Pumpkin Patch Posse

Making friends … genuine friends … in your adult years, isn’t so easy to do.

I’ve been very fortunate to have found these fun-few who I can proudly call friends, as well as my co-workers 🙂

With husbands, kids, moving into new houses, planning a wedding and general ‘adulting’ activities, scheduling a long-over-due Girls Afternoon seemed impossible.

And then one glorious Sunday afternoon, everyone was free, the weather cooperated and we were off to Knox Pumpkin Farm!!!!

The farm-house was built in 1887 to replace the log cabin which stood just south of it, sometime in the later 1800’s. Built for Jordan and Edith Van Nest, their ten children were the first of many children since to slide down the banister and play in the ‘big room’ with it’s seven doors. Today the Knox descendants from far and wide come ‘home’ to the farm, which has been the heart of the family for four generations.

Now, this was my first time ever visiting a pumpkin patch.

You might not know this about me, but I am a total city girl.

Gotta say, it’s pretty nice to know that gorgeous countryside adventure is just a wee train-ride away 🙂

Knox Farms had a ton of fun things to do with the price of admission (weekends $7/adults, children under 2 are free!)

Wagon Rides to the Pumpkin Patch!

Straw Jump!  Pumpkin Picking!  Face Painting!  Farm Animals!

A Snack Shack!  Baked Goods! Kettle Corn!

Hot Apple Cider – with purse rum 😉  Don’t judge!  It was a brilliant plan!

And a Corn Maze!!!

Normally I would be terrified of this activity …it would be right up there with my irrational fear of Sunflowers...but this was a mini-maze and I had a crew of my peeps with me who I was sandwiched between, so it was safe 😛

We’re on a hay-ride!!!  For a video of the hay-ride adventure, checkout my Instagram channel 😉
This adorable mini-fashionista and I became BFFs … bonding over ponies and pumpkins.  How fab is her hat and jacket?! ❤

THIS farm is beautiful!  So many great spots for photo ops – and as you can see, we took full advantage of every posing opportunity we could!
Now, even though Halloween is over and you’re likely no longer in need of a pumpkin …

Knox Farm will be open in the winter with Santa and Mrs. Claus weekends:  Nov 28/29 and  Dec 5/6, 12/13, 19/20.

They’ll have Christmas Trees to choose from too!   If you want to reserve your spot –> email them soonest. 😉

Alright…well you’ve read about What I Did, now let me tell you about What I Wore…

What I Wore:

I’m not gonna lie, coming up with Farm-appropriate attire was difficult.  All I knew was that I wanted to wear as many light, Fall accessories as I could.  Layers. Layers. Layers.

Not knowing how muddy the grounds would be, and what sort of farm animals poop I’d land in with a misstep, I’ve kept a pair of demoted boots in the depths of my closet…clearly they were kept all this time for pumpkin-patching. 😉

Also, a perfect reason to wear jeans.  A rare Irene sighting …. I’m totally a skirts and dresses kinda girl … I think the only other time I’ve worn jeans this year was for Rosie-O-Rama this summer.

How I Got The Look: My knit burnt orange hat, H&M; Bird circle scarf; Aldo Accessories (click here for more); Jeans, Forever21+; Mustard yellow plaid shirt, Old Navy (click here for more); Gloves, Danier Leather (click here for more); Sunglasses from Ardene; Boots from Payless; Puffer vest, Old Navy (click here  and here for more); Cross-body MichaelKors purse

And of course no group outing is complete without a SELFIE!

Pretty proud of this shot taken by moi … capturing EVERYONE’S smiling faces…babies, husbands and all 🙂

Special Thanks to my girls Candice, Tammy and Nadica for all the fabulous photo sharing from this super fun Sunday afternoon. xo

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