Dashing Doll, Daper Dude & Classy Couple

Last week I posted about being invited to represent TVS at ELECTRO SWING TO Sweethearts & Singles Valentine’s Event, where I was asked to judge their FASHION CONTEST of vintage 1920-50s style.

TVS on Facebook         

I got to unveil one of my dresses from my mini-haul from Damzel’s 50% off sale  and my lindy-hop-inspired flats from my recent mini-shoe haul for this event as the winter weather seemed to be cooperating that evening in Toronto….weee! 

                                           20140207-114316.jpg  20140214-151637.jpg

20140218-205427.jpg 20140218-205420.jpg

Went with the black & white shoes + the red houndstooth collared dress – the collar can be worn open or buttoned up to create a lovely diamond-shaped peekaboo, like I wore it.  The 3/4 length sleeves and a full skirt with super-convenient pockets for my iPhone for photo-taking, this dress was perfect pick for the vintage swing vibe for the night!

20140218-154751.jpg 20140218-154739.jpg 20140218-154725.jpg 20140218-154710.jpg

I even  tried at making faux victory rolls in my hair – which was uber difficult considering I’ve got baby-fine hair.  20140218-123034.jpg

I brought along my handsome eligible bachelor friend, George – by far the daper-est man I know, as my +1 so that I wouldn’t be lonely on the dance floor like last time. Plus, he was kind enough to be my paparazzi whilst I was on stage being Vanna and awarding best dressed awards 🙂

20140218-123042.jpgRichard aka MedicineMan, Revival Bar’s event organizer, met us at the door at 9pm where we pow-wowed quickly about how the event would roll out, how the contest and prizing would work.  And then the fun began — Lindy Hop lessons, fantastic live music from The Denielle Bassels Band , plus  mingling and schmoozing around the room with the fabulous attendees to chat up what  Toronto Vintage Society was all about and how they could join/get involved AND of course, tapping those who were on my short-list of BEST DRESSED for the night!

The Fashion Contest categories and winners were the following:


The top three from left to right were: Lauren Dixon, Rebecca Lee McDermid and Betty Quirk.

Winner of a fab LCBO g/c for “Dashing Doll” of the night was — Betty Quirk!

dames2 dames1


The top three from left to right were:  Alex Hunter, Jack Check and Matt Szulczewski

Winner of a fab LCBO g/c for “Daper Dude” of the night was — Alex Hunter!

dudes dudes2


 couple1 couple2


The Winners of a fab Loveless shopping g/c for  “Classy Couple” of the night was Leelando Mitchel & Sevvy Skellington!

Overall, it was a fantastic way to spend Valentine’s Day dancing to eletro swing tunes, chatting with vintage inspired peeps while representing the Toronto Vintage Society.  

UPDATE: The lovely and talented Rebecca Northcott took a few professional shots of my outfit after the event…so I’m including them now, as they totally trump my sad iPhone ones.  Thank you Bexx!




How I got The Look:

Red houndstooth collared dress by CherryVelvet, from Doll Factory by Damzels (Roncesvalles/Dundas W Sts.)

Black n’ white lindy-hop flats by Restricted, from Winners (ScotiaPlaza)

White & gold bib from Aldo Accessories



Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott, Rebecca Northcott Photography

Author: PetitePlusMeow

Social Media Enthusiast. Learning Designer. Curvy Fashionista. I'm a 30-something Canadian born Bengali (parents are from Kolkata, India...for those of you who need to know that type of thing). I've been chubby-curvy-plus-sized my entire life. Standing at a height of 5'2 and with a darker complexion, it has always been a challenge finding outfits or "looks" that really suit me. Living in the fashionable city of Toronto since birth, with a solid career has finally allowed me to embrace my love of pretty fashions in clothing, shoes and everything in between.

10 thoughts on “Dashing Doll, Daper Dude & Classy Couple”

  1. Looks like the night was a smashing success 🙂 you looked great! As for the fine hair issue, that is me times a thousand and I can give you lots of tips on how to build that volume to rock that victory roll. BUT I would leave it to the expert and tell you to visit “Lisa Fremont st” you tube channel. She is my vintage hair goddess and has helped me with styles as she too has super fine hair (but you would never ever know!). Thanks for representing the TVS so well 🙂

    1. Thanks Lizzie!!! For a first time attempt I think the hair worked out ok. I too watched a few YouTube vids to get it inspired.
      I’m soooo pleased to have been able to attend on behalf of TVS…looking forward to being tapped again real soon. Xo

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