Winter Trends: Sparkle

Christmas is THIS WEEKEND….woohooo!!!! ❤  Hope you’ve been following our December long series!!!

What series? Well…

PPMeow! has teamed-up with StyleCassentials to bring you another collaboration featuring some of the Winter Trends for 2016 Holiday Season!!!

Today’s we’re gonna show you how to make SPARKLE apart of your Winter wardrobe for holiday happens friends! 😉

I found this tri-coloured layered sequins pencil skirt on the Forever21+ website way back in November and ordered it right away.

Originally I was going to pair this skirt with a satin, off-one-shoulder top, creating an extra dramatic look. As great as a dramatic looks can be, I really didn’t have anywhere go this year that required an over-the-top look like that. :/

I really wanted to make use of this sparkle winter trend more than just a “special occasion” piece.

So I decided to pair it with a variety of warm winter sweaters to create more wearable looks.


I went with a light-weight, black turtle neck…with little button details on the sleeves and black booties.

Couldn’t you totally see yourself wearing this to a house-party…possibly even wear it all day at the office with afterwork cocktails on the agenda. 😉

If you wanted to amp up the sexy – ditch the turtleneck look – and go with a sweater that has a lower neckline and pop of colour!   I especially love this purple sweater with bow-tie-neck, which basically makes me look like a sparkly present. ❤

How I Got The Look: Sequins pencil skirt & purple bow-tie sweater, Forever21+; Black turtleneck, Mark’s Work Warehouse; Black booties, Payless

Cassie went with this adorable shiny striped number with gingerbread doll purse and black booties!  I love pink & purple hues in holiday wear! ❤

Head over to Style Cassentials for all the details on Cassie’s winter trend of sparkle in her outfit.  Or her Instagram here. Or visit her Facebook page here.


Stay tuned as we got ONE MORE THURSDAY LEFT in December!!!   See how we’ve put our own unique twists on popular Winter Trends this year.

We hope they are bring you some fashion inspiration to try yourself this month!

Did you have a favourite?  Tell us in the comments below!

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