Lumberjack Plaid

Lumberjack plaid. Everyone and their dog (literally) seems to have this staple pattern in their closet. Except me (and my dog). Well, I’ve subsequently fixed that – thanks to Old Navy! Not only is this a perfect “Christmas red” … I added an extra nod to an Xmas-y vibe to this outfit by adding myContinue reading “Lumberjack Plaid”

Layers and Leopard

I’m sick of winter!  I’m sick of wearing boots!  I’m sick of wearing my winter coat! I’m sick of winter! And it’s making me moody! I’ve found that wearing colors … even just a pop of color … often helps boost your mood 🙂 This is why I went with a aqua-teal blue collared shirtContinue reading “Layers and Leopard”

Holiday Double Feature: Office Party

We began the week with a special  Holiday Double Feature collaboration with  Cassie of Style Cassentials yesterday.  If you missed our first post, no worries – click here  🙂 Today we’re we focusing on getting Office Party ready for both before & after 5pm! Before 5pm… To get through the workday, I chose a black collared shirt with a gold faux beltContinue reading “Holiday Double Feature: Office Party”