OOTD: Sea Foam Swirls

I have to admit, this past weekend with the release of Orange is the New Black season 2 on Netflix, I’ve been anti-social… or rather ‘selectively social’. ¬†In my defence I haven’t been feeling in tip top shape …and what better way to regain ones umph than by marathoning episodes of a fantastic show like this? ūüôā

Monday, Monday – back to the grind. ¬†It is a absolutely beautiful day in Toronto today … which encouraged me to bust out this lovely sea foam swirl dress I picked up from Forever21 a few weeks ago…when I was on the hunt for a sea foam blazer. ¬†Alas, the blazer is still at large….but let’s look at how I took this fun, flirty, cut-out back dress from 9-5 and ¬†beyond ūüėČ



Office Ready — I had to travel to the depths of Scarborough this morning to deliver a training session…but covering up the backless-ness of this fab patterned dress with a simple black open blazer (Reitmans), gave me the polished office appropriate look with this airy number, I think. ¬†I paired it with simple gold earrings and my MK bracelet watch, and my one of MANY new shoes from my recent cross-board shopping extravaganza trip. ¬†These brown wedge sandals are from Payless. ¬†Stay tuned for a blogpost on that all on its own friends…I did REAL good in the footwear department. ¬†Holla!


20140609-155534-57334161.jpg 20140609-155532-57332778.jpg

5pm and beyond: ¬†¬†Remove the blazer….and head to your nearest patio STAT!


EASY PEASY, LEMON SQUEEZEY!   What do you think of this sea foam colour on a darker skin tone like mine?  Shall I still continue the hunt for a sea foam blazer or should I leave this colour alone?  Would love to know your thoughts Рshare in the comment section.

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Spring Weekend: Shawl + Hat

It finally happened!  Toronto got an actual SPRING weather weekend!   Hooray!

So this Sunday I ditched my winter coat for a belted shawl + hat look instead.




I was invited to a photoshoot¬†at High Park…and was asked to wear pastel colours for makeup.¬† I’m not a big makeup kinda girl in the first place, but I was a bit intimidated of how to make pastels work for my darker complexion.¬† With the help of Google and with Rimmel¬†having a sale at Shoppers….here’s my attempt at pastel eyes and lips for the day.

Waddya think?


In hindsight, the light grey lacy-back sweatshirt¬†and silk scarf I wore under the houndstooth shawl did not keep me warm enough….especially after 7pm once the sun went down.¬† But, fashion before function, right? Right!



How I Got The Look:

Outter:  Shawl from Reitmans; Cobalt pants from Old Navy; Rhinestone nude flats from Payless; Black belt from Lane Bryant; Hat from Vintage Clothing Show

Inner: Grey lace sweatshirt from Pennington’s; Oriental printed scarf from Vintage Clothing Show;


#TVS: Toronto Vintage Clothing Show

Toronto Vintage Society Toronto Vintage Clothing Show

The Toronto Vintage Society got a booth at last Sunday’s Toronto Vintage Clothing Show – a ONE day only event at the Metro Convention Center – North Building.¬†The show is a fantastic opportunity to discover hand-picked vintage and retro clothing, accessories and jewellery from top independent¬†vintage fashion vendors.¬† Vendors from Owen Sound, Montreal, East Garafraxa, Collingwood,¬†Freelton,¬†Kakabeka¬†Falls, Ottawa,¬†Hamilton,¬†Straffordville and many others¬† – all under one roof!

The #TVS¬†booth was¬†our way to reach vintage lovers in the GTA. We were¬†selling our “Make do and Mend” sewing kits¬†(THE cutest things ever!), buttons and other fun like an iPad showcasing a photo side-show¬†of all the fun-filled events TVS¬†attended the previous year.¬†¬†All¬†TVS¬†booth visitors were¬†informed and¬†encouraged to sign-up for our new website/blog,¬†pay¬†their TVS Meetup fees, ¬†to oooh-and-ahhhh¬†at each other’s purchases from other vendor booths…and of course singing the praises of all things Vintage!


These cutie-pie kits were handmade by the fabulous TVS members who braved the sudden non-stop snow of yet another blizzard, the day after Toronto got a teaser +10 degree weather day.  With scissors, glue sticks, mason jars and other crafty necessities were toted and assembled, over gossiping, storytelling and beer.


The TVS¬†booth¬†also had¬†a raffle giving away this¬†fab prize:¬† an amazing train case of vintage goodies¬†in ¬†TVS¬†approved colour scheme¬†…even a lil’ something for those dapper dudes:¬†suspenders+cufflinks+tie combo!

