6 Chic Ways to Wear an Oversized Top (Guest Post)

We love flattering outfits, don’t we? Perhaps one of the most flattering styles in 2014 is the oversized top fashion. Oversized tops can look like dresses, they can be flowy blouses, or they can be chunky sweaters. You can wear them with only a few basics, or you can dress them up with accessories. Whether you’re looking to dress up or look chic and comfy, there are a number of ways to rock the oversized top. Take a look at how.

Way 1: Shorts


One of the best things about an oversized top is the idea that it’s a blousy, breezy thing that moves easily around you. When this is true, you can’t wear a maxi skirt or baggy pants, because without the structure, you’ll look like one giant blob. If you have the legs for it, wear short shorts or a short skirt with an overflowing shirt like this one from Kaleidescope Sunday.

Way 2: Skirt with Belt

Image 1

Another option to show off your great legs with an oversized top is mini skirt. Be careful of how much volume is in the skirt because, again, you don’t want to look like a giant blob, but a skirt like this one from Delia’s.com has a flirty amount of skirt without being too full. The trick, however, to making this combination work is by matching it with a belt. If your oversized top and your skirt are blacks or neutrals, be sure to coordinate your top with a bright colored belt.

Way 3: Printed Leggings

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If you’re a cuddler, the type who likes to make sweaters and scarves work for as long as possible, this is the way that you’re going to like the best. Match your oversized sweater with some printed leggings. For an ideal look, make sure that the oversized sweater is a neutral color, in direct contrast to the brightness that the leggings are. If it warms up so much that you can’t justify wearing a sweater, use the same concept with a blousier, chiffon oversized top: match with leggings for a comfy look.

Way 4: The Hat

Image 4

When you match an oversized top with skinny jeans and a wide-brimmed hat, you can look very stylish. All you need to do is add a hat like these from Asos.com and your look is polished and finished.

Way 5: The Bag

Image 5

Whenever you have a bag in the crook of your elbow, you look like a girl who has all the answers. Get all the answers by matching a bag like this one from Cosmopolitan with your oversized top and belt.

Way 6: The Glasses

Image 6

Nothing says a comfy day out like an oversized sweatshirt, jean shorts, and flip flops. The best part about this lounging outfit: it’s chic. What makes it chic is the oversized top that Ashley Olsen selected, her bright purple bag, and these Gucci sunglasses. Ashley Olsen proves that you don’t have to be dressed up to be chic.

Post written by Kristen Kauffman for AllBrandsGlasses.com

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