Mixing B & W Patterns

Here’s a #tbt to summer 2015 when the #toronto sign was new and all the rage 💖

How do you mix patterns? A bit unsure how to do it – try starting with easy black n’ white patterns for a fail-safe gateway into becoming a pattern mixing fashionista yourself 🙂

I’m kinda diggin’ my hair this short … should I do it again? Let me know what you think?


Summer sales are everywhere friends!  So run out and get your shopping on!

Found this black n’ white tiki crop top at Reitmans on sale + 50% off the sale price…so it was basically free!
Staying in the same color family is the easiest way to mix patterns in your outfits.  You can use contrasting colors, as long as the prints have a color in common.

Mixing black n’ white is the easiest I think!

I added pops of colour with my accessories instead:  with my yellow earrings & necklace set and with my aqua-teal purse and sandals. 

Contrary to O’Magazine’s “advice” (insert eyeroll emoji here) … me and my plus sized non-flat belly having self decided to rock this tiki top is a crop top, pairing it with a horizontal stripped maxi skirt…displaying a visible belly outline.

Oh yeah.  I’m breaking all kinds of mainstream fashion ‘rules’ with this outfit of…

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Author: PetitePlusMeow

Social Media Enthusiast. Learning Designer. Curvy Fashionista. I'm a 30-something Canadian born Bengali (parents are from Kolkata, India...for those of you who need to know that type of thing). I've been chubby-curvy-plus-sized my entire life. Standing at a height of 5'2 and with a darker complexion, it has always been a challenge finding outfits or "looks" that really suit me. Living in the fashionable city of Toronto since birth, with a solid career has finally allowed me to embrace my love of pretty fashions in clothing, shoes and everything in between.

6 thoughts on “Mixing B & W Patterns”

  1. Dear Petite,
    1. LOVE this outfit on you
    2. Your hair really is very chic this length and style but looks great currently as well, so it’s really whatever you’re up for
    3. I don’t do rules from O magazine or anyone else – anti-authoritarian Australian here – so good on you for not doing them either
    4. How nuts is it that this was your balcony only a short time ago and now you have a beautiful zen space to enjoy
    Enjoy your weekend,

    1. Aw! Thanks for commenting Donna.
      I’ve got a hair appointment in September… sooooo maybe that those short locks will be back. Yes – Me and my balcony have come a London way. Lol. You’re becoming my favorite Aussie 😁.

      1. That’s the thing with hair, if you don’t like, you can always grow it out or get extensions or whatever…
        And your balcony represents your readiness to move forward and embrace your self and your space – good on you!

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