Why are People Afraid to Try Yoga?

20140326-111958.jpgI’ve only been to 3 Foundations Flow Yoga classes so far, having purchased a 5-class introductory package via GroupOn for this new studio located in my hood – Studio Blue Yoga & Fitness – and already I can see how much yoga has improved my life when it comes to sleeping, managing my anxiety and being more present.

I’ve noticed however, that many of my friends, colleagues and blog/FB page followers get uncomfortable whenever I suggest they try yoga.   Despite its growth in popularity over the past few years, yoga still intimidates people.

So – I wanna hear from you – my PPMeow! followers …What would make YOU Try Yoga?

Use the poll below and vote.  

 I really want to hear your feedback friends – as there’s something exciting brewing between PPMeow & Studio Blue….weeeee!  Stay tuned for that….as soon as I get results from this poll!

3 thoughts on “Why are People Afraid to Try Yoga?

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