Spring Double Feature: Bolder Shoulders

How much have you been enjoying this week’s posts friends?  Has it given you some inspirations … that you’re gonna try this Spring? Hope so! 🙂

All week long, Cassie from Style Cassentials, and I have been putting our own twists on several Spring trends.

And to end the week and our collaborative series… today we’re talking about…

Spring Trend:  Bolder Shoulders

unspecified-16I’ve said it earlier, and I’m saying it again:  I have not been wow’d by retailers this Spring. :/

Not enough to be spending my hard-earned Canadian Dollars with the exchange rate being so pitiful.

But when I saw THIS off-the-shoulder number from SmartGlamour … and I was a goner! ❤

Petite Plus, Meow! for Smart Glamour
Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott Photography

Smart Glamour’s Marilyn Convertible Dress…is all kinds of YES!

Note: this floral print is now sold out – but there are two other prints available + tons of solids +  new jersey prints for Summer too!Petite Plus, Meow! for Smart Glamour

The pattern of this coral floral is just swoon-worthy ❤ ❤ ❤ Totally wearable in the Spring AND Summer months.

AND it can be worn 3 Different ways!!!

  1. The ruffle is attached at the front & back so it can be worn with one up/one down for a tropical look
  2. The ruffle can be worn around your arms for an off-the-shoulder look, and
  3. The ruffle can be worn as a tube dress


Um, so that’s basically 3 whole different dresses wrapped into 1 gorgeous, rich fabric! ❤

What’s great about SmartGlamour clothes is that (for a small fee) you an customize your order to YOUR measurements and have your pieces fit you perfectly!smart glamour petite plus meow!

That’s what I did.  I also asked that the length of the skirt stop just at my knee to show off my gams 😉

AND cuz of its body con fit … you can wear it under a full skirt, and get 3 MORE different looks outta this dress!!!

Petite Plus, Meow

It was a super windy (and cold) Spring day for this photoshoot…but the amazing Rebecca Northcott still managed to make the weather work for her to capture these fabu shots!




How I Got The Look:

Off-the-Shoulder Marilyn Convertible Dress,Smart Glamor; Black Full Skirt, Forever21+; Shoes, Diesel; Cat-eye Sunnies, Ardene










Aww…how sweet does Cassie look in her off-the-shoulders peasant top with patterned shorts and fedora. ❤

Head over to Style Cassentials for all the details on how Cassie has styled the trends.  Or visit her Facebook page here and her Instagram here.


Want a recap of the week’s Spring Trends?  Click here, here, here and here.

Petite Plus Meow for Smart Glamour
Photo credit: Rebecca Northcott Photography

Curious about our previous collaborations? Click here for the Fall Series and here for the Holiday Series. 😉

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WHATEVE’R?! Clueless Homage

Cher. Dionne. Tai.  Even Ambuler.  These ladies shaped the 90s in one of the most iconic movies ever.

This year marks the 20th anniversary of Clueless.


Clueless is an unabashed celebration of being a girly girl. The ladies love fashion, makeup, and shopping yet their interests aren’t portrayed as silly or symbolic of their feminine natures.

Because strangely enough you can like high heels and lipstick and still like boys and be a bad-ass-bitch too. 😉

How many fantastic, over-the-top looks were there in this flick?  I’ve just picked out the few that I really, really loved….


Now this below look was Cher’s 2nd choice of course, as she couldn’t find her 1st choice before her driving test… 😉

Where’s my white collarless shirt from Fred Segal! It’s my most capable-looking outfit!


Sweater vest.  Untucked pinstriped collared shirt.  Plaid skirt. ❤ ❤ ❤

I just love this red outfit Cher’s wearing while playing cupid to Mr. Hall and Miss Geist.


And last, but not least, this sweet pale pink satin ensemble Cher wears for Mr. Hall and Miss Geist’s wedding …

Kinda timeless, hm?


What else makes this movie so great?

Well, this may be the only film we have that proves that Paul Rudd did at one point have the ability to age.

Gwad!  He’s. So. Dreamy. ❤

In addition to all of the above…..this flick introduced us to smart, real words like “sporadically” and “existential” while simultaneously creating an entire new teen-friendly vocabulary of words like “buggin’,” “jeepin’,” and “hagsville.” 🙂

And for the love of one-liners …. many of which continue to come outta my mouth occasional…


Ugh, As If!

Rollin’ with the Homies

She’s a full on Monet

People will be quoting this movie for the rest of eternity.

Need help translating Clueless terms to their meanings now?  Click here!DSC03578

This past weekend, I was doing just that, Rolling with my Homies at the Quote-A-Long screening at the Bloor Cinema to do just that.

Naturally, we had to dress the part…

Two total Betties and a Baldwin 😉

How I Got The Look: Skirt, Forever21+; Argyle sweater, Reitmans; Glossy Mary-Janes, Payless; Knee-high socks super old

I had another outfit planned …see my Instagram channel , if your curious – oh, and follow me 😉 …but since it was eff’ing cold, I went to this argyle sweater instead.

