Hats & Horseshoes

Looking for something different to do on a gorgeous summer day?

Why not spend the day betting on the ponies at the track! 🙂


The Queen’s Plate is Canada’s oldest thoroughbred horse race, having been founded in 1860. It is also the oldest continuously run race in North America.  The race takes place each summer, in June or July, at Woodbine Racetrack in Etobicoke, ON.

For more history on the Queen’s Plate, click here.


Moi…en route to my first Hat’s & Horseshoes Event

Never placed a bet before? Not to worry, they had guests covered!  Everyone got a $2 betting voucher with entrance and the Betting Impact team will be roaming the Hats & Horseshoes Party to teach you the Basics of Betting.

Sadly, I’m not very lucky and didn’t win on any of the horses I selected. Le sigh…

I did get a kick outta some of the horse names – my fave was Conquest Boogaloo.  She’s she pretty?

Screen Shot 2015-07-25 at 3.39.30 PM

One of the most compelling parts of attending this event was the excuse to wear a giant hat!

I decided to do my best “country club” look with my tiered floral maxi (Old Navy), platform black sandals (Coach) and beige sunhat with gold hardware & ribbon detail (Necessities).  

Miss Jacquie, founder of the Toronto Vintage Society, and moi walking the red carpet at the 156th Anniversary of the Queens Plate.  Isn’t her hat divine! ❤

Turns out our penchant for any excuse to wear large hats was a something many of us had in common 🙂  Ran into a few more Toronto Vintage Society gals at the event …dressed in lovely vintage summer frocks and purses, naturally.

It was an extremely hot day.  There was very minimal shady covered spots at the track, and I was thankful to be wearing a sunhat.  It was only while I was watching the gorgeous horses parading around close up that I started to wonder about their treatment. 😦

If you’re curious, click here to read more about the racetrack safety protocols followed by The Woodbine Racetrack.

Jockey’s are so little.
Refined ladies eating hotdogs in the grass ... Classy!
Refined ladies eating hotdogs in the grass … Classy!

The only clip still on my phone ready for uploading to this post:  Bag-pippers marching along doing what they do best.

Once we had enough wandering around the grassy grounds among the food trucks and beverage tents, and had our fill eyeing all the well-dressed men and women and their giant hats …

We headed to our $18 seats for a break. It was Race Time!

Sunnies Activate!

I tried filming at the track. But it seems I’ve since deleted the vid clip of the excitement from my phone.

Not to worry…it’s documented here on my Instagram channel – are you following me friends? Start following me here.


Wearing my FREE Queen’s Plate Lapel Pin proudly … eating popcorn and cheering for our horses in our $18 dollar seats 🙂

I have to say, the best part of this event was the photo ops …. men in uniforms…**swoon**

What’s better than a man in a uniform? TWO men in uniforms!!

Hope you’ve been enjoying your summer friends.  Stay tuned for more of my summer adventure recaps – complete with what I wore and what I did. xo

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