Since I live closest to MTCC and have an elevator, I was tasked with carting all our supplies for our booth home and would be there bright and early, with Liz + her hubs + her car to set up.    Then we РTVS admin team Рwould simply rotate on manning our booth  whist the others could peruse all the goodies up for sale at the show and Facebook our finds through the Toronto Vintage Society page!

A few snaps of the TVS booth all set up and read to go:


Truth be told, I¬†don’t actually¬†own too many¬†genuine vintage outfits (or pieces of my own for that matter).¬† However, since hanging with the chicks of TVS¬†I have been exposed to the world of “vintage inspired reproduction” dresses.¬† So my Outfit of the Day¬†to represent¬†and ¬†man the TVS booth was this dress from Doll Factory by Damzels, ¬†a rock ‚Äėn‚Äô roll retail shop on Roncesvalles.¬† (It may look familiar to you as I’ve previously¬†posted about this dress.)¬† ¬† This easy-peasy-curvy-body-flattering dress has pockets which makes it that much easier to cart around an iPhone, money and other necessities like that without¬†needing a¬†purse.¬† Knowing the day was going to be busy with setting-up and running around, I went with flats instead heels for footwear.¬† Plus, I wanted to be able to quickly try on any fabulous-finds from booth to booth … heels do not help in making¬†one nimble.


I’m not¬†as dedicated to vintage hair¬†as some of my TVS¬†sistas¬†are, those who patiently created pin-curls and wrapped their hair overnight to create the glamorous¬†¬†hairstyles of the beloved eras.¬†¬† My baby fine hair just never wants to cooperate.¬† But I did manage¬†to get a lil’ vintage-flare in my do for the clothing show.¬† Check out how HIGH I got the bump in my hair!¬†¬†And it lasted all day….Hooray!


Since there was a solid possy¬†of four of us to man the TVS booth (me, Lisa, Larissa and Liz….ooooh L to the power of 3), there was lots of¬†opportunities to¬†check out some of the other vendor booths and do a little shopping myself.¬†¬†¬†

One of my immediate purchases was from Treasure Chicks Vintage¬†from Pickering – these amazing ‘new vintage’ shoes.¬† This shop got 500 pairs of never-before-worn Celebrity¬†shoes for sale friends, complete with their vintage¬†shoeboxes¬†– FYI.¬†¬†¬†I fell in love with these¬†two-toned leather taupe¬†nail-hammered¬†heels the moment I set eyes on them (they fit small, I’m usually an 8.5 buuuut had to buy these in a size 10 for a comfortable fit) and this spectacular red scarf….which I immediately had them tie into my hair to add some MEOW to my #ootd!

20140324-185208.jpg  20140324-093212.jpg


Now, this may come as¬†a surprise to some of you reading….but¬†I’m a bit of a diva!¬† I like NEW – so the idea of buying and wearing clothes¬†someone else has worn half a¬†CENTURY ago really needs to be special before I’m willing to spend my cold hard cash on it.¬† This being my first real vintage shopping experience, and being the nerd that I am, I did a bit of research before hand.¬† I found WikiHow’s tips helpful in this Top 10 list for How To Shop For Vintage.

Shopping for vintage plus size clothing is a challenge and a half – no doubt!¬† With all the many vendor booths to peruse, it was an overwhelming task –¬†also, I learnt that¬†I’m easily distracted by shiny/sparkly things – talk about sensory overload all day!¬†¬†¬†Some things I personally kept in mind when looking for clothing/items to¬†buy were:

  • Odors and Stains …¬†these are very iffy because they’ll probably have been on there for ages.¬† Scarves seemed to have this issue the most from what I saw.¬† I had to ask myself: Would it matter if you scrubbed at it but it didn’t come off? Is it so glaring as to render the piece unwearable?
  • Try on EVERYTHING!¬† I was surprised at the number of pieces I passed over because¬†it “looked” too small, but upon trying on fit quite well.¬† If it doesn’t feel right or look good when you tried it on, then it probably isn’t the piece for you is the basic rule of thumb when shopping vintage clothing.¬† Sadly, the change room situation at MTCC¬†wasn’t all that private – so I ended up trying on dresses OVERTOP of my dress.¬† Figured if it fit and looked good on me like that, it was def gonna look great when I wore it properly!¬† Silly? Maybe.¬† But that was my try-on technique for the day…and it worked out well.¬† (Ps: the pics of all the below were taken during a post-vintage-clothing-show¬†Irene-fashion-shows¬†as soon as I got home with all my haul).

Check out this long¬†pink¬†& brown¬†floral 1940s day dress¬†I scooped up from www.retrouver.biz¬† Notice the silver rhinestone ornament on the collar!¬† I really loved all the buttons down the front too, plus the thin shiny belt can totally be worn with other things in my closet.¬† It’s a bit long…so it will need a hem…so I managed to talk the price down to $25!