 Oooooooo! Project!! 😉

There you have it friends…What I Did AND What I Wore!

Still can’t believe it’s been 20 years of Clueless.  Not sure how that happened, as I haven’t aged a day 😉

Hope you enjoyed this post…and this great spoof below.

I’m Audi!  xo ❤

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Holiday Double Feature: Casual Cocktails

Here we go – the very last outfit post of our week-long Holiday Double Feature collaboration series with Cassie of Style Cassentials.  

We’ve been discussing and putting our own unique twists to some Holiday trends ALL week. Hope you’ve been enjoying it.  If you missed any of my previous posts I’ll list them at the end of this one…so you can get yourself caught up and festive ready! 🙂

There’s bound to be a few dress-down weekend holiday house parties you’re gonna have to hit – and that’s what we’re focusing on with this last post we’re calling: Casual Cocktails!


I picked this soft pink lace trim top on sale from Penningtons a few months ago.  It totally caught my eye with its mix-media textures, this top would go well with a skirt or dress pants, to the office on weekdays and totally works with jeans on the weekend.

The lovely lace trim and cool colour-blocking over soft pink sheer front and cotton back just makes this top oh-so unique.


Since this top has lots of interest to it, I was easily able to tone down the vibe of my outfit while still looking a bit ‘holiday fancy’ for a festive house party at the neighbours or whatever last min invites that may come your way for boozy egg nog and Christmas cookies 🙂

Faux fur bag from Aldo Accessories

How I Got The Look:  Sheer & cotton laced top from Penningtons; Navy tuxedo striped pixie pants from Old Navy; Brown suede booties from Reitmans; Faux fur bag from Aldo Accessories; Bow-tie earrings were gifted.


Cassie’s off-the-shoulder winter white sweater with lace skirt combo is oh-so romantic for the holidays.  Head over to Style Cassentials for all the details on how Cassie has styled the trends.  Or visit her Facebook page here.

casual cocktail
Cassie of Style Cassentials

And just in case….if you’ve missed a few from the special Holiday Double Feature?  Not to fear…

1.  Red & Green

2. Office Party (before 5p vs. after 5p)

3. Sparkle & Shine

4. Tuxedo Glam

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2014 Vacation: Grenada

With project deliverables and timelines being pushed back, October was the first time I’ve been able to schedule a vacation all year!

The biggest pain with travelling solo is the ‘single supplement fee” many vacation destinations and travel packages charge travellers simply because they’re travelling solo.  I had no real plans to go away this year, but not taking any time off since last November was starting to take its toll on me.

Luckily, a gf of mine was also looking to get away for some R&R…and we were able to snag a fabulous Air Canada Vacation deal at a 4-stars ALL INCLUSIVE 7-night stay at a beautiful resort in Grenada!  TripAdvisor scored it pretty well, the dates worked and the price was right!

If you’ve been following me on Instagram, you’ve likely already seen a few of these pics…

ppmeow in Grenada
Our 1st day in Grenada – complete with rainbows, drinks, sand & sunset!

The last few years of trips and travel have been more bucket-list-adventure focused (click here to see what I mean).

For this trip, I truly was a beach bum!  There was a lot of lounging around the pool, drink in hand, reading my book while falling in & out of naps in the sun.  Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.27.12 PMTo be honest friends, there weren’t too many outfit pictures taken on this week away.   It was a SOLID rest and relaxation for the first time in a long time (vacation-wise).IMG_5042


Having said all that, this blogpost will be focus more on ‘What I Did”, rather than “What I Wore”.

Here we go….

Packing for the Trip

Seems that whenever I travel, somehow a pair of sunglasses goes missing.  No matter what.  So, I’ve gotten into the routine of buying a few ‘cheapy vacation pairs’ to combat my forgetfulness.

I picked up these three below:  Heart shaped polka-dots from Clare’s Accessories ($5) and the other two from Forever21 ($7 each)



Packing outfits for this trip was pretty simple:  I just looked back to the blog to see what Summertime looks I rocked and shoved those items into my suitcase.  I’ve linked each image below with their respective blogpost if you’re curious about the specific outfit deets 😉

20140626-145729-53849110.jpg20140714-220756-79676316.jpg20140627-223226-81146568.jpg20140714-220759-79679508.jpg20140628-190148-68508446.jpg20140615-191242-69162928.jpg 20140512-190458.jpgIMG_4173IMG_4486IMG_4369


Grenada is an island country consisting of the island of Grenada and six smaller islands at the southern end of the Grenadines in the southeastern Caribbean Sea.  Known as the Spice Isle for the nutmeg and cinnamon, clove, ginger, vanilla, lemongrass, bay leaf, thyme, and turmeric that grow so abundantly here, Grenada is a wonderfully green peaceful place, that feels off the beaten tourist track.  Which totally works for me!


The Vacation Package (Flight + Hotel)

As I said above, we found a last-min deal with Air Canada Vacation — advertised as a  4-star resort in Grenada:  Grenadian by Rex Resorts.  

Let me start by asking … when YOU hear 4-stars, what do you expect out of an ALL INCLUSIVE resort?

