Best. Pants. Ever!

Ok friends … I dunno about y’all but I have a heck of a time finding pairs of pants that fit just right! Being petite…short…at 5’2, nearly any pair I try on and get ready to purchase ($) will most certainly need to be taken to a tailor/dry cleaner for a proper hem ($$), and possibly other alterations ($$$) before it can be incorporated into a complete outfit.

For this very reason, over the last few years I’ve embraced a love of wearing dresses and skirts in my everyday life over pants.  Not only are they extra feminine and make me feel pretty, but they are soooo easy.  Totally takes the guess-work out of matching tops to bottoms, looking for dress socks, a belt possibly, ironing, etc.

Best. Pants. Ever.So when I DO find a pair of pants that I love – naturally I’ll buy them in every colour they come in! Perhaps a little zealous to an on-looker or fellow shoppers, but a petite girl’s gotta do what a petite girl’s gotta do :) 

Last summer I discovered a fantastic pair from Old Navy, fittingly called THE DIVASkinny Ankle-cut with two-way stretch, making it a supremely flattering fit and feel.  They come in a multitude of colours and patterns, they are thick enough be an ‘office appropriate’ dress pant and thin enough to shove into tall boots for a dressed down/weekend look too.  You can wear them season to season as well, mine from the summer have washed well and have made several appearances within my winter wardrobe.  They are fantastically priced at $30ish (I bought them on sale…so they were even cheaper…bananas!)   But the best thing about these pants: ZERO hemming required!!!  They fit perfectly from hip to ankle, with none of that unnecessary crotch-bulge short women have to deal with when wearing regular sized pants.


During Boxing Week, to my delight I discovered that  Old Navy had brought these fantastic pants back!  And I was able to buy another three pairs: Fire engine red, Navy blue with black tuxedo stripe, and Navy & white floral pattern pair!

Now, I haven’t gotten a chance to put together and photograph Looks for all of the various combinations-of-wonderful that I can leverage from my current closet — but I was just sooo excited to bring you the news of this discovery, that I just needed to blog it sooner than later.  Stay tuned for upcoming posts where I’ll come up with fab Looks with these –  Best. Pants. Ever! 🙂

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