End of Summer Recap

It happened.  Summer is Over.  Fall has officially begun!

I dunno about y’all….but I had an excellent summer!  Toronto is the greatest!  And Summer in the city is just the best!

With all the many street festivals, buskers, concerts, dancing on the pier, movies in the park and ferry trips to the Toronto Island… there’s always tons of fun to be had.

Here is a quickie recap of some of the fun-in-the-sun events I attended, that I didn’t get a chance to blog about:

TVS PinUp Picnic

Toronto Vintage Society did another PinUp Picnic this year … armed with blankets and baskets we sectioned off a corner of Trinity Bellwoods to enjoy an afternoon of simple fun in overcast skies…

The Outfit:  Cherry peep-toed wedges, H&M; Wicker purse, Tatyana; Parasol, Damzels … and the dress…

Click here to find out more about my dress.

After picnicking … a few of us were ready to learn how to do The Stroll with Drea from Soda Pop Hop

No vintage picnic is complete without some dancing in the grass.  Click here to see what last year’s picnic was like 🙂
A few of us from the Toronto Vintage Society and Friends

Dirty Dancing Quote-a-long

The Bloor Cinema hosted a Quote-a-long movie screening of DIRTY DANCING.

Oh yes…. taking us back to the summer of 1963, via the summer of 1987. Frances “Baby” Houseman (Jennifer Grey) is resigned to spend her summer at a wholesome family resort in the Catskills, when she unwittingly discovers the wild dance parties the resort staff have after hours.10359517_974515665932684_7252387843080995829_n

This quote-along screening was hosted by comedian Steph Tolev, in a karaoke-style where you were encouraged to yell back at the movie screen and boo Robbie-the-Jerk, woot Johnny-the-Dreamboat, and get up and dance like it’s the Time of Our Lives!!!!

Happy to report that EVERYONE knew exactly when to say, “Nobody puts Baby in a corner.”

Toronto Vintage Society’s Tiki Lani Lanai

This was our 3rd Annual Tiki Party … and it was our best turnout ever!

Not quite sure what a Tiki Party is?  Click here to find out more Tiki culture.  And here to see what it was like last year 🙂


Me among the crowned Tiki Queen of the evening…. and her wife.  Aren’t they both just adorbz!
11921829_10101220605639121_280784171583094998_o My outfit:  I found this floral aqua romper (yup, its a onesie friends) from Forever21+; Hair flower from Fruits of Bali; Sandals from Coach

A few of the ladies of Toronto Vintage Society who helped organized and put this party together 🙂

O.K. Blue Jays!

I’m not a big sports fan – sitting through 9-innings of baseball on the hottest day ever and paying for ridiculously over priced food and booze, isn’t my first choice of spending a sunny afternoon.

Buuuuuuut the Toronto Blue Jays have been killing it this season!  And in true bandwagon-fan fashion… I wanted to be apart of the hype!!!

So, we got ourselves nose-bleed tickets to a PACKED Skydome game!

Plus, look at these cutie-pie tees I found us!!!  $17 from Winners bebe!  Aren’t we the cutest!??!

Clearly our matchy-matchy look helped them WIN the game that day.  You’re welcome fellas! 😉

Turns out for a non-sports-fan, I made it to a game last year too.  Click here for that.

Pre-drinking at Steam Whistle Brewery before the game

 Let’s Go To The Ex!

I haven’t been to The Ex since I was a teen. A few dancing friends went down on a Monday night to cash in on the $6 after 5pm deal…..
11988536_10153675292692280_840043766316412141_n We tasted weird deep-fried foods … checked out livestock at the farm … rode some rides… lost money trying to win prizes…

In line with the gang for BUMPER CARS at The Ex!
In line with the gang for BUMPER CARS at The Ex!

AND got to dance the night away to BIG BAD VOODOO DADDY ….!!!  We were “So Money” and we didn’t even know it 😉11947430_10153149724719072_1149692331768427987_n

Remember that movies Swingers, yup, you get it!

I also visited Ottawa, participated in Rosie-O-Rama, put money on the ponies at Hats & Horseshoes, Rocked a crop top against Oparh’s advice, and saw THE ROOTS in concert for PanAm.  🙂

There it is  … Farewell to a fabulous Summer!

I hope you enjoyed yours and filled it with lots of fun in the sun with friends, friends.

Thanks for reading! xo

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Perfect Game Day Outfit Challenge


Let’s Go, Blue Jay’s! Let’s Go!

I haven’t been to the ballpark to see a game in a long, long time.  9-innings of baseball sitting on hard plastic seats snug beside strangers can be a bit daunting.  But when a gf invited me with some premium 100-level seats on a hot, sunny, breezy Sunday knowing the Rogers Center/Skydome  would be wide open…how could I say no?

After all, any activity where one can drink beers in the afternoon without judgement is one I can happily support.  😉  IMG_4088IMG_4072

Truth be told, I’m not much of a sports fan, and dressing ‘sporty” isn’t the easiest thing to do within my existing wardrobe.  But I definitely wanted to be a ‘fan-girl’ … so I dug out my Jays Jersey and paired it with a simple jean skirt, with built-in shorts (Reitmans), my red Airwalks (Payless), and the only baseball cap I could find, and off I went.


Personally, I’m not a big fan of the new Blue Jays logo.  I much prefer the classic one….and have my eye on this great baby blue cap from Fanatics; the leading online retailer for everything sports, specializing in apparel for all of your favourite teams.


When getting ready for the big game I know that everyone has their own sense of style.  Looking around the Dome that afternoon, checking out everyone’s sporty personal style… I started to think about what my Perfect Game Day Outfit would look like.

In addition to this classic logo’d Jays cap in baby blue, I’d use these 7-pieces of clothing/accessories to create my ensemble:


Love this lace baseball tee!  Sporty, yet delicate and feminine…perfect for a hot summer day and more interesting than just a plain tank-top.  Cotton draw-string shorts to make the long hours of sitting on hard plastic seats a bit more bearable.  Plus having a cross body bag means you won’t have to place your purse on the sticky, gross floor.  I kept the jewellery simple – white leather bracelet and pretzel earrings (how fabulous!!!).  And finally baby-blue polka-dot Keds …who not only go with my baseball cap selection, but keeps you comfy casual and cute. And a scarf, just in case it gets cold.   BOOM!  Game Day ready!  Let’s Play Ball!!!

Fanatics has a ton of other baseball hats in case the Toronto Blue Jays aren’t your team…. just sayin’ 😉

Checkout a few snaps I took from the game I was at that Sunday afternoon … I dunno what it is about a dancing mascot but he makes me oh-so happy.

Enjoy friends!



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