclusive and just mine ūüėČ

I’ve only worn this dress a few times, mostly around the holidays for those impromptu¬†cocktail socials¬†that seem to pop up at a moments¬†notice as everyone tries to maximize their Xmas¬†cheer and host get-to-gethers.¬† Bringing a sheer top to the office is always a challenge and daring act¬†– especially if you’re a big-boobie¬†girl working in a more conservative work environment, like me.¬† My love of blazers seem to really help me take pieces that at, first glance, are not entirely office-appropriate into chic and fun office wear.¬† Now blazers don’t have to be boring and boxy.¬† I’m very particular when it comes to my blazer finds too!¬† Looking through my collection, I’ve noticed many of mine are not¬† the ‘standard’ solid coloured type at all.¬† Most…nearly all of mine hanging in my closet are¬†loud – bright coloured or¬†patterned.

20140213-093503.jpgLike this fashion forward polka-dot blazer I picked up likely 5-years ago from Winners while on a lunch-break.¬† As soon as I saw it on the hanger it made me nostalgic for Madonna’s¬†Lucky Star-Searching for Susan-big hair-and-shoulder pads¬†era!¬† I remember my co-worker, who was shopping with me,¬†saying how old-fashioned it was…like that was a bad thing.¬† By that time¬†I absolutely fell in love with it regardless of her commentary, and bought it immediately!¬† What’s nice about this piece is that it has zero¬†collar or lapel, taking away extra bulk around ‘the girls’ …which I certianly don’t need.¬† And it has the tiniest hook-and-eye clasp to keep the blazer closed, creating a nice long/slim look for me I think …always a nice feature ūüôā

So this is what I wore to work today.¬† You likee?¬† (Sorry about the crapy bathroom selfies…sigh.¬† No time or motivation to take proper timer-app pics at 6am.¬† Also, sorry about my terrible hair.¬† Winter toque static…blah!)

How I got The Look:

2-piece illusion dress (sheer green/black skirt) from Forever21+, Yorkdale Mall

Black n’ white polka-dot blazer from Classic Trenz by T.Renz, Winners

Large silver tear-drop earrings and grey tall boots from Payless

Michael Kors white ceramic watch

20140213-093512.jpg 20140213-093541.jpg 20140213-093522.jpg

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