Rosie Rally!

A few of us caught wind that on August 15th folks were gathering at the Rosie the Riveter Memorial in Marina Park (Richmond, California) to try and set a NEW Guinness World Record for “The Largest Gathering of People Dressed as a Rosie the Riveter”!

The current record was set last year when 776 Rosie and Rosie lookalikes gathered at the Willow Run Airport in Ypsilanti, MI.

This year, they hoped to round-up 1000 Rosies!!!

The rules for dressing like Rosie:

rosie riveter

How I Got The Look: headscarf and earrings from Ardene; jeans from Old Navy; denim shirt from Reitmans; mens red socks, Forever21; boots from Aldo


Since we couldn’t be in California for the event, a few of us from the Toronto Vintage Society wanted to be there in spirit and rounded up the troops for a perfect photo opportunity in front of the fab colourful 3D Toronto sign at City Hall.


And here are OUR results:


HEY, wanna dress up in heavy jeans, coveralls, socks and boots … and do up your hair in vintage style on a Saturday afternoon, for a photo-op?

Duh!! Yah WE do!?!

You know you’ve found your tribe when you’re doing THIS on the hottest day of summer  😉

Now, we weren’t so hardcore about sticking to the ‘outfit rules’ as our friends in CA looking to break world records.

But I think we looked pretty spectacular none-the-less 😀


Since we were all out and about anyways, we adventured via TTC for some shopping…

11892217_10155948251040472_3212824992695749613_nRosie the Riveters invade Rosie the Rebel…. 11855665_10155948233180472_1877538902423945604_nAnd then cooled off with some desserts at The Bean and Baker Malt Shop
11846793_10155948234100472_1892292092189026702_nOMG!!!  This deliciousness that I’m guzzling below is called THE PINK LADY MILKSHAKE!  Go and get yourself one immediately.  It will not disappoint! ❤11863281_10153114698524072_7644646564569102717_n

There are tons more fun snaps – check them out on my Instagram channel –> and follow me 🙂

Meanwhile in California …. Screen Shot 2015-08-15 at 8.39.03 PM

Yup!  They did it!  They broke the world record for the most Rosie’s gathered in a rally!!!

1084 Rosies were counted for the Guinness World Record!!!

Congratulations friends!!!   Happy Day! ❤

Rosie the Riveter is a cultural icon of the United States, representing the American women who worked in factories and shipyards during World War II, many of whom produced munitions and war supplies. These women sometimes took entirely new jobs replacing the male workers who were in the military.

Still curious?  Click here to read more on the iconic Rosie the Riveter and her importance.

Hope you enjoyed reading this post. 🙂

Photo Thanks to Erin, Joy and Liz – thanks for all the sharing and capturing of the fun!

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Blast From The Past Vintage Prom

On November 28th, Rosie The Rebel – a retailer of retro and alternative clothing – hosted a fantastically themed party at The Great Hall, in Toronto:

Blast From the Past Vintage Prom: For Those Born in the Wrong Era

 Think back to the prom scenes in classic movies like “Back To The Future” and “Grease” —> **swoon**  What a terrific idea to recreate a ‘perfect night’ to live out your Vintage Prom Fantasy!

For those of us who were born in the wrong era, Vintage Prom gave us an opportunity to live out THAT fantasy Prom night!

10679654_399161893568606_5570889937119207890_oThe Toronto Vintage Society was on hand to help decorate and set-up the place with a Winter Wonderland theme.  There was live music from the GreaseMarks with Rock and Roll hits from the 50s and 60s, followed by tunes by DJ Dr. Velvet.

Live Music from the GreaseMarks
Live Music from the GreaseMarks

There were Vendors vending, Single Hearts ready for pinning, Ballot casting for Prom King & Queen ….. and there were even a bunch of Swing Dancers on the floor that night – myself included!IMG_5873

PLUS a special performance from Miss Kitten Monroe:

Kitten Monroe
Me with Miss Kitten Monroe

And there was even a Photo Booth set up to capture your cheesy Prom moments!!! Photos below by Eye Candee Visuals/Ashley Gillick:

winter wonderland vintage prom
Photo Booth pic of Monika & I wearing our ‘single hearts’ …donning repurposed bridesmaid dresses of our past
vintage prom
Toronto Vintage Society – aren’t we a good looking’ group? 🙂

What I Wore:

How lucky was I to have been a bridesmaid earlier this year to already have a perfectly matching aqua coloured dress at-the-ready for this Winter Wonderland themed event!  Sadly, it got terribly wrinkled throughout the night… not cute, sigh…

fake prom
Rocker boots under my prom dress a la “My-So-Called-Life”….
plus size prom
Halter bridesmaid dress from David’s Bridal; Rocker boots from Aldo; Feather hair piece was gifted; Jewellery from Panache (worn on MY actual Prom Night)

Oh, the memories!  🙂

Did YOU go to your Prom? What did you wear?
IF you got the chance to do it all over again, and create ‘a perfect night’, would you?

Come make some more fun-filled memories This Weekend (TODAY Saturday December 6th) It’s the Toronto Vintage Society’s Kitschmas Cabin party!!  $5 gets you entertainment galore all starting at 8pm tonight!  Hope to see you there!!!


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The TVS Pin Up Picnic

The Toronto Vintage Society hosted a lovely Pin Up Picnic at Trinity Bellwoods Park a few weekends ago…. A simple social gathering to celebrate the amazing whether, show off our summer vintage gear and meet new people in our vintage community.   Celebrating Sun, Fun and Vintage!

The Admin & Events Teams met up earlier in the afternoon for photo ops, to set up and to pow-wow about the various other exciting events TVS is planning for the upcoming months (stay tuned to the TVS FB Page and new blog site so you don’t miss a thing friends!)

Outfit planning was done with careful colour consideration, with special instructions and effort to keeping the ‘patterns’ to a minimum of 10-25% of the look.  Our team photo was going for a more monochromatic look. I was to wear RED!  I used the following image as my inspiration…..


Here’s what I wore:


Click here to see this dress in a ‘wintery’ look 🙂

I studied the following Hair Tutorial to get my hair into Pin Up perfection:

…But ended up cheating by creating a faux bang with half a foam hair donut instead  🙂


The TVS Admin & Events Team took some long awaited shots for the website – along with some fun candid ones too.  Take a look at all the shenanigans that took place that afternoon amongst Vintage Pin Ups, Greasers, Teddy Boys, Retro Divas and Rockers:

TVS Admin & Events Team! Photo taken by Shermette
TVS Admin Team – photo taken by Shermette

20140615-194534-71134008.jpg  20140615-194530-71130832.jpg





A few snaps taken by Bianca Baumann Photography ‘behind the scenes’ as we got ourselves organized for the group pic:

IMG_9935 IMG_9937 IMG_9940 IMG_9941 IMG_9943 IMG_9947IMG_9929

Photo Credits: Shermy Freeman of Shermette and Bianca Baumann of Bianca Baumann Photography

How I got the Look:

Red Swing Dress from Collectif + white short-crinoline from Rosie The Rebel; White crop sweater from Old Navy (was wayyyy too hot to actually wear during the day tho); Vintage wicker purse earrings and bangles; Zebra stripped head tie & wedges from Payless


The Toronto Vintage Society did a great blogpost of their own….check it out for more Pin Up Picnic pics and fun, complete with other picnic-ers and favourite pin-up poses 🙂

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