Winter Outerwear: Faux Fur Poncho

Isn’t this a fantastic photo?! ❤ That bright blue painted wall as a backdrop to me and my pup (Max) really came out great! Good eye –  Thanks Joel! ❤ You know what the worst part of winter is?  Seeing all the black parkas. Don’t get me wrong – I’ve got a black parka tooContinue reading “Winter Outerwear: Faux Fur Poncho”

Little Black Dress #4

Continuing with January’s  Little Black Dress series on the blog today. If you missed any of the previous LBD’s….click here, here and here. Today’s LBD is a brand new one I picked up during the holidays when there were crazy sales and deals to be had. LBD #3: Sheer Panel Swing Dress from CLEO This dressContinue reading “Little Black Dress #4”

Little Black Dress #3

Continuing with January’s  Little Black Dress week on the blog today. If you missed any of the previous LBD’s click here:  #1 and #2.  Today’s LBD isn’t completely black I know….but go with me 🙂 I picked it up this Fall at SexyPlus Clothing’s Blogger Soirée   — to see how I styled it for Fall wear on my birthday,Continue reading “Little Black Dress #3”

Little Black Dress #2

Continuing with  January’s  Little Black Dress  series on the blog today. Today I took a cheap little summer office dress and transformed it into winter wear …. LBD #2: Belted Merona from Target This dress is pretty great.  The long silver zipper down the back adds this simple, sexy quality to an otherwise pretty modestContinue reading “Little Black Dress #2”

Winter Coats

Ok – Toronto weather this winter has been madness! From my window, I would wake up to lightly frosted window panes and snow-covered rooftops, and begin to think “Do I really have to wear winter boots today…le sigh” (that’s french for sigh). Between freak ice storms, drops in temperatures to -40 by midday to aContinue reading “Winter Coats”