Spring Double Feature: Bolder Shoulders

How much have you been enjoying this week’s posts friends? ¬†Has it given you some inspirations … that you’re gonna try this Spring? Hope so! ūüôā

All week long, Cassie from Style Cassentials, and I have been putting our own twists on several Spring trends.

And to end the week and our collaborative series… today we’re talking about…

Spring Trend:  Bolder Shoulders

unspecified-16I’ve said it earlier, and I’m saying it again: ¬†I¬†have not been wow’d by retailers this Spring. :/

Not enough to be spending my hard-earned Canadian Dollars with the exchange rate being so pitiful.

But when I saw THIS off-the-shoulder number from SmartGlamour … and I¬†was a goner! ‚̧

Petite Plus, Meow! for Smart Glamour
Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott Photography

Smart Glamour’s¬†Marilyn Convertible Dress…is all kinds of YES!

Note: this floral print is now sold out Рbut there are two other prints available + tons of solids +  new jersey prints for Summer too!Petite Plus, Meow! for Smart Glamour

The pattern of this coral floral is just swoon-worthy ‚̧ ‚̧ ‚̧ Totally wearable in the Spring AND Summer months.

AND it can be worn 3 Different ways!!!

  1. The ruffle is attached at the front & back so it can be worn with one up/one down for a tropical look
  2. The ruffle can be worn around your arms for an off-the-shoulder look, and
  3. The ruffle can be worn as a tube dress


Um, so that’s basically 3 whole different dresses wrapped into 1 gorgeous, rich fabric! ‚̧

What’s great about SmartGlamour clothes is that (for a small fee) you an customize your order to YOUR measurements and have your pieces fit you perfectly!smart glamour petite plus meow!

That’s what I did. ¬†I also asked that the length of the skirt stop just at my knee to show off my gams ūüėČ

AND cuz of its body con fit … you can wear it under a full skirt, and get 3 MORE different looks outta this dress!!!

Petite Plus, Meow

It was a super windy (and cold) Spring day for this photoshoot…but the amazing Rebecca Northcott still managed to make the weather work for her to capture these fabu shots!




How I Got The Look:

Off-the-Shoulder Marilyn Convertible Dress,Smart Glamor; Black Full Skirt, Forever21+; Shoes, Diesel; Cat-eye Sunnies, Ardene










Aww…how sweet does Cassie look in her off-the-shoulders peasant top with patterned shorts and fedora. ‚̧

Head over to Style Cassentials for all the details on how Cassie has styled the trends.  Or visit her Facebook page here and her Instagram here.


Want a recap of the week’s Spring Trends? ¬†Click here, here, here and here.

Petite Plus Meow for Smart Glamour
Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott Photography

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Do You Know Your Measurements?

I’ve recently been shopping with a couple of slender, vintage loving ladies in my life – both of whom have mad sewing abilities, who come armed with tape measure whenever they are hunting for fabulous vintage finds. ¬†Both of these lovelies are avid online clothing shoppers as well. ¬†The key thing I noticed with both of them is that they knew exactly what their measurements were. ¬†Plus, they had a keen eye for what materials and fabrics … knowing what could be taken in/let out easily for possible adjustments to make these new-to-them-pieces work perfectly for their bods (mad skills I tell you).

So let me ask you……Do you know your measurements?


The majority of women don‚Äôt. ¬†I certainly didn’t. ¬†Perhaps I was too scared¬†to know what they are. ¬†Aside from us all getting over the bad habit of comparing ourselves to other women, society has taught us that only thin can be beautiful. ¬† With most ads showcasing perfectly airbrushed tall and skinny women to promote impossible standards of beauty, it’s no wonder we struggle with self-acceptance. ¬†Sigh… ¬†But we – people –¬†come in a variety of shapes and sizes.

You can be the healthiest version of yourself and never come close to a size 4. And there is absolutely nothing wrong with that.  The#MeasureMeBeautiful campaign encourages women to know their bodies and their measurements, because KNOWLEDGE IS POWER!

And your measurements are just that ‚Äď facts, information. In order to be an informed shopper ‚Äď you have to know your size. ¬†Become educated and empowered. ¬†Show the world that your measurements are just that: numbers, facts, statistics. And that they do not measure your worth, greatness, or beauty.

Knowing your measurements will help you look at size charts and know what size you should be trying on in that store, rather than taking what you think is your ‚Äúusual size‚ÄĚ into the dressing room, having it not fit, getting discouraged, depressed and then telling yourself that you must lose weight immediately.

That‚Äôs just ridiculous. ¬†Fashion should empower women with confidence rather than riddle them with guilt and sadness in retailer’s change rooms. ¬†Every woman has the ability to be a fashionista, regardless of their size (or income level, for that matter).

Sizes vary from store to store, and every brand uses a different “fit” model for their line. So let’s throw away sizes all together and simply know yourself!¬† When you know your measurements,¬†you¬†are in control ‚Äď not the clothing or their designer.

Right? Right!

Here’s mine (and with this knowledge I’ve been in online shopping frenzy mode folks! It’s nuts!!! ¬†Stay tuned for blogposts on my haul soon) ūüėČ ….

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 7.14.16 PM

The #MeasureMeBeautiful campaign also seeks to reinforce that YOUR SIZE DOES NOT DEFINE WHO YOU ARE as a person!  These measurements, my size, the number on the scale do not determine my worth as a person.  And I will not let them determine my happiness.

I am many things besides a Size 14, 16, or 18 (at any given store). I am also ¬†striving to be a body positivity activist. I am a writer & blogger. I‚Äôm a fashionista. I‚Äôm a friend, ¬†a sister, a daughter. A Learning Designer. ¬†An off-key karaoke singer. A lindy-hopper. A homeowner. ¬†A grieving mother to a recently departed fur baby (R.I.P. Berto). ¬† Why should we continue letting the fashion industry tell us we all must fit into their ‘sample size’ in order to be beautiful or fashionable?

Mallorie Carrington of¬†SmartGlamour¬†came up with this fantastic campaign. She’s challenged me. ¬†Now I‚Äôm challenging you PPMeow readers, to get involved!

Measure yourself!

Not sure how?¬†SmartGlamour¬†has¬†tutorial videos up here. ¬† And for those Petite divas out there who’s not quite sure if they fall under this “Petite” term…here’s a vid just for you:

Visit the #MeasureMeBeautiful website to see what the movement is all about. Take a photo of you measuring yourself and share it along with your measurements on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter with the hashtag #MeasureMeBeautiful.  Let’s show the world that beauty comes in all shapes and sizes.

Help us spread the word that your size does not define you. Measure yourself beautiful! ūüôā

Screen Shot 2014-08-10 at 7.15.04 PM
Curious about my outfit in this pic? Click here for outfit deets ūüôā

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