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Over this past long weekend, I had tickets to the Mirvish show The Metamorphosis.  Now I’ve been a Mirvish Subscrption Holder for a few years now, which means I need to commit to buying a year in advance 6 pre-chosen shows, and am then offered additonal savings on other one-off shows that may come to the city outside of the chosen 6 in the subscription. It can be a bit of a gamble…however overall, the quality of the shows in the subscription have been excellent.  There’s always a ‘dud’ or two now and again…and sadly this one fell into that ‘dud’ category for me.  The Metamorphosis is (apparently) a widely studied story and often cited as an example of existentialism and surrealism (which I found out once I googled reviews … AFTER losing 90-mins of my life in the Royal Alex Theatre …brutal!)  Even though this show wasn’t my cuppa-tea, what was noteworthy was the phenominal acrobatic skill of the main actor who played Gregor Samsa/the Vermin.  He is incredibly physical…his movement design blends elements of parkour and aerial circus arts.  HE was pretty impressive.

Needless to say, I couldn’t wait to get outta there and decided to walk home since the weather was a balmy 0-degrees with the sun still shinning.  With the long cold winter days, this girl was determined to stroll along Queen West without buying anything!    Applaude me people…y’all know how difficult that is for me  😉

logoLivin’ my life like it’s golden {Insert Jill Scott’s tune}  I was suddenly stopped mid-stroll by a CBC-touque-wearing-camera-toting artist named Semco Salehi.  Semco is crafting a giant multimedia project entitled: I Am Torontonian where interviews and stroies of residents of Toronto are shared.  And he asked ME to be apart of it!!!

Semco’s instructions were the following:  talk about who you are and your life in 1-min! Go!  On the fly…off the top of my head.  Think ‘man on the street’ type interview.  Talk about pressure!


I Am Torontonian’s goal is to demonstrate that we, the people of the earth, can all live in peace for the limited time we share on our planet.  Semco is a Toronto-based photographer who has been organizing this gallery of photos taken across the GTA, representing and documenting random individuals only to portray life in Toronto and create an exhaustive catalogue of the city’s inhabitants.

Thanks so much Semco!  You totally uplifted my Saturday spirits – I love this city!  Here’s my interview clip and photo that’s now apart of this cultural artistic project:


How I got The Look:

Cat-eye sunglasses from a Public Butter (vintage shop) on Queen W for $5

Blue & brown tassel purse from Guess

Black n’ white herringbone jacket from Forever21+

Beige n’ cream polka dot scarf from Winners

Black leather bow-tie gloves from Danier

Photo credit: Semco Salehi, iamtorontonian

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    1. Oh Marjia…this comment was sitting in my spam inbox for some reason. Thank you for listening ….and for such a compliment. There were far too many umms if you ask me ☺️. But really appreciate your kind words.

    1. Thanks Nadica! I was counting all the “umms”…clearly my crutch word :). Zebra cat-eye sunnies….my fav too. Still can’t believe they were only $5! Pays to shop ALL the time huh? ;). Thanks for the comment. Xo

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