The ‘Garden View’ Rooms weren’t anything special. They were clean and the view really wasn’t a garden so much as it was a hilly batch of grass.  But who cares about that stuff.  My biggest disappointment was the fact that the bathroom was teeny-tiny and did not have a tub.  Now, I realize that a tub isn’t essential….however the standup shower was soooo small that if you were to drop the soap, your bare ass would be completely out of the shower!  Shaving ones legs all week in there was not easy friends.

Seriously!? 4-stars and I have to ASK for a four-piece bathroom – really?  Just saying’…

This was the width of the shower. Zero place to put your toiletries, soap, shampoo, etc. It was Ridiculous!
The width of this shower … it was tight. 4-stars…I think NOT!


Outside of that bathroom disappointment, there weren’t any a la cart restaurants voucher included with our stay.  The single restaurant on the resort grounds would give us a $40 credit, which didn’t mean much as each entrée started at the $80+ mark.

Lucky for us the buffet for breakfast, lunch and dinners were delicious!  Super flavourful and authentic, which I appreciated.  Hate it when resorts make their foods more “tourist friendly”.

Screen Shot 2014-11-06 at 9.27.30 PMThe grounds of the resort were beautiful.  There was only one pool, but since it was a off-season, there weren’t too many people there in general, and even fewer children.  There seemed to be a lot of travellers from the UK there, but mostly honeymooning couples or retirees with tons of vacay time (upwards of 5-weeks).  We did meet and hang with three Brit dudes that week – let’s call them Alvin, Simon and Theodore.  And by mid-week there was an invasion of Caribbean Tennis Pros who happened to be conference at our resort.  So there were plenty of friends to be made for drinking and dining with, all week-long 🙂


Things To Do in Grenada:

Coincidentally, earlier in the month I met a light-eyed, broad, tall, handsome stranger at a networking event who happened to be from Grenada.   My immediate thoughts were…”If THAT’S how they grow their men in that country, then I need to get to there!’ 😉

He shared the following list of things I HAD to do while visiting (those listed in blue consider them completed off the list):

  • Eat Oil Down – traditional dish of Grenada, its delicious!
  • Try to visit Cariacou (one of Grenada’s sister Islands, the other is Petite Martinique). I believe there is a ferry service daily
  • Grenada Chocolate Factory Co-Op (best chocolate ever! completely organic)
  • Nutmeg processing plant on one of the estates
  • Annadale Falls
  • Fort Fredrick (and old Fort built by the French in the 1790s i believe). One of the best views on the island!
  • Concord Falls
  • BEACHES – Grand Anse (Grenada’s “top” beach), BBC (nice and secluded. this is my favourite), Bathway (stay within the retaining wall area, the sea is very rough but manageable as long as you stay within that area), Levera (very rough water where the Caribbean Sea meets the Atlantic. Also where the Leatherback Turtles come to lay their eggs. you might just want to take a walk along that beach if you’re not a strong swimmer. Bathway is around the corner, so you can always take a dip there), Pink Gin Beach (pinkish colour sand), Magazine Beach (I think my hotel was on might this beach)
  • River Antoine Distillery (organic white rum, Full Strength!! lol) 
  • Sulphur Springs (great mud bath, close to Levera and Bathway)
  • Fish Friday in Gouyave 


Things I DID in Grenada:

Great beaches, excellent Caribbean food and wonderful people.  I’m told there is really good scuba diving (I’m a non-swimmer, but an excellent wader! I did manage to convince one of the wait staff to procure a noodle just for me to use ALL week for both the pool & beach.  Seems I’m an excellent sweet-talker … especially in my bathing suit 😉


Leapers CliffLeapers Cliff in Grenada


Concord Falls

Concord Falls, Grenada
Check out this Jumper!! I tried capturing his jump shot-by-shot until the SPLASH!

Concord Falls, Grenada

Nutmeg Processing Plant


Crater LakeIMG_5500

Rum Factory  

River Antoine Distillery (organic white rum, Full Strength!!)   One of the last places if not the last, that uses a water wheel in the distilling process, a system that goes back to the 1700’s and I believe the wheel they have running there is the original one from that time.

Rum factory in Grenada

Fish Friday

Fish Friday in Gouyave – a weekly street party with lots of FRESH fish and seafood cooked up in a variety of ways plus music and other entertainment.


And one morning I even woke up bright and early for Bird Watching (yup…you heard me right).

I was surprised by how much I actually enjoyed it too. 🙂



Things I BOUGHT in Grenada

I did very little shopping while I was there.  I did bring back with me bars of Grenada’s finest dark chocolate from both Jouvay and The Grenada Chocolate Company.  AND a bottle of the fantastic West Indian hot sauce. As you can see I’ve used much of it already since being home. I’m a fan – the spicier the better 😉

Oh! And I bought a bottle of Rum Punch from the factory too…no pictures of that…. **hiccup**


There it is … my 2014 vacay summary recap.  With Winter weather upon us, some of you may be looking for a sunny vacation destination to get away to.  Having read my post,  would Grenada be on your shortlist?

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