Upon round two of vendor shopping, I found Barbra – an independent vintage dealer who doesn’t have a storefront proper, but has created a name for herself among many of the TVS¬†members.¬†¬†(Her¬†Facebook page is¬† Booth 311 Roadshow Antiques Pickering.)¬†¬† She put me into this lovely light green number.¬† Brand new! The fabric still felt stiff and unworn.¬† The only real giveaway to this dress being pre-loved was the belt holes – one was used more than all the¬†others.¬† Although this dress is pretty simple, I really loved the pleated neckline with the large buttons down the front – and the length was perfect!


The rest of my shopping consisted of accessories.  I picked up a delightful wicker purse (also from www.retrouver.biz)  and this fantastic black petit point 1960s purse and a giant cream brimmed hat (both from The Vintage Domain). 


20140324-185315.jpg Check out how I combined a few of my pieces together with each dress.20140324-185323.jpg

Here are a few shots of the rest of my purchases from Primetime Antiques & Collectables:

20140324-093205.jpg 20140324-093156.jpg 20140324-093124.jpg

When I finally returned to the TVS¬†booth – I found a swing dance party had broken out!¬† Oooooo! I can’t wait ’til it’s MY skirt that be a-twril¬†with mad Lindy¬†Hop skillz! Yup! With a Z!


The rest of the afternoon was spent chatting up visitors who stopped by our booth and meeting some of the newer TVS members:


Vintage clothing shopping is exciting and enjoyable so long as you come with a good attitude and patience.¬† Finding¬†items¬†that nobody else has is the biggest appeal for me, plus you’re being eco-friendly with the added¬†thrill of bargaining for a deal.¬†¬†¬†¬†

Here’s a summary¬†shot of just the accessories that came home with me¬†from the Toronto Vintage Clothing Show.¬† Can’t wait to do it all again this¬†Fall! Weeeeeeeeeeee!




#OOTD: Nautically Inspired

It’s been a while since I’ve done an Outfit of the Day post….with all the recent excitement of being a Bridesmaid,¬†The Oscars¬†and modeling for Dragons’ Den Auditions.¬† So I’m excited to be sharing an ¬†#ootd with you all again ūüôā

I picked up this fab lightweight cream crewneck sweater from Old Navy Boxing Day! These red anchors are the cutiest. I really love the nautical theme …¬†Black, Navy,¬†Red & White in combination with stripes and anchors are just the greatest things ever.

I’ve worn this sweater a ton over the last few months …but I never remembered to take pics for the blog.¬†Monday this sweater made another appearance to the office and I finally snapped a few for this post, combining them with random selfies I’ve taken whist wearing it elsewhere. ūüôā¬† This great red blazer is part of a skirt suit from Sears a few years ago…also scored during Boxing Day sales. The pants¬† are those Diva¬†Old Navy¬†ones you may remember them from my previous post¬†– and I stand by my statement:¬†Best.Pants. Ever!

Here are two distinct nautical themed looks –¬† both totally do-able for “9-5 office” and super¬†perfect for post-office-day fun too!

Mixing Patterns
A huge trend right now, but for me¬†doing it right is¬†difficult. I think I made it work here with the red anchor sweater + black n’ white polka dot pant. The look was a bit more on the casual side, so adding the red blazer helped me feel more confident to bring this outfit to the office all day.¬†¬†¬†Sigh…If the weather in Toronto will ever become spring like, I¬†can finally stop pairing up all outfits with my winter boots – blah…sooo sick of winter!


Stripes + Solids
Keeping with my nautical themed post, I’ve often worn this red blazer with a simple black pencil skirt, rather than the red skirt from the suit set…in an effort not to be “too loud” at the office (remember folks…financial-institution-corporate-types don’t appreciate “loud” amongst them in cubical/open-office living…or so I’ve noticed).¬† In an effort to still keep the look interesting, like moi¬† … ¬†introducing a sharp pattern¬†or print¬†like this striped strapless¬†peplum really helps me create some noise, without being too “loud” for the office ūüėČ


So, which nautical inspired look do you like best?

Because¬†I’ve been missing wearing shoes with my OOTDs, I’ve included a few fab shots taken by the artsy eye of Rebecca Northcott – a few in black peep-toed heels and others in red wedged heels ūüôā

How I got The Looks:

Red blazer by Jessica skirt-suit set from Sears

Diva pants + Anchor crewneck sweater from Old Navy

Black n’ White stripped peplum top from AdditionElle

Large tear drop earrings in both Gold and Silver are from Payless

Peep-toe black platform pumps from Diesel, Winners  AND  Red Georgen pointed wedge heels from Aldo


20140304-194705.jpg 20140304-194655.jpg 20140304-194648.jpg

Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott, Rebecca Northcott Photography

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